Grizzly G7945 Benchtop Radial Drill Press Review

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In Brief: Grizzly G7945 Review

Grizzly G7945 is a radial drill press with prime drilling assembly axis and radial action feature. It has a single-phase, 120V, 5A, and 1/2HP motor setup that allows effective drills. It allows a 5-speed operation within the range of 550-3000RPM. It has an 8-5/8″ x 9″ table size. It is suitable for all categories of woodworkers for drilling different materials.

Grizzly is one of the manufacturers of woodworking and metalworking machines. They have evolved to be a well-known brand name over the last three decades.

They are known for their innovative approach to creating suitable tools for various crafts.

Grizzly G7945 is one of the models that reiterate the commitment of Grizzly to producing high-quality tools. This benchtop radial drill press is suitable for varieties of drilling operations.

Key Specifications of Grizzly G7945

Grizzly Industrial G7945-34' Benchtop Radial Drill Press

Grizzly G7945 is an incredible all-round drill press with a single-phase motor drive of 1/2HP, 5A, and 120V. This motor drive permits a 5-speed variable operation.

It delivers a speed within the range of 550-3000RPM. This speed will also allow you to tackle varieties of drilling operations. It has a drilling capacity of 1/2″ on mild steel and a spindle travel of 3-1/4”.

Grizzly G7945 has a swing capacity of 34″ and a variable drill chuck capacity between 1/16″-5/8″ for varieties of drilling operations.

The video below shows Grizzly G7945 in use:


Key Specifications of the Product are:

Model No / Name
Grizzly G7945
Motor Details
120V & 5amp
Power (hp)
Speed (range) RPM
Chuck capacity (in)
Drilling capacity (in)
Work Table Dimension (in)
8-5/8” x 9”
Table Tilt900 left and right
Swing and Stroke (in)
34” & 3-1/4”
Height (in)
Weight (lbs)
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
Other FeaturesPivoting heads
Prime drilling assembly axis
Provides radial action

Top Features

Source: Grizzly

Grizzly G7945 includes several features that make it stand out among several other drill press models.

Pivoting Head

Grizzly G7945 has a pivoting head that gives it a high degree of flexibility. The table can make 360⁰ swing and can tilt 90⁰ to both sides of the table.

It also makes a head tilt at 45⁰ left and 90⁰ right of the table, thus helping you make several angled drills with ease.

Prime Drilling Assembly Axis

Grizzly G7945 includes a functional shaft that serves the purpose of a prime drilling assembly axis, which can be about 17” ahead; thus, allowing you to make hole drills that are up to 34″ in the middle of the stock.

Provides Radial Action

Another feature that makes Grizzly G7945 unique is its radial action.

This drill press model allows you to make angled holes without having to tilt the drill press itself.

It ensures that the workpiece maintains its horizontal inclination.


Power and Performance

One of the features that support the impressive operations of Grizzly G7945 is its power setup.

This radial drill press model has a single-phase 5A, 120V, 1/12HP motor that propels it to make powerful drills.

Grizzly G7945 operates at a 5-speed variation between the ranges of 550-3000RPM. The power of this motor allows you to run the tool with little effort but high efficiency.

It uses a variable drill chuck between 1/16″ and 5/8″ that allows flexibility. It can drill up to 34″ in the center of the stock.

Ease of Usage

Grizzly G7945 has several features that make it easy to use.

This drill press model has a precision-ground cast iron table and a 13-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ footprint that confers solidity and stability to it. Its 8-5/8″ x 9″ table provides enough workspace for varieties of drilling operations.

This radial drill press model has a pivoting head that allows a 3600 swing. The table of this drill press makes 900 tilt to both sides of the table and head tilt of 450 to the right and 90⁰ to the table’s left.

Grizzly G7945 includes a shaft that serves as the principal assembly drilling axis for making a lot of impressive drills.

The shaft can be pulled forward to increase the drill press’s swing capacity to about 17″.

This model gives you control over the belt and other integrative parts of the drill press. Grizzly G7945 is a benchtop model; thus, using a vise or a clamp will increase its ease of usage.


Ease Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures of Grizzly G7945 include;

  • Clean the parts of this drill press with only soft cloth and brushes
  • Avoid using organic solvents on the plastic parts of the tool
  • Carry out a regular inspection on the drill press before use
  • Repair

In case there is a need to repair your drill press, it is best to secure the service of professionals and authorized technicians. Grizzly has authorized service centers that ensure the safe and reliable repair of their products.


The warranty offers of Grizzly G7945 include;

  • 1-year limited warranty on crafts and materials
  • Return offers for defect materials

You have to register your products before you can have access to the warranty offers.

You can register your product here>.

You can contact the manufacturer via 1-800-523-4777 or through the mail via [email protected] to get a return number before returning the product. You also need to have a proof of purchase.

Price of Grizzly G7945

Grizzly G7945 is moderately priced, and it is affordable for mid-budget buyers.

It offers a high value considering its cost to performance ratio. Buyers with low budgets should consider other drill press brands.


Pros and Cons of Grizzly G7945

Source: Grizzly


  • Flexible and pivoting working table
  • Less energy requirement for effective applications
  • Large swing and drilling capacity
  • Powerful motor for smooth and effective drills
  • Equipped with shaft


  • Relatively heavyweight
  • No laser and LED light feature


Who Should Buy Grizzly G7945?

Grizzly G7945 is an efficient benchtop drill press for varieties of drilling tasks.

It is suitable for professionals in various crafts, including woodworkers, gardeners, and other DIY enthusiasts because of its efficiency, versatility, and flexibility.

This model also offers beginners, amateurs, and homeowners a viable option because it is easy to use for both light and heavy-duty tasks.

Our Recommendation

Grizzly G7945 offers an ideal bargain if you need a flexible benchtop radial drill press to carry out various drilling tasks with ease. So, you can acquire this drill press model for your long-term drilling operations.


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