FEIN JHM ShortSlugger Magnetic Base Drill Press Review

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In Brief: JHM ShortSlugger Drill Press Review

JHM ShortSlugger is a compact magnetic drill press with smart magnet circuitry and internal cooling system. It has a power output of 430W that delivers a no-load speed of 680RPM and full load speed of 430RPM. It has a 2” drilling depth. It is an ideal tool for metal workers and professionals in various crafts for metal drilling tasks.

FEIN JHM has been in the tool manufacturing industry for more than a century and a half. They are committed to creating the perfect workmate for all metalworking professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

JHM ShortSlugger is one of the significant products of this manufacturer. It is an extremely compact magnetic drill press with a level of functionality and effective delivery.

Key Specifications of JHM ShortSlugger

Fein JHM ShortSlugger - Portable Endurance Magnetic Drill - 2' Drilling Depth, 750 W, 680 RPM, 2-9/16' Stroke - 72725161124

JHM ShortSlugger has a power output of 430W. It makes use of a motor that consumes an operational power of 750W that delivers effective torque and power for various drilling processes.

This power setup ensures a full load speed of 430RPM and a no-load speed of 680RPM.

This drill press model has a maximum cutting diameter of 1-3/16” and a maximum drilling depth of 2”. It has a stroke capacity of 2-9/16”.

It includes a magnetic base dimension of 7″ x 3″. This solid base has a magnetic holding force of 1798lbs. It uses a ¾” straight shank to hold its cutter.

The video below shows JHM ShortSlugger in use:



Model No
JHM ShortSlugger
Motor Details
120V, 6.25A
Power (Watts)
No-load Speed (RPM)
Chuck Capacity (inches)
Drilling Capacity (inches)
Cutting Diameter (inches)
1-3Cutting Diameter (inches)
Magnetic Base Dimension (inches)
7” x 3”
Stroke (inches)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
3 years
Other FeaturesSmart Magnet circuitry
Internal cooling
Internal motor cable routing

Top Features

JHM ShortSlugger includes several features that make it stand out among other similar models. These features also contribute to its functionality and effective delivery.

Smart Magnet Circuitry

The smart magnet circuitry system of JHM ShortSlugger improves the model’s efficiency by not allowing it to start without sufficient magnetic force.

This feature means that this magnetic drill press model is built to deliver efficiently at every point.

Internal Cooling

JHM ShortSlugger includes an integrated internal cooling system that permits the extensive use of your magnetic drill press.

Internal Motor Cable Routing

The internal motor cable routing is one of the outstanding innovations in this magnetic drill press model.

This feature prevents the unintended threading or hanging up on the workpiece.


Power and Performance

JHM ShortSlugger has an impressive power input and power output that influences its overall performance.

This drill press model has an ideal power to weight ratio that allows it to deliver efficiently.

JHM ShortSlugger uses a power input of 750W and a power output of 430W.

This motor rating delivers a full load speed of 430RPM and a no-load speed of 680RPM that gives it enough power and torque to drill through different types of metals.

The 7″ x 3″ magnetic base of JHM ShortSlugger has a magnetic force of 1798lbs. This magnetic force ensures the firm and proper adhesion of the tool to the work surface.

JHM ShortSlugger has a drilling capacity of 2″ and an HSS cutter max diameter of 1-3/16″. It also has a 2-9/16” stroke capacity and a ¾” straight shank that holds the cutter firmly in place.

Ease of Usage

JHM ShortSlugger is extremely compact and lightweight. The 22.05lbs drill press has an efficient power to weight ratio and other complementing features that makes it very easy to use.

This lightweight model permits its use at variable height range of 11.02” to 14.17”, and the compact design allows you to use it in confined spaces.

JHM ShortSlugger allows easy guide readjustment that increases flexibility and easy application.

The inclusion of a hand-feed wheel mount on either side of the drill press makes it suitable for special applications.

It includes an internal cooling system that allows the extensive use of the tool for long applications.

The internal motor cable routing prevents accidental stops on the workpiece. Similarly, the smart magnet circuitry prevents the motor from starting without sufficient magnetic force.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures for JHM ShortSlugger include;

  • Remove your drill press from the power source when not in use.
  • Keep your JHM ShortSlugger away from moisture and water.
  • Clean the drill press immediately after use to prevent the accumulation of dirt.
  • Repair

If anything goes wrong and you need to repair your JHM ShortSlugger, it is best to contact the manufacturer for ideal repair options.

FIEN sends all its products to Davenport and Iowa facilities for safe repairs by qualified experts and fast turnaround time.

This repair also includes some maintenance options like the lubrication of gearboxes and bearings.


The warranty offers for JHM ShortSlugger include;

  • 3-year warranty on crafts and materials
  • 6-month warranty on repaired parts
  • Various repair options.

All you need to do is register your product with the manufacturer to have full access to the warranty offers.

You can register your tool at website. You can also visit them or call 1-800-441-9878 for more information on the warranty offers and repair services of JHM ShortSlugger.

Price of JHM ShortSlugger

JHM ShortSlugger is available at a relatively high cost.

Although it is not affordable for meager or low budget buyers, it offers a good bargain for those that won’t mind splashing the cash on a quality tool.

This magnetic drill press model has an optimal price to performance ratio considering its integrated features and specifications.


Pros and Cons of JHM ShortSlugger


  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Easy guide readjustment for flexibility
  • Internal cooling system
  • Ideal power to weight ratio
  • Suitable for versatile and flexible applications


  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited safety features


Who Should Buy JHM ShortSlugger?

JHM ShortSlugger offers ideal bargains for metalworkers and multiple Jobsite contractors because it is extremely lightweight and compact.

Professionals in various crafts can also acquire the services of this model for their commercial and industrial drilling tasks.

Beginners, homeowners, and other DIY enthusiasts can also buy this magnetic drill press model because it delivers optimum performance at its valued price.

Our Recommendation

JHM ShortSlugger is recommended for any metalworker that needs a powerful, compact, versatile, and lightweight magnetic drill press for various personal and technical drilling operations.


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