Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower Review

Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower is an ideal lawn mower for anyone looking for an automatic and capable grass cutter. It comes with triple programmable cutting patterns, seasonal programming, and customized starting points for easy initiation, among other incredible features for a robotic lawnmower.

Honda is a multinational conglomerate corporation that has earned a good reputation in the manufacturing of motorcycles, automobiles, and power equipment.

The company was founded in 1948 and has grown to a worldwide distributor. Their equipment serves most countries in the world.

Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower is an easy-to-use machine that helps in-home cleaning management—equipped with a floating and a 360 degrees sensor that allows it to achieve a uniform cut as per your preferences.

Key Specifications of Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower

Honda has tirelessly worked on robotics. This model is one of the greatest innovations of the company. It is built with a reliable quality with an extended-lasting guarantee.

Among other factors, this lawnmower is safe and secure. Its floating deck and an all-around 360 degrees sensor help the mower detect any obstacle on its path.

If any object is detected on its path, it will turn automatically and follow a different way, all the while maintaining the right cutting height and pattern.

When it comes to safety, Honda equipped it with an anti-theft alarm that initiates the moment someone tries to pick it up. It will also lock itself up and can only be unlocked once you key in your custom code.

It is a robot with class that uses an in-built timer, microcomputer, and sensors to provide you with precise automated grass cutting without you having to monitor it.

Watch this demonstration video for more information about how it operates:


Key Specifications –

Cutting Width
22 cm
Power Type
Lithium-ion battery
Cutting style
Cut to edge
Weight 11.9 kg
Cutting heights
Two years
Cutting options

Unique Features

This lawnmower comes with some great features that differentiate it from other robotic lawnmowers in the market. They include:

Anti-theft security system

Honda Miimo is compact and easy to use. Once you put the machine in your lawn, it will calculate your yard’s measurement and the time taken to mow the entire garden.

It works unsupervised, leaving you to attend to other chores. To keep it from being stolen, it comes with an anti-theft security system. In case anyone picks it up from the ground, it initiates the alarm and locks itself.

3 Programmable cutting patterns

This lawnmower comes with triple cutting patterns that switch to match your lawn characteristics. It’s designed to cut the grass in a tight spiral pattern for a healthy and uniform cut.

You can choose any cutting pattern that suits your preferences. In addition to this feature, there is a supplement seasonal program setting that allows you to set how the mower will operate based on how fast your grass regrows.

The three patterns do give your yard uniform and carpet-like finishes.

Power, Design, and Durability

Before settling on a lawnmower, it is essential to consider how powerful the mower is, its design, and its durability. Let’s take a look at each of those aspects in the Honda Miimo robot mower.


Power is one of the most critical factors I look at when selecting a lawnmower. I have a sloped lawn, and I needed something that will handle the steep regions effectively.

This unit has slope management of 24 degrees or 45 percent, giving you a steep incline while maintaining the cutting height.

The powerful lithium-ion battery can power the mower for an extended time of up to 90 minutes.

However, in case it’s almost draining before the mowing is complete, it returns to the base for recharging, which takes up to 30 minutes till full charge. It later resumes the cutting from the last stop.


Honda Miimo is fully customized to the owners’ lifestyle and yard. It provides you with quiet operation and full performance. This act maintains a productive manicured yard every day.

You can attend to other chores as the mower does its work.

It is equipped with a 4 step set up process which maps the size of your lawn, creating a mowing calendar as per the growing rate of your grass.

Once you set it up entirely, using it is easier since you only need to monitor its performance.

This mower has a quiet operation. It produces a minimal noise level that you don’t even notice when running. Day and night programmable modes help you choose the right time to mow your lawn.


How durable a lawnmower will serve you is very important. There is little maintenance required for this lawnmower.

This mower has served me faithfully. Since I purchased it, I have encountered nothing that negatively affects its durability.

Honda Miimo offers excellent maneuverability both during the day and at night. Its obstacle sensor helps it to change direction once to avoid collisions.

Cut Quality and Available Options

With this model, you can easily adjust its cutting heights from 0.8 to 2.4 inches using a turning knob.

Most of these robotic mowers are designed to make small but precise cuts. This is no exception to Honda Miimo. Its blades are built to last and feature three cutting options.

The combination of the two helps you to achieve the visual appeal of your yard.

It as well creates an elegant and precise thatch that reintegrates into upper turf layers. The machine will calculate how much cutting it needs to do based on the size of your lawn, thus saving you the trouble.

Performance and Ease of Use

The performance of this lawnmower is described as smooth, simple, and useful. There is less required from you when it comes to robotic mowers.

Once you have set the cutting heights and other relevant settings, the mower does the rest.

The machine is fully customizable and intelligent in that it handles flower beds, trees, water features, and even buildings with ease.

In case it detects any tilting or lifting, it automatically stops the blades. These features keep your mower safe each time it is working on your lawn.

It performs a continuous 90 minutes cutting on each charge. The mower automatically evaluates and detects when the battery is draining and returns to recharge. This takes up to 30 minutes.

Ease of maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

If you are looking for an easy to use and maintain robotic lawnmower, this might be the right choice for you. It has little to no maintenance for as much as you use it correctly and with care.

However, you need to replace the blades from time to time. The blades replaced should be sharp enough so that it does not affect the efficiency of the mower. Also, ensure that its charge base always has enough power.

Another essential thing to consider is keeping the charging base somewhere safe free from rain, falling leaves, and twigs.


For the Honda Miimo lawnmower, you get two years of free repair in case the mower is damaged or fails within this period.

Honda has a high guarantee and confidence in their products. They are liable for any cost of repairs incurred within two years.

In case you encounter problems, reach their service center at 770-497-6400.

You can also send them mail to:

American Honda Power Equipment Division,
4900 Marconi Dr.
Alpharetta, GA 30005-8847.
Website: Honda Power Equipment

Price of Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower

Budget wise this robotic lawnmower is cost-effective when compared to similar products in the market. It has excellent features that help you achieve an appealing view of your lawn, all of which cannot be compared to its cost.

Who Should Buy It?

This lawnmower brings you the best of technology and innovation of lawnmowers. There are lots of great features that make it a great choice to go for.

It is suitable for individuals who have busy schedules and need an efficient partner to help them keep their yards looking neat.

Why We Like It

In conclusion, Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower is a great machine that you should consider investing in.

Its features like seasonal programming, bump, lift and tilts sensors, and an anti-theft security system brings you a competent and reliable robotic lawnmower.


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