Hougen HMD904S Magnetic Drill Fabricator’s Kit Review

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In Brief: Hougen HMD904S Review

Hougen HMD904S is an impressive drill press with swivel base and slot drive arbor features. It has a drilling diameter between 7/16″-1-1/2″ and a drilling depth of 2″. It has a no-load speed of 450RPM. Hougen HMD904S is suitable for various metal drilling applications. The drill press is useful for professionals in various crafts.

Hougen earned their reputation through their commitment to manufacturing well-structured and high performing hole making tools.

They offer a valuable solution for various drilling operations in different crafts.

Hougen HMD904S is an improved version of Hougen HMD904. It is an efficient magnetic drill press with various impressive features that optimizes its performance.

Key Specifications of Hougen HMD904S

Hougen HMD904S 115-Volt Swivel Base Magnetic Drill

Houngan HMD904S confer a high level of performance on the power tool. It has an impressive motor of 8A, 920W (115V), that delivers a speed of 450RPM.

It has a drilling diameter between the range of 7/16-1-1/2″ and a drilling depth of 2,” making it suitable for various professional applications.

The magnetic drill press model weighs 33lbs with an overall dimension of 18″ H x 7-3/4″ W x 11-5/8″ L.

Hougen HMD904S has a twist drill capacity of ½” w/ drill chuck and a tapping capacity of ½” w/ tapping unit.

The video below shows Hougen HMD904S in use: 


Model No
Motor Details
115V, 8amp
Power (Watts)
Speed (RPM)
Chuck Capacity (inches)
Drilling Capacity (inches)
Swivel Area (inches)
1-1/8” W x 1-3/8” L
Drilling Diameter (inches)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
2 years
Other FeaturesSafety switch
Swivel Base
Slot Drive arbor

Top Features

Hougen HMD904S is equipped with several top features that make it different from the previous model.

These features also contribute to the performance of Hougen HMD904S; thus, making it one of the best in its category.

Safety Switch

Hougen HMD904S includes a safety switch that allows you to have total control over your power tool.

This switch allows you to easily switch off or on your tool; thus, improving your safety by preventing accidental start-ups.

Swivel Base

The swivel base of the Hougen HMD904S adds versatility to the tool. It precisely aligns your pilot with the holes’ central location.

Slot Drive Arbor

The slot drive arbor of Hougen HMD904S improves its precision and accuracy of this drill press model by making it easy for you to make quick and accurate changes to the accessories.

This feature also improves its ease of usage and versatility.


Power and Performance

The power of the Hougen HMD904S gives it the ability to drill efficiently through various metals. It has an electrical system of 115V, 50/60Hz, 9amp, 1035W that efficiently powers the tool.

Hougen HMD904S also includes a motor set up of 8A, 920W that delivers an ample torque and power on the drill press.

This model’s electrical system and power deliver a no-load speed of 450RPM, which is one of the best in this category.

Hougen HMD904S can make drills up to 2″ deep and diameter between 7/16″ to 1-1/2″ for optimum performance.

It includes a twist drill capacity of ½” w/ drill chuck and a similar tapping capacity of w/ tapping unit. The swivel magnet supports 1340lb deadlift for its 1″ plate and 1015lb for its 3/8″ plate.

Ease of Usage

Hougen HMD904S 115-Volt Swivel Base Magnetic Drill

Hougen HMD904S is one of the few magnetic drills that you can confidently recommend for beginners and professionals alike because of its ease of usage.

It has a swivel area of 1-1/8″ W x 1-3/8″ L that provides enough area for extensive applications.

It includes a slot drive arbor that improves its accuracy and allows faster changes of accessories. The entire build-up of this drill press model is quite ergonomic, thus improving its durability.

The one-stroke locks and unlock handle makes it easy to control the drill press. Similarly, it has feed handles that allow you to change the tool from side to side quickly.

Hougen HMD904S features a swivel base that adds versatility and precision to your drills. It includes a pilot light that allows you to work in areas with low lightning while also improving drilling precision.

It has a two-stage magnet that only reaches maximum power when the tool is turned on; thus, increasing the magnet life of the drill press.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures of Hougen HMD904S include;

  • Ensure regular inspection of your tool before and after use
  • Keep the tool away from moisture and water
  • Use suitable lubricating oil on the essential parts and joints of the tool
  • Repair

Like every other mechanical tool, there might be a need to repair Hougen HMD904S after repeated use over time.

It is best to contact Hougen’s authorized service centers for the repair of your tool to guarantee the professional, safe, and secured repair of your tool. The warranty offer covers these repair services.


The Warranty offers for Hougen HMD904S include;

  • 2-years warranty.
  • Free repair offer.
  • 90-day warranty offer.

The warranty is void if the product gets damaged due to misuse, mishandling, or defects caused by the user. The warranty gives the user specific legal rights concerning the product.

There is more information on the warranty offer of HMD904 here or contact 800-426-7818, 810) 635-7111. You can also register your HMD904 here>

Price of Hougen HMD904S

Hougen HMD904S is fairly expensive, and it might not be suitable for mid and meager-budget buyers.

However, it includes several impressive features that make it offer a high value for money.


Pros and Cons of Hougen HMD904S


  • Lift detector safety system
  • Swivel base for greater versatility
  • Pilot light for enhanced accuracy
  • Ergonomic housing and all-round metal fabrication for durability
  • Lightweight with high power performance


  • Expensive
  • Has comparable specifications as the previous model


Who Should Buy Hougen HMD904S?

Hougen HMD904S is lightweight and easy to move around; thus, making it an ideal drill press for multiple jobsite contractors.

Professionals in various crafts can also consider Hougen HMD904S for their industrial or commercial metal drilling operations.

This drill press model offers a good bargain for beginners and other DIY enthusiasts with a high budget because it is portable, easy to use, and versatile.

Our Recommendation

Hougen HMD904S is recommended for individuals that need an efficient, versatile, and lightweight drill press for various personal, professional, and industrial drilling operations.

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