Husqvarna LC121P 21 Gas Push Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Husqvarna LC121P 21 Lawn Mower Review

There are several factors lawn mower manufacturers seek to install in mowing machines today. They include power, efficiency, and the most uncomplicated design, that consumes minimal space. Husqvarna didn’t disappoint with the LC121P as its features are top of the class compared to its peers.

With the Husqvarna LC121P, your lawnmower has the ability to mulch, bag, and carry out a side discharge for the clippings and offcuts. This helps return vital nutrients into your yard for healthier grass.

It comes in a compact design that makes it easy to store this machine. Its high rear wheels aid in easy maneuverability when mowing in rugged yards or through tight spaces.

The Briggs & Stratton engine has a quick-start and doesn’t require priming for hassle-free starts.

Its push handle comes with a comfortable grip mold for easy control and comfort while in operation. The handle easily folds, saving space in your small barn or shed.

The Husqvarna LC121P 21 Gas Push Lawn Mower is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty and worry-free customer support.

Key Features of Husqvarna LC121P 21 Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna Lawn Mower comes powered by a Briggs & Stratton no-prime engine with a long-lasting utility. It helps this push lawn mower deliver perfect and uniform cuts over a long period.

The 21-Inch deck allows the operator to cover more extensive ground in a single pass, which saves you time for other jobs.

It also comes with a 9-position adjustment with which you adjust the cutting height for easier grass cutting, eliminating weeds and overgrowth.

Its wheels come with sealed ball bearings, which allow easy movement and smooth maneuvers around stubborn obstacles.

11-inch rear wheels simplify the pushing of this lawnmower in small-sized and medium flat yards through tight spaces.

Key Specifications –

Cutting Width
21 Inches
Power Type
Engine Power
163 cc
Front Wheels Size (in.)
Rear Wheels Size (in.)
Cutting Style
3-in-1 cutting options
59 lbs
Cutting Height Options
Max Cutting Height3.44
Collector Type
Down-Vented soft bag
Engine Make
Briggs & Stratton
Fuel Tank Volume

Unique Features

Here are some of my favorite features that this mower has:

9-Position Cutting Deck

The Husqvarna LC121P 21 Gas Push Lawn Mower delivers superior cuts with its steel deck that is adjustable to 9 different positions.

These position shifts are responsible for when that grass is infiltrated with stubborn weeds and rugged undergrowth.

You can adjust the deck to cut them at the lowest cutting height of 1.25 inches. This feature also ensures easy and uniform cutting every time you’re working.

Ergonomic Wheels

As a push lawnmower, you need to have the least possible stress when you push it around your lawn.

That is why Husqvarna fitted this model with vacuum-packed ball bearings in its wheels for smooth rolling regardless of the terrain.

If you are using it on relatively flat yards of medium size, you will definitely get the best out of the Husqvarna LC121P 21 Gas Push Lawn Mower.

Multiple Mowing Options

Depending on how I wanted to cut my grass and discharge the offcuts, I noted that this lawnmower comes with triple options for this job.

The most sophisticated of all is the side discharge option that smoothly disposes of the offcuts back onto your grass as compost.

Available also is the mulching option, if that’s how you’d prefer your clippings to go. The sizable rear bag allows you to collect clippings neatly and dispose them on your terms.


Power, Design, and Durability


The LC121P features a high torque Briggs & Stratton, displacing 163 ccs at the instance its powered. Additionally, the engine doesn’t need priming after powering on, so you’re sure of working even on a cold day.


It comes with 11-inch high rear wheels, larger than front wheels, for better navigation through tight spaces and over objects you encounter while in operation.

Thanks to the comfortable grip handle that is over-molded to increase comfort and better control of the equipment.


This mower is a work of art from Husqvarna, in that, despite having an almost all-steel design, they managed to keep it light enough, under 50 pounds to optimize operation.

It makes the mower’s storage easier, and the easily foldable handles ensure a compact storage design that consumes less space.

Cut Quality and Available Options

Your Husqvarna LC121P delivers home a steel cutting deck with steel rotor blades, that when run by the high RPM 163 cc engine, they don’t leave a single strand of turf intact.

This blades design also gives certainty that your work will be of top quality, with flat carpet finishes.

It boasts 9-position height adjustments where you can easily adjust the deck height to cut down various types of grass, even the extremely tall weeds, and turfs.

Superior cutting options of the LC121P constitute rear bagging to collect your clippings in an external bag, mulching option.

This allows you to recycle the clippings back into your yard as fertilizer or the side discharge that effectively spews clippings from a side port.

Performance and Ease of Use

The pull-cord 163cc engine starts at the very first pull. It doesn’t require any priming or engine choking, you just pull, start, and go. Overall, Husqvarna mowers are efficient mowers, to the same degree that they are long-lasting.

This is the mower you need if your yard is of average size. Pushing it around is easy, thanks to the 11” high rear wheels with sealed in ball bearings for smooth mowing.

Additionally, this mower barely weighs 50 pounds, making it efficiently lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability if your lawn is rugged or has obstacles.

Ergonomic handles further enhance control with a comfortable soft-grip that won’t tire your wrists.

The handles are also easily foldable during storage to save on space. Its fuel tank is large enough, which allows you up to 50 minutes of mowing time.


Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Like many gas-powered lawn mowers, this lawnmower will only need general maintenance practices that regularly diagnose your machine for minor defaults.

We advise that you always clean your mower before folding it up for storage.

Regularly inspect the grass catcher, driving wheels and tires. Always ensure that blades are in the right condition, the battery is efficiently powered, lubrication of levers and mowing parts is in check, and the air filter is not clogged.

Other elements to look after are the engine oil level, muffler, and spark plug.


The mower comes backed by a 3-year sure limited warranty and excellent customer support all through. Husqvarna will cater for all repairs and replacements necessary within the warranty period.

These must be due to normal usage of the machine, or a fault that was delivered with the product, and not damages caused by tear or wear and mishandling.

You must also provide purchase details as the original owner of the machine if you are to be serviced. Reach the manufacturer by calling this number: (800) 805-5523, or apply online via the company website.

Price of Husqvarna LC121P 21 Gas Push Lawn Mower

As the saying goes, time is money. Relating to that, Husqvarna LC121P 21 Gas Push Lawn Mower is a great time saver.

With its 21-inch steel deck, you cover more ground in just one pass, so you spend less time working in the field.

The LC121P comes with many options and advantages over many lawnmowers at a similar price. Although you have to maintain it regularly, the price for doing so is cheaper and manageable for a 3-in-1 machine.

This lawnmower is also highly efficient in gas consumption.


Who Should Buy It?

I will be honest with you and say that this lawnmower is in its optimal efficiency when being used on small lawns and yards measuring an acre and less.

If you are using it for commercial purposes, it might serve you right, since it’s a piece of lightweight equipment to carry around and requires less storage space.

For yards with obstacles and rugged terrains, this is your cue!

Why We Like It

The LC121P 21 inch is preferable due to such factors as easy storage, lightweight design and has an easy compact storage design. The machine is a 3-in-1 model and has a low vibration.

Its downsides are that the speed is not adjustable, it comes with a small collector bag, and the carburetor will require constant cleaning.


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