Greenworks 27022 Corded Dethatcher Review

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In Brief: Greenworks 27022 Corded Dethatcher Review

When you think of lawn tools, quality comes first. We all want something that gets the job done and swoops us back into the weekend in time. Greenworks, therefore, presents this 14-Inch dethatcher with a satisfactory performance for you at all times.

GreenWorks tools are there to make work easier regardless of the lawn tool you purchase. This electric dethatcher brings an end to your hassle of buying gas and saves you high maintenance and operation costs.

Start your machine within seconds and get the job done in no time. The equipment is powered by a 10 Amp motor and has a dethatching path measuring 14 inches, enabling you to cover more ground in less time.

It also comes with wheel adjustments for your convenience.

Key Specifications of Greenworks 27022 Corded Dethatcher

Greenworks 10 Amp 14” Corded Electric Dethatcher (Stainless Steel Tines)

You will get your work completed faster with a wide dethatching path powered by a high-end motor. Its steel tines are designed to last longer while delivering reliable performance at all times.

You will also love how easy it is to pack and store this equipment, with its easily foldable handles.

The steel tines have a three-position depth adjustment for effective control. Control and comfort are also enhanced by the GreenWorks’s bale switch and an ergonomic padded grip on wheels.

The machine is carbon emission-free, conserving the environment while in operation. You will easily remove dead and matted layers of grass by regulating tine depth to your preference boosted by the 14-Inch dethatching path.

Your results will always be qualitative as you thoroughly do your job.

Unique Features

Let’s take a look at some of the cool, unique features of this dethatcher.

Stainless Steel Tines

The Greenworks 27022 14” corded dethatcher has an advanced dethatching mechanism, surpassing many types of equipment in its category.

The mulching spikes are made of high-gauge stainless steel, so they remain sharp for much longer.

If you are using it for smaller sized lawns, you can get through a whole prime season without needing to sharpen the tines or carry out any serious maintenance tasks.

This machine has superior dethatching versatility with its 3-position tine-depth. Additional tines are also available in the package.

Inbuilt Cord Lock

It also features a cord lock that prevents the power cable from getting trapped by obstacles while you mow.

This feature also prevents the cord from being pulled-off while folding the ergonomic handles during storage, preventing damage.

Convenient Control

The Greenworks 27022 14” corded dethatcher features a handle with a luxuriously padded grip offering comfort during operation.

The handle also comes with the bale switch conveniently located easily accessible using your fingers as you push your mower for extra cuts.


Power, Design, and Durability


Running on a 10 Amp electric motor, this is the perfect dethatching tool you’ll find in the market.

The GreenWorks 27022 Corded Dethatcher completes its task within the stipulated time, all credit to the wide 14-inch dethatching path with three height adjustments for various terrains.


This unit comes with an easy-to-use push-button that’s conveniently located, saving you cranking and choking time required with gas-powered models.

With this lawnmower, cold starts are smooth and hassle-free with no complications since it operates on an electric motor.

The cutting design employs 18 sharp stainless steel tines that are designed for durability and exceptional performance.

The operator comfort is further improved by the bale switch and a cushion mold grip along with the handles.


Like all GreenWorks tools, this electric dethatcher comes in a green luster that you won’t help but fall for.

The exterior is powder-coated to enhance the shine and resist minor damages by various elements experienced while dethatching.

Storage for this machine is compact as the handles fold onto the mower, minimizing packing space.

Cut Quality and Available Options

Dethatching needs to be done with precision so that each season, the grass rejuvenates. The Greenworks 27022 has the best dethatching options in its class, with stainless steel tines that remain new even after numerous uses.

Spikes are sprung for efficiency and ease of use by the operator and have a single fixed spike depth of 3/8″ (9mm). Adjusting the tine depth helps you to control what is removed so you can retain healthy grass and chuck out weeds.

Its integrated cord lock ensures the cord won’t detach while you work. It also features a padded grip, plus a bale switch, which both improve control and comfort for the operator as they maneuver the yard.

Performance and Ease of Use

You get not only remarkable performance with Greenworks 27022 Corded Dethatcher but also sheer dependability.

The motor with a 10Amp power output is reliable and a great alternative to using gas power, which has emission issues.

You can rely on this machine season after season since the stainless steel tines maintain their sharpness even after many uses.

Its deck is made using strengthened plastic materials, which is sturdy and goes a long way in resisting harsh weather and thrashing by uneven terrains.

With its 14-inch dethatching path, the Greenworks 27022 Electric Dethatcher gets the job done just in time.

Removing dead and matted grass is an easy task, plus the 7-inch wheels effortlessly cruise over large piles of dead grass and other obstacles.

Ergonomic handles are easy to fold, ensuring compact storage after every use. The handles also feature an over-mold comfy grip and cushion for increased coziness of the operator during usage.

This dethatcher has zero emissions, minimum maintenance, and has reliable performance.


Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Like all electric powered motors and equipment, it’s not advisable to expose this dethatcher to water or any form of moisture. This means you should avoid using it in damp locations or during rainy weather.

When cleaning your power tool, avoid using solvents on the plastic parts since plastic is highly susceptible to various commercial solvents.

Again, ensure that during storage, the power cable is not trapped during the handle folding process as this could permanently damage it.

GreenWorks recommends that you always clean the bottom part of this dethatcher and the tine area before storage and after every use.

The tines and cartridges need to be carefully inspected from time to time for damages and replace them when necessary. When cleaning, avoid using running water if possible, only wipe with a wet cloth.


Only an original purchaser (with proof) for this product benefits from the 4-year limited warranty. It covers parts, workmanship, and defective materials that arise within the four years.

The warranty doesn’t cover damages due to misuse, abuse, commercial use, neglect, accidents, or alteration.

Also, normal wear and damage due to the use of lubricants and maintenance practices such as blade sharpening are not covered.

Call the provided GreenWorks helpline in case you need services from the manufacturer: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Monday – Friday at 1-888-909-6757 (1-888-90WORKS).


Price of Greenworks 27022 Electric Dethatcher

Greenworks 27022 Electric Dethatcher has excellent value for money to any homeowner seeking to rake their lawn at minimal costs.

It more than pays you back, compared to the costs you’d incur to hire a commercial lawn professional to do the job for you.

The unit is electric, which eliminates costs required for purchasing gas, engine oil, greasing the parts, and more.


Who Should Buy It?

This dethatcher is perfect for small residential yards and lawns. It is not built for very demanding tasks that require elongated usage.

As a commercial user, you might not find this unit favorable for the job and might need a higher-level tool.

This unit also has an amazingly quiet operation. You want to own it if you have issues with noise pollution or live in a quiet neighborhood.

Why we Like It

We recommend this dethatcher since it’s fast and sure in performance. The stainless steel tines remain sharp even after many uses. Compared to many dethatchers in its class, this tool has the ultimate utility.

It’s environmentally friendly and has an elegant design that’s pleasing to the eye. The dethatcher is easy and comfortable to use, with a quick start push button, bale switch, and cushioned handles that feature a simple fold mechanism.


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