Festool 574692 Router Review

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In Brief: Festool 574692 Router Review

Festool 574692 is a router with swiveling chip deflector and MMC electronics. This 9.92lbs router uses a 1400W motor that delivers a variable speed between 10,000 to 22,500RPM. It is useful for all routing tasks, including the toughest ones on a long-term scale thus Festool 574692 is ideal for Jobsite contractors, professional and beginner woodworkers.

Festool is a reliable German manufacturer that utilizes a system-based approach in manufacturing several power and hand tools, and gives general consideration to dust extraction.

Festool 574692 is a core offering from this manufacturer with several impressive features that make it suitable for routing several materials, including hardwoods.

Key Specifications of Festool 574692

Festool 574692 Router OF 1400 EQ Imperial

This router model comes with a 120V, 11.7amps, 1400W power setup that delivers a variable speed of 10,000-22,500RPM.

Festool 574692 delivers a routing stroke of 2-3/4″ for efficient performance even with the most challenging tasks. The 9.93lbs router is moderate and can be easily carried around for various site applications.

The maximum cut diameter of this model is 2-1/2”, allowing you to work on extensive materials.

This router model also has dust extraction features. It includes a 1-1/16″/ 1-7/16″ dust extraction port that ensures the smooth elimination of wastes.

It gives clear-cutting without obstruction or disturbance. It also has ¼” and ½” collet sizes for effective performance.

Here is a video showing how to setup and use Festool 574692 :


Read the long list Festool 574692 specs here :

Model No574692
Powered byCorded-electric
Speed (RPM)10,000-22,500
Power (Watts)1400
Weight (lbs)9.92
Base TypePlunge
Plunge Depth (inches)2-3/4”
Collet Sizes (inches)1/4'' & 1/2''
Unique FeaturesSwiveling Chip Deflector
System Integration
MMC Electronics

Top Features to Look For

Festool 574692 Router OF 1400 EQ Imperial

Just like the outstanding reputation of its manufacturer, Festool 574692 has several features that make it different from other routers.

Swiveling Chip Deflector

This model’s swiveling chip deflector is useful for edge-forming bits around curves and corners, ensuring maximum dust extraction. It includes a tool-free spring clip system that provides quick attachment and release.

System Integration

Festool 574692 has an integrated system designed to take up several high technologies for optimum performance. It uses the MFS multi-routing templates, FS guide rail system, and other wide varieties of accessories options.

MMC Electronics

Festool 574692 features an electronic control system that ensures constant speed under load for enhanced cut delivery, overload protection, and adjustable variable speed for diverse applications.


Power and Performance

Festool 574692 Router OF 1400 EQ Imperial

Festool 574692 has enough power set-up to ensure smooth operation and effective delivery. This model has a 120V, 11.7amps, and 1400W motor that delivers a variable speed between 10,000 to 22,500RPM.

At this speed, Festool 574692 can make effective routes and cuts on several types of materials, including composite materials.

The 1400W and MMC electronic controls of this model give it enough power to see you through even the most challenging tasks quickly.

Festool 574692 reduces the motor’s chances of plate deflection with the inclusion of one knob that locks the plunge depth securely. This model can make a 2-3/4″ plunge depth for useful professional applications.

This model includes an electronic control that ensures constant speed under load for better cut quality, overload protection for longer life, and stepless variable speed for optimized performance.

Ease of Usage

One of the striking features of Festool 574692 is its ease of use. It has an ergonomic design that includes a handle with full-grip that increases control while simultaneously reducing fatigue.

It includes quad centerline marks on each side of the base to act as a visual reference point that allows you to align the cutline with the center of the bit effortlessly.

It also includes three adjustable position depth stop turret consistent and repeatable step cutting.

Festool 574692 is highly flexible with the inclusion of various accessories.

These accessories include the FS guide rail system for guided cutting, VS 600 Dovetail jig for joinery applications, MFS multi routing templates, and LR32 hole drilling system.

The adjustability of this model is top-notch. It allows a precision depth adjustment with its micro-adjustability dial that allows adjustment up to 1/256”.

It also has an integrated dust extraction port and a swiveling chip deflector for enhanced visibility during operation.


Ease of maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures of Festool 574692 :

  • Ensure the cleanliness of your power tool at all times.
  • Keep the power tool away from dust and moisture.
  • Check the power tool before and after use.
  • Ensure proper storage.


The manufacturer of Festool 574692 has repair services that ensure the safe and reliable restoration of the power tool. The warranty covers most of the repair costs offers with a 2-day standard repair turnaround time.


The warranty offers for Festool 574692 :

  • 3-year comprehensive warranty.
  • 3-year free shipping to and from Festool service.
  • 10-year spare parts availability.
  • 1-month money-back guarantee.

However, you must ensure that you register your product within 30 days after purchase to enjoy this exclusive warranty.

You can check festoolusa.com/service for more information on the warranty offers or call 88-337-8600 for more product information.

Price of Festool 574692

Festool 574692 is one of the most expensive routers you would come across. It is neither suitable for medium budget nor low budget buyers.

However, the product offers a high value for money. With Festool 574692, you get to enjoy several exclusive features and fantastic warranty offers.


Pros and cons of Festool 574692


  • Fantastic and exclusive warranty offers
  • Easy dust extraction features
  • Adjustable and easy to use features
  • System integration that allows the use of several accessories for improved flexibility
  • High precision and accuracy


  • Very expensive
  • The hand placement takes time to adapt to due to its unconventional style.
  • No LED light feature


Who Should Buy Festool 574692 ?

Festool 574692 is an electric-corded, versatile, and flexible power tool with impressive performance and effective delivery.

It is suitable for professionals because of its versatility and effectiveness for various applications, including the tough ones.

Likewise, it is a good buy for multiple Jobsite contractors because it is portable and easy to handle. Generally, this router model is suitable for users that have commercial and industrial scale projects.

Our Recommendation

Festool 574692 is recommended for any individual that requires a classy router model service but with the ruggedness of a regular router. It is also recommended for those who desire a router for long term operations, particularly for challenging applications.



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