Grizzly G0555 VS G0555LX Band Saw – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Grizzly G0555 VS G0555LX

Grizzly G0555 and G0555lX are two standout power tools in the Band Saw category from the same manufacturer. One of their notable differences is that Grizzly G0555 has a faster blade speed and broader speed range compared to G0555LX. Likewise, G0555 has a larger footprint than G055LX. On the reserve side, G055LX weighs more than G0555.

Grizzly is one of the most consistent brands in the power tool manufacturing industry. The company is reputable for the manufacturing of several high-power tools, including bandsaws.

Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX are two core offerings from this manufacturer.

This review will make a comparative analysis of both products, highlighting their selling points, specifications, and applications. 

Grizzly G0555 vs. G0555LX at a Glance

This comparative evaluation of Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX will help in identifying the similarities and disparities in both power tools.

Ideal For Professionals/ DIY enthusiastsProfessionals/ DIY enthusiasts
Motor Power1HP1HP
Motor Voltage110/120V (110V prewired)110/120V (110V prewired)
Motor Current11A/5.5A11A/5.5A
Max Cutting width (left)13-1/2”13-1/2”
Max. cutting height 6''6''
Table size 14” x 14”14” x 14”
Table tilt (degrees)15 left and 45 right10 left and 45 right
Floor to table height 43-5/16”43”
Blade Size 93-1/2” (1/8”-3/4” wide)93-1/2” (1/8”-3/4” wide)
Blade Speed1500 & 3200 FPM1800 & 3100 FPM
Shipping Weight199lbs246lbs
Footprint24-1/4”L x 17-1/2”W23-1/2”L x 16-1/2”W
Price Moderately pricedBudget friendly
Warranty1-year limited warranty1-year limited warranty
Unique Features• Computer based cast iron wheels
• Sturdy T-shape fence design
• Heavy-duty stand and minimal vibration
• Deluxe extruded aluminum fence
• Quality blade guides
• High Power conversion

Grizzly G0555 vs. G0555LX : Weight

Grizzly Industrial G0555-14' 1 HP Bandsaw

Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX are both heavy-duty power tools that carry out medium to large scale tasks.

However, there is an observable difference in the weight of Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX. Grizzly G0555LX is heavier than Grizzly G0555 in its overall shipment weight. 

Weight of Grizzly G0555

Grizzly G0555 is a massive duty power tool that is primarily built for personal and industrial processes.

The product weighs about 196lbs, mainly due to its buildup design like its heavy-duty stand and sturdy T-shape Fence system. 

Weight of Grizzly G0555LX

Although Grizzly G0555lx might not be the most massive product in its category, it still has one of the heaviest. The product weighs about 246lbs which is within the weight range for good bandsaws.

Grizzly G0555 vs. G0555LX : Blade Speed

The speed range of Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX is considered one of the best in their category.

This speed range ensures fast and accurate cuts on different types of materials.

However, Grizzly G0555 has a quicker speed capacity and a broader speed range compared to Grizzly G0555LX. 

Speed of Grizzly G0555

The speed range of Grizzly G0555 appropriately suits most medium to large scale resawing and wood cutting applications.

This power tool has a speed range of 1500 to 3200 FPM thus, giving it high-speed limits and wide range.

Speed of Grizzly G0555LX

Grizzly G0555lx has enough speed range and speed capacity for optimum performance. This device is capable of working at a speed range of 1800 to 3100 FPM.

This range allows flexibility and the speed capacity provides for optimum performance.

Grizzly G0555 vs. G0555LX : Footprint

The footprint of a bandsaw is synonymous with its stand capacity. Together with the base build up materials, this feature is the principal determinant of the product’s stability.

Grizzly G0555 has a footprint that is notably higher than Grizzly G0555LX with a few inches.

The footprint of Grizzly G0555

Grizzly G0555 is a product that is sturdy with a high level of stability. This product has a footprint of 24-1/4″ L x 17-1/2″ W that complements other buildup features.

The footprint of Grizzly G0555LX

Grizzly G0555LX has a footprint capacity of 23-1/2″ L x 16-1/2″ W to offer enough support for all the design and build up features of the product.

Grizzly G0555 vs. G0555LX : Blade Size

The blade size of a bandsaw, together with its blade speed and power set up is the biggest influencer of its cutting capacity, precision, and accuracy.

Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX have a similar blade size thus, highlighting one of the reasons for their similar cutting ability.

Blade size of Grizzly G0555

The Blade size of Grizzly G0555 influences its massive cutting ability through thick and hard materials. The product has a blade size of 93-1/2″ (1/8″-3/4″ wide), which is one of the best in the bandsaw category.

Blade Size of Grizzly G0555LX

Grizzly G0555lx has a blade size of 93-1/2″ (1/8″-3/4″ wide), which complements its speed and power setup to give one of the best performances of a bandsaw.

Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX : Price

Price is one of the primary considerations of any power tool. It cost almost the same to secure the service of Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX.

They are both reasonably priced and over a high value for money considering their specifications.

Price of Grizzly G0555

The cost of Grizzly G0555 bandsaw is suitable for a medium budget buyer. While it might not be ideal for individuals with a meager budget, it is still one of the best-priced products in the bandsaw category.


Price of Grizzly G0555LX

Grizzly G0555lx is moderately priced, and it is suitable for buyers with mid-range budgets.

This product will ease you the burden of splashing huge cash before securing the service of an effective bandsaw.


Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX : Warranty

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14'

Most manufacturers include the warranty in their products’ offers to boost their user’s trust and ensure the durability of their product.

Grizzly G0555 and G0555LX are no exception to this. Both products have a similar warranty and service repair offers because they are in the same product category from the same manufacturer.

Grizzly G0555 Warranty

A 1-year limited warranty covers grizzly G0555. This warranty includes any defect in materials and crafts.

Likewise, there are also service support offers for products that are registered with the manufacturer.

Grizzly G0555lx warranty

First-hand purchasers of Grizzly G0555LX enjoy a 1-year limited warranty offer on this product. It also includes free service offers for products that are registered within a stipulated time.

Stand Out Features

Unique Features of Grizzly G0555

Computer Balanced Cast Iron Wheels: This wheel system confers stability on the product. Thus, the product operates with minimal vibration for easy usage and more precise cuts.

Deluxe Extruded Aluminum Fence: This feature is designed to allow easy attachment and removal from rails. It also includes a magnified cursor and scale for quick and accurate adjustments.

Six-sealed Ball-bearings Blade Guide: This feature allows quick adjustment of blades, ensures optimal cutting performance, and eases the process of blade change.


Unique Features of Grizzly G0555LX

Low Noise: Despite this product’s efficiency and high power set up, Grizzly G0555LX operates quietly without making any disturbing sound.

Cut Capacity: Aside from creating fast and accurate cuts, this product is also capable of making a series of scrolls, circles, and curve cuts.

 High Power Conversion: Grizzly G0555LX has a cast iron frame and the heavy-duty stand with an efficient motor to ensure good cut delivery on hardwoods.


Which Band Saw is Better ? Grizzly G0555 or G0555LX ?

Use Grizzly G0555 if :

Grizzly G0555 is an effective bandsaw that is moderately priced. It has impressive specifications that make it one of the standout products in its category.

You should use Grizzly G0555 if you want a bandsaw with fast speed, an enormous footprint, and tremendous cutting capacity.

Likewise, it is a reasonable consideration for professionals who need a massive duty tool to ensure the smooth execution of resawing and cutting tasks.


Use Grizzly G0555LX if :

Grizzly G0555LX offers effective cutting and resawing solutions for different users, including professionals, contractors, and other varieties of DIY enthusiasts.

You should use Grizzly G0555LX if you want a budget friendly product that offers optimal performance with low noise and minimal vibration.

Likewise, it is a good buy if you want an effective solution to your cutting and woodworking tasks.


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