Hobart 770753 Pro Auto-darkening Welding Helmet Review

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In Brief: Hobart 770753 Pro Review

Backed by the impressive quality of the Hobart product line, the Hobart 770753 Pro auto-darkening welding helmet offers safety and visibility for any welding task. This helmet comes with four built-in arc sensors and an auto-on/off function for convenience. It features the ability to take a cheater lens and includes a durable adjustable internal headgear.

At the forefront of the welding industry, the Hobart company provides exceptional quality products and innovative designs.

This company manufactures welders, plasma cutters, accessories, and helmets for both residential and industrial use.

The Hobart 770753 Pro helmet combines the quality of the Hobart company’s products with the convenience of an auto-darkening welding helmet. The result makes welding safer and easier for users of any skill level.

Key Specifications of the Hobart 770753 Pro

Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Auto-Dark Helmet

The Hobart 770753 Pro helmet provides all-around coverage and safety with a large viewing window. The helmet includes a built-in grind mode as well as the option to install a cheater lens so you can weld the way you need to.

Check out the Hobart 770753 Pro in action here –


Read the long list of Hobart 770753 Pro specs below:

Auto-Darkening Helmet
Viewing Field
3.82 x 2.36in.
Darkened State Shade
Light State Shade#3
Operating Modes
Weld and Grind
Switching Speed
1/30,000 second
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesLarge viewing area
Multiple arc sensors
Adjustable headgear
Accessories2 batteries
Magnifying lens
Lens kit

Unique Features

With four arc sensors that operate individually and a comfortable, adjustable internal headgear setup, the Hobart 770753 Pro helmet keeps users safe and makes welding more convenient.

Multiple Arc Sensors

With four arc sensors on the front of the helmet, you can rest assured that this product always detects arcs.

These sensors function individually to pick up arc lighting and trigger the auto-darkening function reliably.

Large Viewing Area

The helmet includes a 9-square-inch viewing area to provide enough visibility for safety and convenience both.

Grind Mode

When you need to grind, set the lens to grind mode to prevent it from darkening until you change the setting once again.

Cheater Lens Ready

Although this helmet excludes a cheater lens in the package, it comes ready to accept this type of lens if you choose to install one.

Adjustable Headgear

The built-in headgear inside this helmet provides plenty of adjustability to fit any adult head sizes. It makes wearing the helmet comfortable even for long periods.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The Hobart 770753 Pro helmet provides convenient portability and quality performance that lives up to the Hobart brand name.


Customers report satisfaction with the overall performance of this helmet.

The helmet provides plenty of protection and safety while ensuring optimum visibility throughout your welding projects.

The helmet provides a durable design that holds up to years of use when maintained correctly.

The included glass lens resists scratching when cleaned properly and stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Some customers have issues with the helmet’s battery wearing out quickly, but this problem remains uncommon.

Ease of Transportation

This auto-darkening helmet offers a convenient, light design perfect for transporting as well as wearing.

Made of lightweight but durable plastic, it prevents neck strain and ensures longer use without pain or discomfort.

The helmet’s light materials do not sacrifice any quality, and it offers a built-to-last design from the internal headgear to the external shell and lens.


Quality and Available Options

Customers enjoy working with this helmet due to its impressive visibility.

The glass remains clear even after long-term use and the spacious viewing window makes welding more convenient.

The auto-darkening feature activates quickly when switched on, and the helmet makes it easy to turn off this function when needed too.

Even customers with vision concerns report satisfaction with the overall quality of this product.

Although they are both the same in terms of features, the Hobart 770753 Pro auto-darkening welding helmet comes in two aesthetic options:

  • Black: This version of the helmet features an all-over solid black style with an orange Hobart logo on the forehead.
  • Decomposition: This version of the helmet features a large skull graphic in black and white with orange flames in the background.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Repairing or replacing most of the working parts of the Hobart 770753 Pro helmet remains easy enough for many customers. This process does not come with many risks, and most parts provide easy access.

The Hobart company web site offers replacement headgear, screens, magnifying lenses, passive lenses, and variable shade lenses.

The company does not offer replacement solar batteries. The battery requires servicing by a professional technician.

Because the inside of the helmet contains electronic components, refrain from cleaning with water if possible. Use compressed air to gently blow dust and debris from the lens without wiping it.

Use warm water with a drop or two of mild detergent to clean the rest of the helmet. Take care not to let water drip into the interior where it could reach the electrical components.

The Hobart company’s 5/3/1 warranty covers one year of parts and labor for this helmet.

The warranty covers repair or replacement for any damage or malfunctioning that occurs because of a problem with the helmet during this time. It excludes damage caused by user error.

The warranty also covers all batteries for six months. If the battery fails during this time, the Hobart company will send a replacement battery.

Contact the Hobart company for more warranty information at 1-800-332-3281.


What is clarity rating on the Hobart 770753 Pro helmet?

This helmet provides an optical clarity rating of 1112.

Does the Hobart 770753 Pro helmet come with a storage bag?

Yes. The helmet includes a carrying and storage bag with a drawstring design made of fabric.

Can the Hobart 770753 Pro helmet work outdoors as well as indoors?

Yes. This helmet works both outside and inside by adjusting the manual sensitivity options.

Can the Hobart 770753 Pro helmet work for all welding methods?

Yes. This helmet functions for any welding process, including TIG, MIG, flux core, and stick welding.

Price of the Hobart 770753 Pro

With many included features and multiple functions, the Hobart 770753 Pro auto-darkening welding helmet comes in at a mid-range price.

This price remains higher than some competitors and lower than some others.

Because the helmet comes from the Hobart company and includes high-quality materials and features, the price reflects the value of the product.

Customers feel the helmet offers enough to make it well worth the cost.

The helmet may seem expensive for beginners in need of an entry-level welding safety helmet. However, more advanced welders feel this auto-darkening helmet offers a reasonable price.


Who Should Buy the Hobart 770753 Pro?

The Hobart 770753 Pro auto-darkening welding helmet keeps welders of any skill level safe regardless of the welding process used.

The helmet works for both residential and industrial settings and makes it easy to adjust as needed for different applications.

The helmet’s price makes it less suitable for beginning welders or anyone unsure of their future in welding.

However, customers who weld regularly and need a helmet to protect their vision from long-term exposure to arcs enjoy using this comfortable product.

This helmet includes a headgear attachment that provides easy adjustments to fit a variety of head sizes. The product works for almost any welding situation and almost any adult who needs to wear it.

Our Recommendation

The Hobart 770753 Pro welding helmet comes packed with plenty of features for advanced welders to enjoy.

It also makes adjustments simple for less experienced welders and provides safety and visibility for anyone who uses it.

We recommend this welding helmet for almost any welder in both commercial and residential settings.

The helmet meets or exceeds safety standards and keeps users comfortable for long-term welding projects.


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