Husqvarna LC221FH Self-propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Husqvarna LC221FH Lawn Mower Review

This self-propelled lawn mower comes with side discharge, bagging, and mulching options. Husqvarna partnered with Honda to ensure the LC221FH has enough and reliable power all through. You can adjust the front-wheel-drive speed per the mowing conditions and preferences.

There is no part about the cutting options for this self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower that I didn’t love. Anyone owning it should enjoy the versatility that comes with its foldable handle, which makes transportation and storage so easy.

With a 21-inch cutting deck, this lawn mower is ideal for use in flat, medium yards and relatively large lawns with obstacles.

Its wheels are also designed to maneuver easily through tight spaces. In addition to the foldability, its handle is crossbar-free, and the bag is easy to install.

Revel in precise and rugged performance from the 21-inch cutting deck, which has 4-cutting height positions. It will allow you to cut from 1 up to 4 inches.

With its front-wheel self-propulsion mechanism, you won’t tire while pushing your lawn mower around all the time. Speed is hand-controlled for comfort and accessibility.

Key Features of Husqvarna LC221FH Lawn Mower

This is a self-propelled mower that comes with an amazingly reliable 160cc Honda engine. All wheels for this lawn mower are fitted with axle ball bearings for smooth rolling; this enables the self-propulsion to work correctly.

The 11-inch high rear wheels have improved maneuverability and navigation over tough obstacles and tighter spaces. Producing a 21-inch cutting path, the Husqvarna LC221FH completes its job in a single pass.

It also provides multiple selections for cutting grass, use it for bagging clippings or mulching functions.

Control and handling are also smooth and easy, thanks to the ergonomic no-crossbar handles with a comfortable grip. The handles are easily foldable for when you want to store your machine.

Speed controls and other hand tools are conveniently located on the handle for easy access whenever you need them.

Key Specifications –

Cutting Width
21 Inches
Transmission Type
Power Type
Engine Power
Front Wheels Size (in.)
Rear Wheels Size(in.)
Cutting Style
3-in-1 Functionality
Cutting Height Options
Start Type
Pull Start
Max Cutting Height
Adjustment Type
Dual Lever
Blade Stop System

Unique Features

This Husqvarna machine packs its own set of unique features that include the listed below:

Reliable Engine

It was a brilliant idea for Husqvarna to opt for this powerful Honda Engine. The Overhead Valve (OHV) ensures the machine has smooth-running, quiet operation, and increases the engine longevity.

It also comes with an outlet muffler designed to direct the exhausts away from the operator, reducing noise even more.

It also produces 160cc of displacement, making it rather powerful to chug this mower through thick grass and overgrowths, and countering obstacles.

Easy Handling & Control

The Husqvarna LC221FH 160cc has a unique front-wheel drive, different from many in its class. This allows you to control the machine in tough terrains easily.

It comes with 9-deck height adjustments increasing your options for different grass lengths.

Its large 11-inch high wheels also improve how the machine navigates through tight spaces and more. With a foldable handle, transporting this machine, as well as storage, is a seamless job.

Enriched cutting Options

Despite this being a relatively small mower, with only average capabilities, it comes with three options for discarding clippings. The large capacity 2.5-bushel grass bagger which is so easy to attach and detach.

The mulching and rear discharge options are also efficient if you choose these options for handling your clippings. This machine has a dust blocking capability, minimizing the amount of dust created while bagging.


Power, Design, and Durability

When we talk about power, design, and durability, Husqvarna never disappoints. Let’s see what’s on offer.


For this mower, they invested in a powerful and hushed Honda OHV engine with an impressive 160cc displacement and durable longevity.

This powers it through the toughest grass turfs, and even if your grass has overgrown weeds, you can count on the Husqvarna LC221FH to counter all that. The high engine torque can make this machine a useful mulching tool.


Most customers have issues when a walk-behind lawn mower goes past the 50-pound mark in weight. With the LC221FH walk-behind mower, however, you benefit from the self-propulsion feature, which uses a front-wheel drive.

All that’s needed for you is to give this machine direction.


Not even the slightest push is needed unless the grass is wet and wheels are scalping. The 21-inch cutting deck is steel made and reinforced to last longer while completing its tasks.

It comes with an efficient rear discharge for clippings and better mulching capabilities.

Cut Quality and Available Options

You can easily handle up to half an acre with this lawn mower, thanks to the 21-inch cutting deck.

This is only the standard size we recommend, considering factors such as walking through the landscape and having to control the mower manually.

Your mower comes with traction wheels having ball-bearings in all four axles. This works to the advantage of the engine, reducing the effort needed to propel it forward.

Given that the LC221FH can simultaneously work as a bagger and mulcher, you can easily set up a garden compost bin.

The mulching feature is highly reliable. All your clippings and tiny offcuts are efficiently returned to your lawn, ensuring faster regrowth every time you cut.

With a 4-inch maximum cutting height, its cutting deck is customizable to 9 height adjustments for different heights of grass. The front-wheel-drive won’t fail you despite the oddness of your landscape.

To prevent disruption, the control handle doesn’t have a crossbar, and is easily foldable to different heights, giving it utility adaptability by users of all heights.

Speed variation controls are also conveniently placed on the handles for easier variation of speed.

Performance and Ease of Use

You have a greater mechanical advantage from the 11-inch high wheels, which are all fitted with ball bearings. It makes the Husqvarna LC221FH lawn mower so agile and stress-free to use.

Bagging is easy, with the large clippings collector being highly efficient in preventing thatch buildup in your grass.

Dual-trigger speed controls are easy to reach from the handles. This design will spare you the uncomfortable reaching of the controls, which is a big win for the LC221FH against its competitors.

The handle is also easily adjustable. Regardless of whether you are short or tall, using this machine is not a hassle by any sense.


Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

For the Husqvarna LC221FH, you have to be very sensual on the throttle cable, which might become entangled as you adjust the handle. This might cause the machine to bog down after the first two cord pulls.

The underside of the LC221FH is also not painted as with some models in its class, which makes it prone to rust issues and debris clogs. You, therefore, have to wash it after every use.

We also advise against abusing this mower through little practices like running it over sticks and using it as an improvised brush mower. These habits can cause the self-propulsion belt to slip, leading to unprecedented costs.


The LC221FH comes with a worry-free 3-year warranty covering all repairs and replacements within the warranty period, given you are the original owner of the equipment.

Reach the service team vial this (800) 805-5523 cell number. You can also fill an online form to claim the warranty.

Website: Husqvarna

Price of Husqvarna LC221FH Lawn Mower

You will reduce seasonal aeration costs and thatch buildup with this lawn mower since you can use it as a mulching and bagging machine. Its 160cc Honda engine is vastly reliable and long-lasting for all your good intentions.

Sparing some time to clean the underside of the steel cutting deck prevents rusting, which might cost you extra maintenance costs. Generally, the Husqvarna LC221FH has decent value for your money.


Who Should Buy It?

This mower is effective for use in small lawns up to half an acre. You will find it suitable for smaller yards and residential gardens as well as lawns with fewer overgrowths.

If you have minimal storage space in your barn, you will want to own this one, thanks to its easily foldable handles. People with noise concerns might use this mower too; it has an extremely silent engine.

Why We Like It

We highly recommended it due to the quiet operation and engine longevity. It’s also easy to work with and control credit to its axles with ball bearings on all four wheels. 3-in-1 cutting options are also highly preferable.

Variable speed controls are easily accessible and comfortable to use.


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