Greenworks 25302 Twin Force G Max Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Greenworks 25302 Twin Force G Max Lawn Mower Review

When it comes to purchasing your dream mower, there are several aspects you look for: performance, ease of usage, power, and design. The 25302 Twin Force G Max ticks all these boxes. This is why we recommend it to anyone looking for the above qualities in a mower.

Greenworks is a manufacturing company that has been in existence for decades.

Over the past years, it has developed machines of high-quality and ones that are reliable. One such machine is the 25302 Twin Force G Max.

This innovation challenges any perceived limitations you may have of battery-powered mowers with its performance.

The model exhibits how you can build excellent cutting prowess and unprecedented durability into an efficient and ultra-light mower.

Until just recently, battery-operated lawn mowers were just a gimmick. With the latest advancements in the battery technology in mowers, they are serious contenders now if you are searching for such equipment.

Key Specifications for Greenworks 25302 Twin Force G Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40V 20' Twin Blade Mower, 4.0Ah + 2.0Ah Battery

The G-max mower has a push button and dual blades. It comes with batteries (2Ah and 4Ah) and a battery charger.

It has two battery ports, and automatic switch-over is available for longer and continuous runtimes. You get 70-minute runtime using the two batteries.

There is a variation in runtimes depending on operator technique and grass condition.

The machine’s cutting deck (20 inches) offers the maneuverability of balance and its cutting quality. This makes it an ideal choice for mid-sized spaces.

The dual blades improve the cut quality and the bagging and mulching capabilities.

The G-Max’s innovative Smart Cut technology adjusts for runtime or power depending on your grass thickness. The rear bag alerts you once it is full and needs emptying, an ideally convenient feature.

This model is compatible with the G-Max 40V Li-on System, which powers at least 40 tools. The cutting height can be adjusted from 1-3/4″ – 3-3/8″ thanks to its 5-position height adjuster.

Its 2-in-1 feature also makes it possible for versatility in its mulching and bagging capabilities.

Unique Features

The Greenworks cordless lawn mower comes with a few features that we can’t help but talk about, because it makes this mower a worthy option.

Dual-battery Design

The tool uses one 2AH battery and another 4Ah battery. When one of them dies during mowing, the other is automatically put into use.

Blades, Deck, and Runtime

The aerodynamically refined dual blades provide a fine and tidier finish to your lawn. The 20-inch deck provides balance for maneuverability of the mower. The mower has a free runtime of about 70 minutes.


Power, Design, and Durability


Running out of charge is the most common problem associated with battery mowers. Greenworks’ G-Max has put the issue to rest, by using dual batteries that can offer over 70 minutes mowing time.

The battery switch is done automatically, so it doesn’t interfere with your task at hand.

Lithium-Ion batteries and an electric motor are used in running this mower, which means memory buildup and loss of charge capacity won’t be a problem.


A mower’s design greatly influences its performance and effectiveness. How has the G-Max’s design influenced its efficiency?

The 20-inch deck allows for maneuverability by offering great balance. Its Innovative Smart Cut Technology is capable of adjusting for runtime or power depending on the grass thickness.

I like that the Twin Air G-Max has dual blades that offer superior cut quality, mulching, and even bagging capabilities.


The G-Max has a lengthened lifespan due to its construction material that isn’t easily damaged by rugged terrain or weather elements. The lithium-Ion batteries, on the other hand, will last for at least three years.

The blades are made of metal to last longer and need fewer replacements.

Cut Quality and Available Options

Its dual blades’ precision, when used on dry grass, is unmatched. Since there are numerous cutting surfaces, the machine produces smooth slices ensuring proper grooming of your yard to give it an even texture and healthy finish.

The deck’s height settings allow you to adjust the mower’s height.

Like most of the motorized mowers in the market today, there are many disposal options when using the G-Max mower.

The model ejects the clippings to its side in an efficient manner devoid of clumping. It dices the clippings finely, thus delaying the filling up of its hard-top bag that has a 2.2-bushel capacity.

Performance and Ease of Use

Perhaps this is Greenworks’ most innovative ground-breaking innovation. Laying it out alone is hard enough. Its dual lithium-ion batteries high capacity 4Ah and the low-capacity 2Ah feed its 40V system.

They power its twin motors for a running duration of 70 minutes.

On endurance, the G-Max demystifies this when fully charged. Its 4Ah high capacity battery powers the mower as it moves through a quarter-acre of a lawn.

With a three-quarter charge, the low capacity 2Ah can power the mower as it cuts the grass on 1/10 of an acre.

Whereas a combination of both of the fully-charged batteries results in a longer runtime (over 60 minutes), replacing the 4Ah batteries with new ones will extend the mowing window to about 90 minutes characterized with maximum cutting power.

Given that you only need two hours to charge your 4Ah capacity battery, it will take a considerably shorter time to energize the smaller one.

The size of the G-Max’s deck shouldn’t fool you. It has impressive maneuverability around obstacles. The rear wheels achieve excellent surefooted traction, improving control.

Even when the deck hits obstacles, it does not break down. The deck of the Greenworks 25302 Twin Force G Max was also built to last.

Assembling the lawnmower is quite easy. You just need to piece together its handle and insert batteries after that. Unfortunately, the handles cannot be adjusted as per the operator’s height.

On the brighter side, you can fold it down to create more storage space. Additionally, the handles are coupled with rubber grips to help you maintain solid control while at the same time, taking care of your hands.


Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

It takes very little work to maintain this machine. With the 25302 Twin Force G-Max, the only things worth noting are avoiding grass that is heavily-soaked and ensuring the batteries are charged.

Many people love electric mowers such as the G-Max because once oil-changing, topping up of fuel, and replacing spark plugs are out of the picture, the machine’s upkeep comes down.

Your only responsibilities will be to sharpen the blades, ensure the supply of energy is fresh, and keep the inner mower workings dry.


The machine has a four-year warranty. Greenworks covers the batteries for two years. To get the warranty, you should consult the Greenworks office.

Canadian and American customers can use the email [email protected] or call: 1-888-90-WORKS (888.909.6757).

European customers and other global customers can call +46(0)101012500. Their customer care team is available on weekdays starting from 9 am to 5 pm.


Price of the Greenworks 25302 Twin Force G Max 40 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower

This Greenworks invention comes at a moderately affordable price compared to other battery-powered electric mowers.

For its price, it does a good job on a relatively flat lawn, and you won’t incur costs of oil, fuel, spark plugs, and other gas mower associated costs.

Furthermore, its battery life is vastly longer and has more power than that of most electric mowers.


Who Should Buy It?

The Greenworks tools are wonderful, and the G-Max falls in this category of reliable equipment. All those features you need, the G-Max has.

Anyone looking for good performance, cutting quality, durability, and an ergonomic design should go for this model.

In addition, it is lightweight with slick maneuverability and has a lengthened battery life. You will no longer have to worry about disturbing your neighbors as you mow because it is quiet.

It is also an ideal choice for environmentalists. The results will be great on flat lawns.

Why We Like It

What makes this mower stand out? Its performance is excellent and cutting quality great. The batteries take a short time to charge, and it is simple to use.

Durability, low maintenance costs, and its ergonomic design are other aspects that make the machine stand out from the rest.

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