Hougen HMD904 Magnetic Drill Press Review

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In Brief: Hougen HMD904 Review

Hougen HMD904 is a magnetic drill with a hidden motor cord and ergonomic housing. It has a 8amps, 115V motor that delivers a speed of 450RPM. It is suitable for different drilling applications on various materials specifically metals. It is also suitable for jobsite contractors and professionals in various fields.

Hougen is one of the top-rated manufacturing companies that specialize in the production of magnetic drills, annular cutters, hole punchers, and other accessories.

The HMD904 is one of the power tools from this manufacturer. It is a magnetic drill press with a lot of technical features. The tool is suitable for different users and can successfully drill through different metals.

Key Specifications of Hougen HMD904

Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill

The HMD904 is a corded magnetic drill press with a powerful 8amp, 115V motor that offers about 920W of power to provide powerful drilling.

The motor delivers a bit speed of 450RPM for effective drilling. It has a dimension of 18” x 7-3/4” x 11-5/8” and weighs about 33lbs which makes it compact and portable.

This magnetic drill press model has a hole capacity diameter of 7/16”-1-1/2” and a maximum cutting depth of 2”. Its cutter type is the 12000-series and copperhead with a ¾” shank. Its base dimension is 3-1/8” x 6-9/16”.

The video below shows Hougen HMD904 magnetic drill in use: 


Model No
Motor Details
115V, 8amp
Power (W)
Speed RPM
Chuck Capacity (in)
Drilling Capacity (in)
Hole capacity diameter (in)
Height (in)
Weight (lbs)
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
2 years
Other FeaturesErgonomic housing
Magnetic feature
Hidden motor cord

Top Features

This drill press model has specific features that contribute to its efficiency and performance. Here are some unique features of the HMD904.

Magnetic Drill

The HMD904 is a drill press equipped with electromagnets or a permanent magnet base useful in making holes in materials.

It can also perform functions like twist drilling, reaming, thread cutting, and countersinking.

Hidden Motor Cord

Another unique feature of the HMD904 is its hidden motor cord. Unlike other corded electric drill presses, the HMD904 does not have its motor cord outside; instead, the cord is well hidden.

One of the advantages of this feature is that it prevents the user from tripping due to exposed cords.

It also protects the cord from damage, unlike exposed cords that get easily damaged.

Ergonomic Housing

The HMD904 features an ergonomic housing that protects the electrical and mechanical parts of the drill press.

The ergonomic housing also helps the user get reasonable control of the drill press.


Power and Performance

Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill

The HMD904 exhibits top-notch performance with the aid of its classic functional components. The 8amp motor of the drill press constitutes significantly to its performance by ensuring powerful drilling.

The motor also provides a drill speed of 450RPM that ensures quick drilling through several materials.

The motor provides a power of over 900watts that ensures constant powering of the drill. The motor has a twist drill capacity of 1/2” that displays its powerful drilling ability.

It ensures a depth cut of 2” on materials irrespective of the material’s toughness.

The HMD904 has copperhead carbide cutters and high-speed steel that are suitable for different drilling depths and sizes.

This magnetic drill press makes it very suitable for fabrication, twist drilling, thread cutting, reaming, etc.

The drill press has a slot drive Arbor with a positive ejection slug for high performance and efficiency.

Ease of Usage

An essential factor of the right product, especially technical products, is its ease of usage. The HMD904 gets rid of every complication and provide simple, easy-to-use features to ensure ease of usage of the operators.,

It has a pilot work light that illuminates the working area in a dimly lit room with low light conditions.

It also helps ensure accuracy when drilling holes into materials. The drill press has an ergonomic housing that protects the tool and ensures that the user has absolute control of the drill.

It has a lower overall height that allows the user to operate it without stress. It also has several working systems that ensure its ease of usage.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures of Hougen HMD904 include;

  • Always replace worn out parts and tighten the fasteners regularly.
  • Always lubricate the needed parts and joints of the drill press.
  • Always clean after every use.
  • Repair

Repairing your HMD904 only requires you to visit any authorized Hougen service center because there is a provided repair offer covering every product purchased and registered under Hougen.

Getting the product registered is all you have to do to enjoy the offer.


The warranty offers for HMD904 include;

  • 2-years warranty
  • Free repair offer
  • 90-day warranty offer

The warranty is void if the product gets damaged due to misuse, mishandling, or defects caused by the user. The warranty gives the user specific legal rights concerning the product.

There is more information on the warranty offer of HMD904 at https://www.hougen.com/mag_drills/warranty/warranty.html or contact 800-426-7818, 810) 635-7111. You can also register your HMD904 at https://www.hougen.com/register/index.html.

Price of Hougen HMD904

The HMD904 is quite expensive, but it is highly efficient for carrying out several drilling activities.

Therefore, the drill press offers high efficiency and quality for its price. The HMD904 has a lot of unique features that make it worthy for buyer with high budgets.


Pros and Cons of Hougen HMD904


  • Work light that improves visibility
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Rigid and compact structure
  • Highly flexible and adjustable
  • Lightweight


  • It is quite expensive
  • Non-variable motor speed


Who Should Buy Hougen HMD904?

The HMD904 is very efficient and easy to operate, making it the right choice for drilling tough materials.

Its efficiency and functionality make it suitable for professionals in different fields, including woodworking and metalworking.

It is also suitable for inexperienced users, homeowners, Jobsite contractors, woodworkers, field workers, and other DIY enthusiasts because of its versatility and easy-to-use features.

Our Recommendation

The HMD904 is a very recommendable drill press model especially for users that work on metals.

Based on its top-notch qualities and features, it is perfect for several drilling applications and the right choice for buyers with high budget.

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