Hobart – 500553 Handler 210 MVP Review

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In Brief: Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review

Backed by the customer satisfaction and quality assurance of the Hobart company, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder provides plenty of power for light to moderate welding jobs. This product ensures beginning welders can improve their skills and experienced users can complete jobs more efficiently thanks to its convenient built-in features.

The Hobart company began in 1917 and continues to produce impressive welding equipment and parts today. These items come backed by the Hobart company’s commitment to their products and their attention to customer needs and desires.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder incorporates the Hobart company’s high-quality products with the convenience of a portable welder.

This product makes welding simple for beginners and provides enough challenges to keep experienced users satisfied too.

Key Specifications of the Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP

Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder - Empower Your Welding with Precision and Power Small

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP brings the power of MIG and flux core welding to on-the-go jobs.

With this welder’s portable, lightweight design, mild steel welding becomes easy for beginners and convenient for hobbyists and professionals of any skill level.

Take a look at the Hobart Handler 210 MVP in action here:


Check out the long list of Hobart Handler 210 MVP specs here:

MIG, flux core
Input Voltage
Input Hz
Rated Output
115V, 90A @ 20%
230V, 150A @ 30%
Max Open Circuit Voltage
34 VDC
Wire Feed Speed
40ipm 770ipm
10.625in. w x 12.375in. h x 19.5in. l
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesSelf-resetting thermal overload
Built-in contactor
Dual-voltage capability
Spool gun ready
Infinite wire feed speed control
AccessoriesGun with 10ft. cable
10ft. work cable and clamp
Spool hub assembly
Gas valve, regulator and hose
Contact tips
Power cord with two plug options

Unique Features

With several beneficial features to make each project smooth and efficient, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder provides hobbyists and professionals with plenty of settings to try.

Self-Resetting Thermal Overload

The built-in self-resetting thermal overload feature keeps the device from overheating to the point of damage.

When it becomes too hot, the welder shuts down and prevents internal damage while stopping your circuit breaker from tripping, too.

Dual-Voltage Capability

The welder’s dual-voltage capability makes it easy to use this product with two different voltage options.

This feature gives you the power you’re looking for to complete a variety of projects.

Spool Gun Ready

If mild steel does not provide enough welding options for you, upgrade the welder with a spool gun.

The machine comes ready to accept a spool gun attachment out of the box, so you only need to buy one and hook it up to use it right away.

Infinite Wire Feed Speed Control

The welder’s infinite wire feed speed control allows users to carefully change and adjust the settings on the machine as needed.

With more precise controls, weld quality improves, and projects feature even better outcomes.

Built-In Contactor

The contactor design for this welder prevents the wire from heating up until you pull the trigger on the gun. This feature cuts down on the risk of accidents while welding.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder provides an excellent performance capability combined with a durable, portable design.


With two different voltage input options, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP performs the way you need it to, no matter what you might work on. T

his welder comes with several functions to help fine-tune its performance too.

The welder includes a Quick Change drive roll to improve its efficiency.

Combined with its precision controls and its additional safety features, this design encourages users of all skill levels to challenge themselves with new and exciting projects.

The inner workings and components of this welder hold up to plenty of use and continue to perform beautifully even after frequent work.

Ease of Transportation

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP falls into the portable welder category. However, it comes in at a higher weight than many of its competitors.

This weight partly comes from the many internal parts that make up the machine, as well as from the external peripherals included.

Despite its heavier size, many customers enjoy using it for traveling welding jobs anyway.


Welding Quality and Available Options

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP features a smooth arc with easy controls and precision adjustments. Customers regularly enjoy high-quality welds that exceed their expectations with the help of this welder.

Beginners find this welder efficient and user-friendly, while experienced hobbyists enjoy the professional finish of its weld quality.

On mild steel, the welder creates beautiful finishes. With the spool gun option, it offers the same for aluminum.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder comes in only one option. However, upgrades include the following:

  • Hobart SpoolRunner 100 Spool Gun: This gun makes aluminum welding much easier and improves the results of light material welding jobs.
  • Running Gear: Set up this welder with running gear to make transportation even easier around your job sites, garage, or shop.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

For replacement parts, use the Hobart company’s simple serial number lookup function on their web site. This feature allows customers to search their products and find the right matching items for most repairs.

Customers should not perform in-depth repairs on the Hobart Handler 210. Licensed and professional technicians should handle these types of repairs.

Every six months customers should clean the drive rolls and vacuum inside the unit to remove dust and dirt. Every three months the unit requires a thorough check of cables, cords, labels, and all welding gear.

Additionally, every three months the weld terminals require cleaning and tightening.

Hobart products feature the company’s 5/3/1 warranty.

This warranty includes 5 years of parts and labor for reactors, stabilizers, and rectifiers, plus three years of parts and labor for drive systems, pc boards, rotors, switches, and controls.

The warranty also covers guns, torches, accessories, running gear, and spool guns for 1 year.

For more information or warranty questions, contact the Hobart company at 1-800-332-3281.

Check out the User Manual.


Can you use the Hobart Handler 210 MVP to perform TIG welding?

No. This welder does not include a TIG welding torch and cannot function with TIG welding capabilities.

What size contact tips does the Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder support?

This welder works with .023, .025, .030, .035, and .040 contact tips. It comes with .030 tips.

Can you use the Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder with and without gas?

Yes. You can weld with gas as well as use flux core wire without gas.

Can you use a 10-pound wire spool with the Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder?

Yes. It is possible to put a 10-pound spool of wire on this welder.

Price of the Hobart Handler 210 MVP

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP comes in at a higher price than many of its competitors.

Although it only offers MIG and flux core capabilities out of the box and requires a paid upgrade to use a spool gun, this machine still costs more than many other dual-use portable welders.

Despite its higher price, customers feel the quality of the product makes up for the cost by adding plenty of value.

The welder lasts a long time and functions beautifully regardless of skill level. Its accessibility and longevity make it worth the price to many.


Who Should Buy the Hobart Handler 210 MVP?

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder works well for professional shop welders in need of a portable solution for on-site jobs.

Thanks to its durable design and built-in handle, this welder travels surprisingly easily and provides quality welds for light and moderate jobs.

Anyone interested in welding mild steel can enjoy the simple but efficient features included on this welder.

With the spool gun upgrade, users can also work with aluminum with no trouble.

This welder meets the needs of most professionals and experienced hobbyists. However, it can be a beneficial addition for beginners looking to learn more about how to perform MIG and flux core welding, too.

Our Recommendation

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder combines beginner-friendly features with an efficient and convenient design perfect for professional use. With a portable style and high performance, this welder completes projects successfully.

We recommend this welder for customers who need a portable solution for use in their professional welding shops.

We also recommend it for beginners and intermediate users who want to learn how to perform MIG welding before branching out into other skills.


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