GreenWorks Pro GLM801602 Battery Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: GreenWorks Pro GLM801602 Review

For an electric, eco-friendly mower, this GreenWorks Pro GLM801602 offers superb power and precision. It is highlighted by a user-friendly, lightweight design, as well as Smart Cut technology and quiet, emission-free operation. This model offers a modern and revolutionizing twist on common gas-powered mowers!

Ran by Globe Tools Group as its parent company, GreenWorks Tools has been focusing on lithium-ion technology and powerful garden/lawn equipment for a few years now.

Their 80V Pro series features the Cordless Electric Mower that we are reviewing here, as well as a number of other heavy-grade construction tools.

The GreenWorks Pro GLM801602 is a one-touch-start, cordless, battery-powered lawn mower that can get the job done as efficiently as, if not better than, an average gas mower.

Quieter and without emissions, it is a model that is perfect for people who are conscious about the environment.

Key Specifications Of GreenWorks Pro GLM801602

Greenworks 80V 21' Brushless Cordless (Push) Lawn Mower (75+ Compatible Tools), 4.0Ah Battery and 60 Minute Rapid Charger Included

The first highlight of this lawnmower has to be its 80 Volt 4.0AH battery. Once fully charged, you are looking at around an hour of continuous performance.

The brushless motor that this mower feature adds more power and torque, and it also provides a longer overall lifetime and less energy consumption.

Talking about the universal battery system that it is powered by, you can charge the 2AH battery within 30 minutes. It takes just above an hour for the 4AH 80 Volt battery.

This model is highlighted by a 21-inch stainless-steel deck that offers 3 different discharge capabilities, including side, rear, and mulch. Not to mention, this product runs on 7” front and 10” rear wheels.

For more info on its specifications and performance, we suggest you take a look at this video demonstration:


Check all key specifications of GLM801602  in the table below – >

Cutting Width

Battery Type
80 Volt; 2/4AH
Front Wheels
Rear Wheels
Cutting Style
Side Discharge
Rear Discharge
62 lbs.
Charge Time
Rapid (30-60 minutes)
Smart Cut Technology
Brushless (quiet, no emission)
Height Adjustment
7-Position Single Lever
Tool Warranty
Battery Warranty

Unique Features

There are a few distinct features that place this lawnmower among the leaders in the industry.

Smart Cut Load-Sensing Technology

As one of the major features, the Smart Cut technology is essential when it comes to increased running time. It also plays a role in maximizing torque, as well as ensuring that you get the most out of the 80 Volt battery life.

The second reason why Smart Cut technology goes a long way for the overall performance of the GLM801602 is that it detects different turf types. It then adjusts the deck height and discharge options depending on the conditions.

Overall, the Smart Cut Load-Sensing Technology will not only help you maximize the performance but also reduce your physical effort.

GreenWorks Brushless Motor

The most unique trait of this motor is the fact that it is digitally controlled. There are multiple advantages of this feature, with the main one being less wear and tear.

In terms of extending the life of the mower, the brushless motor seems like an ideal solution.

It also increases power and torque, which improves the overall performance of this mower in the long run.


Power, Design, and Durability


Frankly, this lawn mower offers tremendous power performance, considering the fact that we are talking about a battery-powered model.

We wouldn’t be shy to compare it to the performance of a mower running on a 160cc engine. The brushless motor offers quiet operation, as well as high torque and power.

Additionally, there are two blades that you can easily adjust and direct to cut high and thick grass.


The structure of this mower is simply splendid. First and foremost, as it is an electric mower, it doesn’t have a cord, which means you will be dealing with much more maneuverability.

That, as well as the fact that it is lightweight (62 pounds), makes this lawnmower the perfect choice for anyone with little to no experience.

The power mechanism comes in the form of a one-touch feature, which allows for an easy start.


The main point when it comes to the sturdiness of this product is the fact that it is completely made out of stainless steel.

That makes this mower quite sturdy, although it is lightweight and nowhere near as robust as most gas-powered models. Additionally, there is a 4-year tool and 2-year battery warranty, which we will discuss down below.

Cut Quality and Available Options

First and foremost, it is important to emphasize the importance of Smart Cut Sense-Loading Technology. With this model, it is the key to precise and efficient cutting.

The main issue is related to grass that is thick and higher than 4 inches, as that poses a tangling risk. However, the aforementioned technology will signal you in time to help you avoid any damage.

When it comes to height adjustment, there are 7 different options ranging from 3.75 inches to 1.25 inches. This means that you can go for different finishes, including lush and carpet-like.

As for the discharge options, you will be dealing with mulch, side, and rear discharge, which is the most efficient and reliable when it comes to an electric mower.

Performance and Ease Of Use

The best thing about this mower is that it features just a single lever that is incredibly easy to use to adjust the cutting height.

Thus, you will not have to turn off the machine while changing the height options, and most importantly, it can be done with a single hand.

Also, operating the mower in terms of directing it the right way, as well as ensuring that an adequate discharge option is set, greatly depends on the Smart Cut Technology.

You can say goodbye to messy and robust gas-powered mowers, as this efficient tool can help you mow an entire lawn within an hour’s time.

We also like that you can adjust the ergonomic handle to three different positions to increase comfort and reduce exhaustion.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Compared to most gas-powered, self-propelled mowers, this one is virtually maintenance-free. You don’t need to change the oil, and there is no deck washout port, as you shouldn’t expect any debris or dirt to stick to this mower.


In case you do come across an issue or damage that you aren’t able to repair on your own, there are a 4-year tool warranty and a 2-year warranty that you can rely on.

In order to contact the support and find out more about what is covered and what can be repaired for free, you can either call:

1-800-909-6757 Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5 pm EST or contact them through their official support page:

There is also an email option: [email protected].

Price Of GLM801602 Lawn Mower

The good thing about this mower is that you will not have any expenses when it comes to fuel and maintenance. Also, the price of the product itself is quite affordable. However, you don’t get a charger and a battery included in the offer.

This is bad news. Still, if you are planning to get some other power tool from the GreenWorks 80 Volt series, then the battery and charger are universal, which will actually allow you to save money in the long run.


Who Should Buy GLM801602?

It is a fact that this electric mower may not be the best solution if you have a lawn with grass that is taller than 6 inches.

However, for anyone else, this is quite a great choice. It is a long-term investment that doesn’t require a lot of previous experience to successfully operate.

Not to mention, it is eco-friendly.

Why We Like It

Our impression of this electric lawn mower is very good. Easy to use with innovative Smart Cut Technology and a reliable battery, the GLM801602 80 Volt Cordless Battery-Powered Electric Lawn Mower is sure to help you in giving your lawn a clean cut.


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