Husqvarna L221A Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Husqvarna L221A 21 Review

Husqvarna has always had the reputation of bringing its customers reliable, efficient, and durable products. The L221A does this, and the superior performance and craftsmanship of a Honda engine adds to its exceptional quality. Along with this, the design uses premium grade materials and features to optimize the performance of the mower. All that comes together to give you a high-powered, precise mower that will have your lawn looking fabulous in no time.

In 1919 Husqvarna began to produce lawnmowers and since then have had a focus on delivering high quality and superior performance. Through the decades, they have lived up to their mission statement.

The Husqvarna L221A is one of those mowers that take the best components and use them to construct a high powered self-propelling unit.

Crafted with premium-grade steel and a design made for comfort, this mower is one of the best available.

Key Specifications of Husqvarna L221A Gas Mower

The L221A is a gas-powered self-propelled model from Husqvarna. This differs from other options from this company, and others on the market, as it is fitted with a 160cc Honda engine.

Not only that not but this unit offers all-wheel drive and specially engineered wheels.

The deck is crafted to give the unit a 21” cutting path and is made using high quality 15 gauge steel.

This not only elevates the durability but the efficiency too. The system used for bagging the cuttings is larger than others, and the intake system is designed for maximum pick up.

The unit is lightweight and relatively compact for a gas mower coming in at 61.5” x 21” x 38.5” and weighing a little under 70 lbs.

If you want to see the mower in use and get a better understanding of how to adjust it check out Husqvarna video on this model: 


Here is a quick list of the key specs of Husqvarna L221A – >

Fuel Volume
0.25 gal.
Cutting width
Cutting height
1” – 4”
Drive system
0 – 3 mph
Down vented soft bag
Front & Rear Wheels
Collection Volume
2.2 cu.feet
78.2 lbs.
Cutting deck

Unique Features

This mower combines the traditional aspects of the most efficient gas-powered mowers and throws in a dash of innovation and technology.


The use of innovative traction wheels maximizes the AWD feature. If you have a lawn that is less even, then this feature is a fantastic inclusion.

This allows the mower to handle bumps or uneven territory without much difficulty and will also extend the mower’s life.

Hand Controls

Some hand controls are loose or difficult to use, but the ones built into the handle for this unit are efficient and tight. This may make your hands a little tired, but when it comes to safety, this is what to look for.


The mower is designed with adjustable height to ensure that the user finds a comfortable level for them.

This will take the stress off your arms and upper back. Plus, the handle is coated with a soft grip, so you reduce hand fatigue when doing a big project.


Power, Design, and Durability

Many key features of this mower can be summed up with a quick look at three factors – power, design, and durability. So here is our take on each one of these:


The Honda GCV-160 brings with it 160cc worth of power. This gives the model the power to cut clean and well. The mower is run off of gas and contains a .25 gal tank with the high-quality components that can last even longer.


The wide cutting deck design and the use of high-grade steel make this mower a well designed finely tuned tool to help with all your lawn care needs.

It is created with a pick-up system that leaves nothing behind and a bag that can hold quite a bit of cutting. The handle is ergonomic ( but not altogether comfortable).


Durability leads to longevity, and the L221A is crafted with premium parts and materials to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

This starts with the cutting deck, which is made of high-grade steel and goes all the way to the high-quality Honda motor installed in the unit.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The Husqvarna L221A has blades that simply do a fantastic job, and that makes clean cuts. This may not seem important, but by making clean cuts, this mower may be saving your lawn from a particular disease.

The cut consistency and cleanness is addressed as well in the design. With a good range of height adjustment, you can make sure that your lawn is no matter how hilly or bumpy it is.

The wide cutting path is perfect for homes with a mid-sized yard. Anything smaller and the power would be wasted. The system for bagging the cuttings is well designed as well and picks up the grass blades efficiently.

The AWD system’s traction also allows for improving cut quality as it will enable you to maneuver over even the roughest terrain.

The traction wheels also handle dewy grass more efficiently, all of which help lead to consistent cuts.

Performance and Ease of Usage

Having a Honda engine in the mower lends the L221A a lot of reliability. This motor gives the mower the ability to cut a clean cutting path.

It also is perfect for powering the self-propelled mower with no lag. The wheels are also vital in the performance of this piece.

The unique design helps the mower utilize every ounce of torque and traction that it can get from the AWD system.

There are a few issues when it comes to using the mower. The handlebar and controls are a little stiff.

Even though the handle is fitted with a soft grip, there is no cushion to it, and that may make for a little less comfort when using the mower.

The unit is less than maneuverable. It is easy to use on straight lawns, but if there are obstacles you have to go around, you may find it challenging to get a good even cut.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

The mower is delivered with a great quality air filter as well as oil. The air filter can be cleaned multiple times before replacing it (but make sure to note the part number, so a replacement is easier to find).

The Honda engine is easy to find parts for and is easy to maintain. The engine itself is reliable and durable.


The Husqvarna warranty is 3 years and is limited. The warranty only covers defects or faulty workmanship that have been created from regular use and maintenance.

This three years starts from the date of purchase and does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by the use of non-compatible parts
  • New emission control parts
  • Damage caused by neglect

To obtain a warranty, you have to take the product to an authorized servicing dealer/center.

To find the closest, you can check out the Husqvarna website ( or call 1-800-487-5951. Make sure to have your proof of purchase with you.

Price of Husqvarna L221A 21 Gas Mower

The price tag is a little more expensive than other models, but the value is well worth the expenditure if you have the budget.

The 21” cutting path is wide enough that you will spend less time on your lawn, and it will also save money. By limiting the time in use, you will put less wear and tear on the unit and need less gas.


Who Should Buy Husqvarna L221AGas Mower

This mower is perfect for both commercial and residential use as long as you are dealing with a medium-sized lawn.

This is especially true if the lawn is a straight lawn without very many obstacles to worry about. No matter if your lawn is flat or hilly or even bumpy, this high powered motor can handle it.

So if you are a homeowner or a small landscape contractor, this is a great option for you.

However, it is only functional with medium-sized lawns, so if you are in a built-up area with lots of small lawns, you may want to look at a different model.

It is also not a great option for those looking for no upkeep or that might want something more eco-conscious as it does use gas.

Why We Like It

Husqvarna delivers another reliable, well-built tool. Thanks to the inclusion of the Honda 160cc motor and the high-quality components, it is durable as well.

The bagging system is well designed and optimized to hold a good quantity of grass cuttings. Along with that, the AWD and special traction wheels will maximize your time and save you money in the long run.


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