Festool 574422 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Review

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In Brief: Festool 574422 XL DF 700 Joiner Review

The Festool 574422 XL DF 700 Domino joiner is one of the best joiners you would ever come across. Lightweight, high mobility, varying cutting depths makes this joiner stand out amongst others in its peer. It will also give you quality mortises all the time. If you own a shop or are a professional woodworker, this joiner will work perfectly for you.

Festool is one brand known to be very innovative and has been able to produce highly impactful and useful tools in their different spheres over the years.

They regularly listen to customer feedback and, through research and engineering, continue to improve.

This act has helped them consistently meet up with clients’ demands by continually improving products.

One such tool is the Festool 574422 XL DF Domino joiner, which was borne out of feedback for a heavier joiner from its predecessor.

This joiner is intricately designed and perfectly suited to your needs, providing perfect and beautiful finishing all the time

Key Specifications of the Festool 574422 XL DF 700

Festool 576428 XL DF 700 EQ Domino Joiner

This joiner is a power saver and won’t cost you much on power as it requires only 720 watts of power to get it started.

Extraordinarily light and mobile, this joiner will consume very little space and can move conveniently from place to place as the need arises.

It has a great bed size of 5.25”x14.5” that gives you a convenient working space to work on very large pieces of wood at any time.

With cutting depths ranging from 15mm to 70mm, this joiner is ready to cut through thick and heavy pieces of wood.

It does this with a very fine and smooth finishing each time.

You have no worries where factory defects and faults are concerned as this joiner comes covered with a 3-year warranty.

Read the long list of the Festool 574422 XL DF 700 specs here :

Model No / name574422 Festool
Power (hp)0.96 (720Watts)
Bed size (in)5.25”x14.5”
Table Size (LxB)5.25”x14.5”
Knife adjustments (no)4
Cutting depth (mm)15-70
Dust collection (y/n)Y
Weight (lbs)11.46
Warranty1 year
Other Features21,000 RPM cutter speed

Unique Features

Festool 574422 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner

Why do we love this joiner so much? Read below to find out.

Patented Routing

This patented design makes it possible to obtain perfect mortises very easily and conveniently.

This is achieved through rotation and oscillation cutting actions, which enables the repetition of such perfect mortises.

95% Chip Extraction

Thanks to the 1 1/16” dust port, a clean working environment is assured all the time.

This is because the dust port is well designed to immediately and effectively clean up to 95% of all chips products in the course of working.

This reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning up.

Highly Mobile and lightweight

For a joiner that does large scale cutting work, this one is extremely light and very easy to move about.

If you have a constricted workspace, it is not a problem as the weight can easily be handled while you move or store it conveniently.

It can also be easily carried out to different locations when you have outside jobs.

Watch this video to see more on this jointer :



Power and Performance

This device requires the most minimal supply to keep it kicking.

As long as it gets at least 720Watts of power supplied (approximately 1Hp), this device springs to life and gives you excellent quality mortises and finishing.

An excellent joiner, you will see no reason to regret using it as it provides the finest, smoothest and cleanest finishing all the time.

It can cut through a vast degree of wood lengths and thickness thanks to its various cutting depths

Ease of Usage

Festool 574422 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner

An easy-to-use on the go tool, it does not require excessive power to keep it functioning. All it uses up is 720watts of power, which is equivalent to 1Hp.

Once this is achieved with the aid of the right supply source, you conveniently enjoy the use of your joiner.

Having varying cutting sizes gives you the flexibility to cut through almost all wood pieces, especially large ones. However, it may not be suited to lighter wood pieces that do not require great cutting depths.

Being lightweight, it is effortless and convenient to move it about to various workspaces.

So, if you have furniture too large to come to your shop, you can conveniently pick up this and get to work anywhere.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, & Warranty

Festool 57442 XL DF 700 domino jointer requires some regularly scheduled maintenance, especially regarding the carbon brushes, which it operates well.

In addition, the oiling of guards and proper air circulation are some of the requirements. If you need to replace any parts, you can contact Festool or source for within local markets.

The joiner comes with a three-year warranty that allows for factory defects and faults. This warranty can be obtained by contacting Festool through a call on 1-844-433-7866

Price of the Festool 574422 XL DF 700

Though highly-priced, the device is worth every dime spent on it.

It gives you a great many features that leave your work outstanding and your clients amazed so that the spending cost is very quickly recovered.


Pros and cons of the Festool 574422 XL DF 700

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this device.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable
  • Excellent precision and performance
  • Fast and durable


  • Highly-priced
  • Not suited to smaller joints


Who Should Buy the Festool 574422 XL DF 700 ?

If you own a shop that deals with large scale furniture such as chairs and tables, you definitely need this joiner to aid your work and give you that fine and perfect finish.

It is also very suitable for professional woodworkers who need to produce fine, neat, and smooth finishing all the time.

Since it is quite light, it is also a good buy for workers who move from one location to another, carrying out their works in various locations.

Do-it-yourself lovers who have a great experience and want that extra touch of professionalism can also procure this joiner and get an excellent finish.

Our Recommendation

Lightweight, good cutting size variations, decent bed size, and being able to cut through a large chunk of wood, this domino joiner is definitely a must-have tool for every committed woodworker.


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