Grizzly Industrial G0889 Benchtop Planer Review

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In Brief: Grizzly Industrial G0889 Review

The Grizzly Industrial G0889 13” 2HP Benchtop Planer features a 2HP motor and a convenient benchtop design perfect for residential use. This machine includes and 13-inch bed and a cutter head with an adjustable height. It comes with a non-marring table and extensions so you can have the right amount of workspace every time.

The Grizzly Industrial company provides customers with high-quality equipment designed to meet a variety of project needs.

With a focus on metalworking and woodworking in residential applications, this company brings excellent products to its loyal customer base.

The Grizzly Industrial G0889 planer gives users of any skill level the chance to complete cutting jobs with professional results.

With reliable internal components and a durable outer structure, this little machine packs a heavy-duty punch.

Key Specifications of the Grizzly Industrial G0889

The Grizzly Industrial G0889 planer features a 2HP motor and a benchtop design.

It includes a 13-inch bed and comes with table extensions to give you as much or as little room as you need to complete small to medium household tasks.

Check out the Grizzly Industrial G0889 in action here – 


Read the long list of Grizzly Industrial G0889 specs below:

Model No/Name
Power (HP)
Bed Size (in.)
Table Size (l x b)
33.5 x 13
Knife Adjustments
Cutting Depth (in.)
Dust Collection
Weight (lbs.)
1 year
Other FeaturesFixed-height table
Built-in dust collection
Grab handles
Drive belt
Table extensions
Power cord

Unique Features

This planer includes a fixed-height table to reduce wobbling and a see-through chip blower to make dust collection easier than ever before.

Combined with its portable design, these features make the machine a great solution for household use.

Fixed-Height Table

The fixed-height table on this machine prevents the risk of wobbling and reduces the risk of snipe.

Instead of raising and lowering the table, you can make adjustments to the height of the cutter head to change your cutting settings.

Portable Design

Weighing just 71 pounds, this machine comes in at a much lighter weight than many of its competitors.

Additionally, it includes built-in grab handles that make it easier to pick it up and move it from place to place.

See-Through Chip Blower

This machine includes a see-through chip blower that makes it easier to be sure it does its job when removing dust from your workspace.

This chip blower works as part of the full built-in dust collection functionality of the product.


Power and Performance

This planer features a powerful 2HP motor that gives it plenty of ability to handle most household jobs.

Although it may not provide enough power for regular commercial use, it keeps up well with home hobbyists and DIY projects.

Thanks to this machine’s high-quality inner components and durable outer structure, it performs admirably as well.

It keeps up with competitors and includes simple features designed to improve its functionality for users of any skill level.

Ease of Usage

The machine includes a simple hand crank design and easy adjustments. You can make changes while you work and keep an eye on the depth of your cuts without having to take your eyes off of your work.

Because it does not include a lot of extra bells and whistles, the machine provides exceptional ease of usage for beginners.

More experienced users enjoy working with this product because it makes precision cuts easier than ever before.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers in need of replacement parts can check the parts lookup page on the Grizzly Industrial company’s web site.

This page allows you to input the model number or part number you need and find the right item in no time.

Vacuum the machine regularly to remove dust and debris. Use a dry cloth to remove dust from the outside of the product as well.

Check for loose or misaligned parts as well as damage or wear frequently. Never operate this machine without replacing damaged or worn components.

This product receives a one-year limited warranty from the Grizzly Industrial company.

This warranty covers the repair or replacement of products damaged due to manufacturing error or shipping error. It does not cover consumables or items that wear out with normal use.

This warranty also excludes issues caused by misuse or other customer errors. Additionally, the warranty becomes void if you open the machine yourself or take it to a third-party repair technician.

You can register the warranty online.

For more information, call Grizzly Industrial at 1-800-523-4777.

Price of the Grizzly Industrial G0889

The Grizzly Industrial G0889 planer features simple controls and easy operations. It comes with table extensions and features a durable construction as well as a unique cutter head adjustment option.

Since it does not include a lot of extras and comes from a lesser-known brand name, this product remains at the low end of the benchtop planer price range. Customers generally feel it provides a lot of value for its price.


Pros and Cons of the Grizzly Industrial G0889


  • Non-marring table keeps your results professional
  • Dust collection port ensures your workspace remains clean and safe
  • Easy adjustments make this machine ideal for beginners
  • Lightweight design increases portability


  • Hand crank features plastic construction
  • Some customers had trouble changing the blades on this machine


Who Should Buy the Grizzly Industrial G0889?

The Grizzly Industrial G0889 planer works well for home hobbyists and DIYers who do not plan to use it every day.

It performs well as a high-quality home planer and handles a variety of wood types and conditions with ease.

This machine does not find its place among most commercial setups, but it fits well into home garages and workshops.

Customers enjoy using this machine regardless of skill or experience and find it an accessible entry-level planer.

Our Recommendation

The Grizzly Industrial G0889 planer offers something for everyone.

With precision controls, easy adjustments, and lightweight design, it makes a great addition to many home hobbyist setups and helps residential customers create the results they want every time.

We recommend this machine for beginners who want an easy planer to work with for household tasks. We also recommend it for intermediate users who understand how to use a planer but want to fine-tune their skills.

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