Hyper Tough Reel Lawn Mower Reviews

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Hyper Tough aims to help you get the job done.

Whether you are a newbie in the world of home improvement or a DIY expert, the brand offers an excellent assortment of reliable and affordable tools to help you complete your projects.

Hyper Tough is a tool brand created by Walmart and is thus available in all Walmart stores countrywide.

They have a wide range of both storage solutions and tools, each with unique features that can meet various needs.

They also offer power tools for more robust tasks, which makes tough jobs easier than ever.

From air compressors to lawn mowers, to automotive tools, Hyper Tough has it all.

Business Verticals & Geographical Reach

Being one of the largest companies in the world, it’s no surprise that Walmart Inc. would branch out to create their own line of power tools and gardening equipment.

Hyper Tough is Walmart’s solution to DIY and gardening projects and offers a vast range of power tools and outdoor equipment.

Walmart operates around 11 500 stores under 56 banners in 27 countries, as well as through eCommerce websites in 10 countries.

They employ around 2.2 million associates worldwide, with 1.5 million in the United States alone. They offer everything from groceries, to clothes, to, of course, power tools and gardening equipment.

Reel Lawn Mower Product Line

Types of Reel Lawn Mowers Available

There is only one Hyper Tough lawn mower available through Walmart.

However, this should not really come as a surprise, as there is not much one can do in terms of variation and innovation when it comes to lawn mowers.

This 18” Reel lawn mower will help you achieve perfection and precision in your lawn.

It is a heavy-duty, robust mower that delivers a wide cutting width of 18”. With five sharp blades made from alloy steel, it is also able to resist rust and corrosion.

It is equipped with 6” rear trailing wheels and 10” front wheels, with the former adding stability and maneuverability throughout the mower.

You can easily adjust the cutting height from 1” to 3”, and there are no tools required to assemble this reel lawn mower. It’s ready to cut within minutes of removing it from the box.

Reel lawn mowers are an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers, so it’s nice to see a company as massive as Walmart promoting environmentally-friendliness.

Walmart is also known for providing affordable products all-round, not just with their tools, and the Hyper Tough reel lawn mower is no exception.

Key Differentiation Factors

It’s a Reel Lawn Mower

This may seem like just a fun play on words, but the mere fact that this is a reel lawn mower makes it quite unique already.

It’s not often that you see major brands creating something as simple as a reel lawn mower, which sets Walmart apart from other big corporations.

This is an excellent lawn mower if you have grown tired of gas-powered lawn mowers and a small lawn to cut.

However, you should not expect the cut to be more than mediocre if your grass is even slightly wet, and it’s not very good at cutting weeds.

Walmart-Exclusive Tool Brand

Since Hyper Tough is a tool brand created by Walmart, it is only available in Walmart stores and through Walmart’s website.

This is great for folks who already shop at Walmart frequently, and are in the market for gardening equipment, as now they can get everything in one place.

And, since Walmart is known for being an affordable store, Hyper Tough products are affordable as well, with this reel lawn mower coming in at less than $90, which is quite a bargain.

Who Should Buy the Hyper Tough Reel Lawn Mower?

This is the perfect lawn mower for folks with a small yard, who cannot operate a gas or electric lawn mower for any reason.

Don’t bother with it if you have a large yard, though, or live in an area where it continuously rains, as the reel lawn mower will not perform well.


Who would have thought that Walmart would release a reel lawn mower? Certainly not us. We hope that this review has shed some light on Hyper Tough’s reel lawn mower!

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