Greenworks 25142 16 Electric Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Greenworks 25142 16 Electric Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks 25142 is a 16-Inch 10 Amp corded electric lawnmower. At first, it might not look impressive, but, undoubtedly, it is a high-end power tool, similar to other premium ones on the market. It cuts grass as efficiently as any other professional lawn mower on the market. It also comes at an affordable price so that you won’t need to pay a lot of money on different machines to perfect your garden.

Globe Group is the company behind Greenworks 25142. The company believes that fossil fuels are damaging the planet, so they are promoting electrical equipment and power tools.

The group has worldwide subsidiaries, and they work with researchers, product developers, and more people that resonate with the company’s visions.

For its part, Greenworks 25142 10 Amp 16 in 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower is operating efficiently and straightforwardly. Users don’t have to be experienced lawn mowers to use this machine.

The corded electric lawn mower in question is just one of the best examples of the company’s wishes. Furthermore, this lawnmower from Globe Group comes with a 4-year warranty.

Key Specifications Of Greenworks 25142 16 Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142

Greenworks 25142 comes with one adjustment lever that can be, at its turn, set to five separated height settings, from 1 to 3,25 inches.

Since you know your lawn, nothing is challenging in setting it up. You can adjust it depending on the height of the grass and always use that setting to perfect your garden as you want.

The 10 Amp engine is powerful enough to cut the most hardened grass blades in your lawn. Also, the 16-inch-wide deck for cutting helps you mow your lawn quickly and efficiently.

The body of the Greenworks 25142 is made of plastic material so that it won’t rust. You should maintain the metal-made handle so that it won’t rust.

The 1-inch difference between the front (6 inches) and the rear wheel (7 inches) sets to ensure a high-quality mowing.

This electric lawn mower can cut and mulch while it will also help you collect the grass in the bag. As a result, it might be the ideal choice for you.

Below, you can find a video to check out the Greenworks 25142 electric lawn mower.

Unique Features

Greenworks 25142 brings some exciting features that make your lawn mowing like a walk in the park. Below, you can check some of the best functionalities that make this electric lawn mower one of the highest quality out there.

2-in-1 Features

This lawnmower comes only with two modes of working — bagging and mulching. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a discharge function.

That might come as a downside for some users, but it has many other features that recommend it overall.

One of them is the fact that mulching can help you fertilize your lawn without any other interventions from your side. If you prefer bagging, Greenworks 25142 provides this option so that you can still perform that.

Amazing Design and Lightweight

We’ve already talked about why this electric lawn mower is right. Now, it’s time to talk about why it’s better than other clippers of its category.

The 25142 version of Greenworks comes with the ideal design — solid plastic, robustly built. All these features assure its durability. Moreover, Greenworks 25142 is lightweight, and that translates into improved maneuverability.

Accordingly, it’s much easier to control this lawnmower in comparison with the others from the same category.

Additionally, it is easy to store. You can easily stock it in your basement, shed, garage, and so on. You can also use this electric lawn mower however you want. Your lawn will enjoy the beautiful cut of the Greenworks 25142’s blades.


Power, Design, And Durability


Usually, the engine of the lawnmower makes the difference between power, quality, and users’ needs. However, many users of an electric lawn mower think that their equipment is only for small gardens.

Mostly, they are right! Greenworks 25142 is one of them. In reality, an electric lawn mower cannot deliver the same power as a gas-powered lawn mower. But that’s not a disadvantage, whatsoever.

If you own a small lawn, everything will be right.

However, you should keep in mind to give a break to the engine once every 30 or 45 minutes.

Otherwise, the motor will overheat, and that’s something you don’t want. Giving a rest to the engine will cool it down, meaning that your electric lawn mower will last longer.


While the design might look ideal, you should take extra care with the handle and the blades. You can easily clean the machine under its deck with a water hose just before you store it.

The handle is foldable to help you put the electric lawn mower wherever you want.


While the majority of lawn mower models come with a steel deck, which might get rusty in time, Greenworks 25142 features a robust plastic platform. This composite material will last for a longer time, undoubtedly.

But there’s a downside — plastic decks are thicker, so they might not cut thoroughly like the metal-made lawnmowers.

Cut Quality And Available Options

The 25142 model from Greenworks provides versatility and good quality. That’s because the option that users have to adjust the cutting from 5/8 inch to 2-5/8 inch.

This improved control allows users to select the ideal cutting height, depending on the height of the grass.

To adjust the wheels’ height, all you have to do is to switch off the electric lawn mower, push the lever, and set the desired height of the wheels.

Set it on the highest point, and you will be able to clear your lawn of small weeds, grass, and plants around the corners and endings of your garden.

On the other hand, the lowest cutting level will help you clear your garden since this one is the best cutting quality for this lawnmower.

Performance and Ease Of Use

Greenworks 25142 is an excellent electric lawnmower. It is dedicated to small to medium yards. Unluckily, this one will not work as expected on damp days. Even more, it will not be able to cut tall grass that is not trimmed firstly.

If that’s the case, you should double back to cut the grass blades that were missed the first time. Besides, you can try opting for the mower’s highest setting for cutting.

Moreover, the blades are shorter than those on other models. Greenworks 25142 comes with a 16-inch path of cutting, which makes it ideal only for small lawns.

If you have a large lawn, you will spend more time trimming your garden with this electric lawn mower than with gas-powered ones.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, And Warranty

While Greenworks 25142 outperforms many gas-powered lawn mowers in some aspects, it is less powerful.

However, it comes with a lot of features. Some of its highlights that make it easy to use are its lightweight build, noiseless operation, and low vibrations. Furthermore, it does not require any air filter, gas, oil, or tune-ups.


Usually, people are paying attention to the warranty. In the case of Greenworks 25142, nobody should worry about that.

Globe Group offers a 4-year warranty for its products, and the before-mentioned electric lawnmower is included. This is double compared to the industry standard!

For additional details on the warranty, please access the link below:


Price Of Greenworks 25142 16 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The lawnmower is more than worth its price. It is one of the best long-term investments if you have a medium-sized lawn.

It is cost-efficient and offers excellent performance. The Greenworks 25142 will surely make your life easier and is worth every cent.


Who Should Buy It?

Large electric and gas-powered mowers are the best for large lawns. However, if you own a small to medium garden and want it to look chic, then the 25142 model from Globe Group is ideal.

This Best Greenworks Lawn Mower will require more double backings to finish your lawn trimming, especially if your garden is more than medium-sized.

That might come as a considerable disadvantage, because of the small 16-inch cutting area.

Why We Like It

To wrap it up, Greenworks 25142 is straightforward to assemble, quick to start, and it will gather grass blades in no time thanks to its power. It can easily be switched from bagging to mulching.

Since it’s an electric lawn mower, it will not consume gas or oil. This would be the best Greenworks lawn mower for users who own a small to medium-sized lawns.

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