Jackson Safety BH3 Welding Helmet Review

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In Brief: Jackson Safety BH3 Review

With a stunning array of high-quality features and a sleek, modern profile, the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet combines functionality with style and comfort to create the perfect ADF welding helmet. This helmet comes from the Jackson Safety company and provides a safe design that keeps welders protected.

The Jackson Safety company devotes its resources to creating high-quality, long-lasting, durable, and safe equipment for working individuals.

This company cares about making sure its products remain up to date in terms of safety standards and at the front of the line when it comes to innovative new ideas.

As one of the many exceptional products offered by the Jackson Safety company, the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet provides welders with the ideal safety equipment for their needs.

This helmet incorporates a variety of state-of-the-art features to give welders a clearer view and a reduced risk of injury while welding.

Key Specifications of the Jackson Safety BH3

Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Filter Welding Helmet with Balder Tech - Black Welding Hood - Universal Size - 46157

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet creates a safe and durable solution for welding helmet needs.

This helmet features a front plate designed with a curve to help keep the viewing window from fogging up and is designed to fit comfortably on a variety of head sizes.

Take a look at the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet here –


Check out the long list of stats for the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet below:

ADF Welding Helmet
Variable Shade Lenses
Arc Sensors
TIG Rating
< 5 amps
DIN Rating
Switching Speed
Viewing Area Dimensions
2.7in. x 3.8in.
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesIntegrated air system
Reduced fogging
Visibility from various angles
AccessoriesThree headgear adjustments
Optional magnification
filter (sold separately)

Unique Features

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet includes several safety and convenience features to make your welding experience more efficient and secure.

Its unique inner headgear adds to the comfort of this durable piece of equipment.

Jackson 370 Headgear

The interior of the helmet features Jackson 370 headgear, which includes a simple slider to change the position of the helmet and a dial for on-the-go size changes.

Various Angle Visibility

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet features a 1/1/1/1 rating, which includes the ability to see at several angles as clearly as head-on.

Sensitivity and Delay Settings

With built-in settings for sensitivity and delay, this helmet provides a custom welding experience and ideal safety conditions for every project.

Reduced Fogging

Thanks to the curved front design of this welding helmet, fogging becomes less likely, and visibility increases. This makes welding not only easier but also safer.

Fume Deflection

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet features a curved and aerodynamic design that allows fumes to pass by the wearer’s head rather than linger in the air nearby.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

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With the help of its quality features and modern design, the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet provides an excellent performance.

Customers report feeling comfortable and safe while using this helmet as well as having no trouble changing the settings as needed.

This welding helmet features an impressive picture quality, particularly. Welders have no trouble seeing through the viewer and keeping an eye on their projects, even without additional lighting in the area.

Many welders report success in improving their skills and their results when using this helmet.

Ease of Transportation

The helmet weighs 399 grams, which is less than one pound. At such a light weight, it provides a comfortable and easy to wear experience for any welder.

Most customers have no trouble with this helmet causing fatigue, even after wearing it for several hours.

Take breaks when necessary, but remember that this helmet provides a light enough weight to keep you working on your projects as long as you like.


Quality and Available Options

This welding helmet features a high-quality, durable design and is made from long-lasting materials.

It holds up well to plenty of use and can handle years of welding projects without showing many signs of wear and tear.

Some customers have reported a little trouble with the top of the inner headgear popping loose. Fixing this problem requires removing the helmet and putting the piece back where it goes, which can slow down work.

Other than this small issue, the helmet functions beautifully.

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet comes in only one option. Customers sometimes purchase these items as add-ons to use with the helmet:

  • Hard hats: The helmet can accommodate the use of a hard hat if necessary in your workplace.
  • Magnification filter: This filter allows you to magnify what you see and take a closer look while you work.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Jackson Safety company offers some replacement parts for purchase. Customer service frequently helps fill these requests when part of the helmet breaks or becomes damaged.

However, the web site also includes some information about replacement parts.

Welders who use this helmet should remember to perform regular, routine maintenance on the product. Soak a clean rag in mild laundry detergent and use this to wipe the light sensors and solar cells on the helmet.

Never clean with acetone.

Always store the helmet with the filter face-down on a shelf to allow it to power down.

If the polycarbonate protective layer of the lens becomes damaged, it must be replaced immediately. Do not use the helmet without replacing this lens.

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet includes a five-year parts and labor warranty that covers defective equipment.

Contact customer service at 800-323-7402 for more information about the warranty.


Does the solar panel on the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet charge the battery?

Yes. The battery runs on solar energy, so the helmet never requires plugging into a power source.

Is the battery replaceable on the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet?

No. Because the battery runs on solar energy, it offers no replaceable functionality.

Does the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet include a chin strap?

No. It includes the Jackson 370 headgear, but not a separate chin strap.

Will the Jackson Safety BH3 helmet fog up in cold weather?

No. The helmet’s design prevents fogging, even in conditions when regular glasses or goggles would fog up easily.

Price of the Jackson Safety BH3

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet is positioned at a much higher price point than most of its competitors.

This helmet features top-of-the-line materials, settings, and designs that make it a pricey alternative.

The helmet likely costs too much for a beginning welder. However, more experienced and professional welders find plenty of value for the cost in this long-lasting and impressive helmet.


Who Should Buy the Jackson Safety BH3?

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet includes several modern features to make it more comfortable and provide above-average safety on the job. The helmet allows plenty of visibility and protects the eyes from heat, spatter, and more.

This helmet works particularly well for advanced welding hobbyists who spend a lot of time working on their projects. It also functions well for auto repair hobbyists who work on vehicles frequently.

Most of all, this helmet works great for professional welders who spend all day on the job. Because of its higher price point, it may not provide an ideal solution for beginners or anyone unsure of their future in welding.

Our Recommendation

The Jackson Safety BH3 helmet offers some of the best auto-darkening features and technology in the world of ADF helmets.

It works great for TIG, MIG, and arc welding, and it remains comfortable to wear even after a long day of welding work.

We recommend this welding helmet for professional welders who need protective gear at work. We also recommend it for hobbyists and artists who spend most of their time working on welding projects.


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