Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-propelled Gas Lawnmower Review

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In Brief: Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-IN-1 Variable Speed Self-propelled Gas Lawnmower Review

In as much as it’s impressive with an all-round performance, it has its failings too. In order to make an informed decision, we are going to go through the ins and outs of this lawnmower to find out what it has on offer.

The self-propelled Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-IN-1 lawn mower delivers a self-drive variable speed of 0-4 mph and allows Mulch, Bag, and Discharge.

The machine comes with dual micro-cut blades, and no tools or attachments are needed. There’s no doubt that this equipment manufactured by the Honda Company has a stronger build so that it will last longer.

Key Specifications of the Honda HRR216K9VKA

The Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-IN-1 comes with enabled dual-lever height adjustments in a user-friendly system for both the rear and front levers, where you can adjust it to 7 different heights.

Although a thumb controlled machine is relatively awkward, it’s impossible to deny how smooth it is to control. At a single command, you will ratchet its speed up to 4mph top speed. It decelerates at a similar rate and comes to a standstill on command.

The 41-inch handle is long enough and easy to use for all operators, whether tall or short. Its handle effectively counters vigorous vibrations with foam-soft grips that are comfortable all the way.

Check out this demonstration video to get a clearer picture of how it operates:


Key specs ->

Automatic 5-Speed Smart Drive
Cutting Width
21 Inches
Power Type
Engine Displacement (cc)
Front Wheels Size (in.)
Rear Wheels Size(in.)
Cutting Style
Self-propelled Twin-Blade system
Cutting Height Options
Deck Material
16 Gauge Steel
Start Type
Pull Cord

Unique Features

Some distinctive features the HRR offers you include:


Comparing it to other models such as Honda’s HRX model, this is by far the best self-propelled mowing machine you will get out there. Starting this machine is an altogether straightforward job, using a laid back pull-cord mechanism.

The self-propulsion is so crisp that while mowing, it’s possible to run behind it as it completes the task.

The 160cc GCV engine enables the machine to move up to a speed of 4mph while providing the most delicate cuttings you could desire.

What’s more interesting is that with just a command, you can bring it into an instantaneous stop at the press of a button located on its elongated handles.

Fine Cuttings

The HRR might not be the best machine out there, providing the finest cuts, but not many brands are ahead of its combined effort of the Micro-Cut twin blades.

They provide precision cuts with neat trimming of grass from start to finish, ensuring a quality cut each and every time.

This machine comes with 7-different cutting adjustments to ensure perfect mowing up to a four-inch cutting height. Available are three alternatives for dispensing offcuts, providing a seamless discharge through the side chute.


Power, Design, and Durability


Power in their machines is one factor the Honda Company never disappoints in.

With the HRR Self-propelled Variable Speed Gas Lawnmower, you get a GCV engine with a 160cc displacement, powerful enough to get the job done, for as long as you need it done.

Its robust design provides a variable speed control that allows runs from 1-4mph with no gears for smooth maneuverability.

The engine is a 4-cycle model that is gasoline-powered and doesn’t need you to mix oil with gas as with many other motors.


This lawnmower comes fully assembled. You only need to assemble the bag and get going.

It comes in a two-lever design, with one controlling the front wheels and one for the rear wheels, allowing use in different terrains as they come.

The new model comes with a longer oil line for the GCV engine, making oil changes more manageable.

Control is better for this mowing machine, thanks to the rear-wheel-drive design, which provides better control when needed. It’s better to operate in hills with this rolling design.


You will love how sturdy this machine is, with its compact steel design, long handlebars, and strengthened-plastic wheels.

You can employ fuel stabilizers for the engine to elongate its lifespan as desired. This subsequently prolongs the life of your mower.

Cut Quality and Available Options

Manufacturers designing four-wheel height controls need to look up to this six-option design. If you want to be versatile with your grass cuttings, the Honda HRR is what you’re going to need.

You have up to 7 cutting height positions to choose from while trimming your yard. This ensures the forward motion of your mower is as simplified as it can be.

It also gives you the freedom to choose the ideal length of the grass you want to cut.

The twin blade system ensures the finest cuts and precise trims for any type of grass you are cutting. Clippings also break faster while mulching, thanks to the three available options for this job.

They provide extra fine offcuts that are stored in a 2.4-bushel bag within the machine.

Performance and Ease of Use

Looking at the HRR, it comes with a traditional auto-start pull cord plus an auto-choke system that eliminates the need for manual choking. Its transmission is efficient, with a 5-Speed Smart Drive that’s self-propelling, reaching 4 mph.

The HRR is, however, a rather noisy beast, with a noise level of up to 98dB. This won’t be so friendly in a quiet neighborhood. You may need to spend a few extra bucks on ear protection.

For this lawnmower, you revel on a 41-inch long handle with adjustable positions for different heights.

The 84lb makes it a relatively heavy mower, but pushing it around and maneuverability, aided by the automatic self-drive, is extremely easy and with no stiffness.

The pull cord proves easy to use, with just a single pull reviving the machine into a roar from a cold start. It can, however, at times, give a stubborn start, with up to 5 or 6 yanks before it roars to life.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

All gas-powered lawnmowers demand a fair share of upkeep if they are to keep operating at an optimal state and for lengthy periods. This includes keeping the oil and fuel fresh, changing the spark plugs, and maintaining the blades.

The cutting blades need sharpening at least once before the start of a prime mowing season, and once more amid the season.

You also need to sharpen the blades before storing your mower for winter. Spark plugs need replacing within the start of every run year.

You should change the engine oil after the debut five working hours when the machine is new. Afterward, the manufacturer’s guidelines should apply.


As it is with all Honda products, the HRR Lawn Mower is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty that sufficiently addresses any repairs and replacements as per the guidelines in the manual.

To acquire the warranty, contact the manufacturer via these details:

Telephone: (770) 497-6400
Email: [email protected].

Price of Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-IN-1 Gas propelled Lawn Mower

We strongly recommend the HRR, as compared to the immediate competitor, Honda HRX. You will however, have to splurge extra dollars for the self-propelled HRR model, but it’s worth the value.

Honda’s culture of enduring performance and high durability gives the HRR an advantage over comparably similar sized and competing models with almost identical features and specs.


Who Should Buy the Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-IN-1 Lawn Mower?

Gas-powered lawn mowers are subsequently better preferred for larger yards compared to electric mowers.

The Honda HRR brand model is heavyweight and has a sturdy steel build that gives the machine the ability to withstand any beating rained down upon it by tough terrains.

If you have a big yard with rugged terrain, this model is for you. Its small wheels might not be the best option for a mower for yards on hills.

With the HRR, however, maneuverability is laid back, thanks to the large back wheels. And with adjustable heights for both rear and front wheels, and long handles that easily allow you to fight against gravity.

It’s suitable for up to 4-inch long grass. The Honda HRR is perfect for mulching and bagging your yard.

Why We Like It

Looking at the performance it offers, durability, and ease of use, this lawnmower is all you need for all yard maintenance jobs.

It perfects mulching and bagging while providing powerful cuts with meticulous precision. You will love how the machine moves around ruggedly kept yards, easy handling, and not forgetting how cheap it is to maintain it.


The mower is noisy and has occasional rough stubborn starting, regardless of the auto-choke. Its small wheels don’t do so well on hills, and it lacks a deck wash port.


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