Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe Review

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In Brief: Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe Review

The Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe offers 14-amps of torque power to any woodturning operation. The 46-inches between centers allow for most medium and even some larger woodturning operations while its heavy-duty cast iron construction will ensure that it holds up for the long-term.

Grizzly has made itself one of the most popular and recognizable names in the North American power tool market.

With each of the products that they provide to their North American market, Grizzly’s line of lathes may be the most notable.

Grizzly also produces a wide variety of power tools.

This includes woodworking machinery, metalworking machinery, blades, router bits, drills, circular saws, batteries, chargers, grinders, and combo kits as well.

Key Specifications of the Grizzly Industrial G0462

The Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron.

Both the legs and the bed are built to last, ensuring that you can continue to use this lathe for a long time to come. With regular maintenance, it should last for years.

Changing speeds is never easier thanks to the shift-on-the-fly speed control lever.

What is great about this lathe is that there are no belts that need tweaking, which can make traditional lathes so difficult to operate, particularly for amateurs.

Even cooler is the fact that the legs have support shelves to them. You can add custom-built shelving to add more storage.

This is particularly great for smaller workspaces that put a premium on space. Keep tools related to turning stored there, freeing up other space for other tools.

Read the long list of Grizzly Industrial G0462 specs here :

Model Number/ NameG0462
Ideal For
Current (amps)14
Speed (rpm)600-2400
Distance between centers (in)46
Spindle thread (in)1”-8
Overall dimensions72.5 x 19 x 48
Weight (lbs)287
Other FeaturesPaddle Safety Switch

Top Features to Look For

Grizzly Industrial G0462-16" x 46" Wood Lathe with DRO

The Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe puts a new spin on modern lathes.

Traditional lathes often come with difficult to change belting systems that can be particularly troublesome for amateurs.

Combine with 14-amps of torque and a variety of flexible features, you can get greater ease of use out of your lathe.

Greater Flexibility

When performing woodturning operations, flexibility is the name of the game. The 16” swing over bed and outboard turning are a breeze.

All that you need to do is loosen the headstock and you can swivel it up to a full 180-degrees for complete flexibility.

On-the-Fly Speed Change

Changing speeds has never been easier than it is with the Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe.

The shift-on-the-fly speed control level allows for changing speeds between 600 RPM and 2,400 RPM effortlessly.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to be the most seasoned of professionals to use the Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe.

The digital readout makes selecting spindle RPM a breeze, and the forward and reverse functionality allow for smoother finishes than ever before.

Perfect for lesser experienced woodturners that don’t know the ins and outs of the lathe.


Power and Performance

Grizzly Industrial G0462-16" x 46" Wood Lathe with DRO

The 110-volt, 14-amp motor delivers more than enough torque and power to complete jobs of medium and even some larger sizes.

Capable of delivering up to 2400 RPM for a greater level of control and accuracy even on larger workpieces.

Ease of Use

The Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe delivers on ease of use.

The digital readout makes it easier than ever to select your spindle speed for optimal precision and accuracy. Even better, there is no belt system on the Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe.

It uses a shift-on-the-fly speed control lever to allow turners to shift between speeds seamlessly for greater control and accuracy during turning operations.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

The Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe also allows for easy clean up and maintenance.

A good blow off will keep the majority of wood chips and excess material out of the various components of the lathe.

The manufacturer notes that you should change out the centers and cutting tool when they begin to show dullness.

Dull tools can lead to damage to the workpiece and can even break off entirely, damaging other components of the lathe.


With each Grizzly product comes a limited two-year warranty; this comes with everything that they produce.

The warranty for the lathe protects from manufacturing or material defects. It is also worth noting that improper maintenance, use, or care can void the warranty, so be sure to exercise caution when using the lathe.

If you have any questions about the warranty for Grizzly and its line of products, check out their warranty page for more information.

Price of the Grizzly Industrial G0462

At right around $1,000, the Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe can make for a fine addition to home garages and smaller shops.

It is capable of handling medium to large woodworking jobs with greater precision and speed control.

Buyers were generally pleased with the price point feeling that it was affordable for professional settings and provides improved accuracy and control, primarily when it comes to shifting speeds during a turning operation.


Pros and cons of the Grizzly Industrial G0462

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe :


  • User Friendly
  • Quality Price
  • Good Power
  • Change-on-the-fly speed control


  • Not built to handle major woodturning operations


Who Should Buy the Grizzly Industrial G0462 ?

The Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe is a great starter lathe.

Whether it is for a garage workspace or a small professional workshop, it can create accurate and precise workpieces, mainly of medium size.

Our Recommendation

For professional settings, it might be more worthwhile to invest in a larger lathe, but for the price the Grizzly Industrial G0462 Wood Lathe is a quality lathe.

There are some cool features to it that make it far easier to use than some of the larger or older lathes on the market.


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