How Loud Is a Lawn Mower

In Brief: How Loud Is a Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers can produce anywhere from 60 – 95 decibels. Electric mowers are the quietest while gas mowers are the loudest. Larger engines, such as those on a gas riding mower, and wider mowing decks lead to higher decibels of sound. Reel mowers, whether manual or powered, make less noise than rotary mowers.

Lawn mowers have a reputation for being noisy. Anyone with neighbors likely has a story of their neighbors mowing early on a Saturday morning. But just how noisy are lawn mowers? What contributes to the level of noise?

How Loud Is a Lawn Mower?

Lawn mower noise is measured in decibels. The higher the decibel rating, the more noise the machine produces. Because of the variations in lawn mowers, they tend to fall between 60 – 100 decibels.

The decibel ranges in this chart are estimations, not exact figures. For context, normal conversations produce around 60 decibels of sound.

Mower noise levels are linked to the type of mower and the size of the engine or motor.

Type of Electric MowerDecibel RangeGas Mower Engine SizeDecibel Range
Cordless Electric (Reel Mower)
60 – 68
5.5hp – 6hp81 – 84
Cordless Electric (Rotary)
65 – 80
6.5hp – 6.75hp83.5 – 85
Corded Electric (Push Mower, Rotary)79 – 85
7hp – 10hp
85 – 87
Cordless Electric (Riding)
80 – 85
10hp – 12hp
87 – 89
15hp – 20hp89 – 92

Mower Type

There are a few different ways to categorize lawn mowers. Generally speaking, there are push mowers or riding lawn mowers. Mowers can either be powered by gas or by electricity.

The mower’s power source makes a great deal of difference to the noise produced. Push mowers are the quietest type, especially manual reel mowers. Electric push mowers are the next quietest type, followed by gas push mowers. The loudest type of mower tends to be gas riding mowers.

Gas mowers are noisier because their engines are often not built with mufflers. If mufflers are included, they are often not sufficient to block a lot of engine noise.

Electric mowers are always quieter, whether they’re run by battery power or plugged into an outlet. The motor on an electric mower produces significantly less noise than a gas-powered mower.

Engine/Motor Size

As a general rule, larger gas engines make more noise. The higher the horsepower, the more noise you can expect from the engine.

The same is true for electric motors, but to a lesser extent. For example, an 18 amp electric mower may produce around 85 decibels of sound while a smaller motor could produce 80 or fewer decibels.

Mowing Deck Noise

All rotary lawn mowers, meaning those with a blade spinning parallel to the ground, make sound level of noise. Even if the motor itself runs silently, there will always be noise produced by the movement of the blades and the air being pushed around the deck and under the mower.

The shape and design of a mower deck may reduce the level of noise it produces. Reel mowers do not have mower decks, therefore they do not make noise in this way.


Noise from a lawn mower is produced by both the engine or electric motor and the blade spinning in the mowing deck. Depending on the type of size of the engine or motor and the mowing deck, the sound can range from 60 – 95 decibels.

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