JET 708524 JPM-13CS Planer Review

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In Brief: JET 708524 JPM-13CS Review

The Jet 708524 JPM-13CS 13-inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Planer/Molder provides a 1.5HP motor and a 13-inch table width to give you as much power and space as you need. This machine includes a cast iron table and base as well as a fully enclosed motor. Weighing in at 258 pounds, this stationary machine works well for hobbyists and professionals both.

The Jet Tools company began in 1958 and quickly blossomed into a small equipment dealer. From there, the company focused on tools for both residential and commercial use.

Today, this company creates high-quality tools and equipment for hobbyists and professionals alike.

As part of the Jet Tools product lineup, the Jet 708524 JPM-13CS planer/molder remains efficient and long-lasting.

This reliable machine combines both planing and molding in the same product for easier and quicker product completion.

Key Specifications of the JET 708524 JPM-13CS

JET 13-Inch Planer/Molder, 3 HSS Knives, 1-1/2 HP, 1Ph 115/230V (JPM-13CS)

The Jet 708524 JPM-13CS planer/molder features a closed stand design and a 1.5HP motor that powers it through the toughest jobs.

This machine works well for users of almost any skill level and provides convenient, powerful cutting and planing when you need it.

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Read the long list of JET 708524 JPM-13CS 13-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Planer/Molder specs below:

Model No/Name
708524 JPM-13CS
Closed stand
Power (HP)
Bed Size (in.)
Table Size (l x b)
25 x 13
Knife Adjustments
Cutting Depth (in.)
Dust Collection
Weight (lbs.)
5 years
Other FeaturesCast iron table and base
Three cutter head design
Molding cutter head
Top-mounted height adjustment handle
Infeed and outfeed rollers
Power cable

Unique Features

The Jet 708524 JPM-13CS planer comes with a two-speed gear box and molding cutter head built into its convenient, classic design.

This product also features an enclosed fan-cooled motor to improve both safety and efficiency.

Two-Speed Gear Box

The machine comes standard with a two-speed gear box which includes preset feed rates for both planing and molding. Using this convenient gear box, you can easily switch between the two functions on this machine.

Molding Cutter Head

The included molding cutter head works with over forty different molding cutter sets as long as they fit standard dimensions.

These sets may come from just about any company and still work with this machine thanks to the molding cutter head design.

Enclosed Fan-Cooled Motor

The planer features a fan-cooled motor that comes completely enclosed within the stand. The enclosed nature of the motor helps it stay clean and operate quickly while the fan-cooled design keeps it smooth and prevents overheating.


Power and Performance

The Jet 708524 JPM-13CS planer/molder features a powerful 1.5HP motor that helps it cut through small to large projects.

This machine can tackle simple residential projects as well as more involved and complicated professional projects thanks to its high-power design.

Additionally, the product features top quality performance that helps it stand up against its competitors.

The machine features a durable cast iron outer construction and reliable inner components, all of which keep it operating smoothly as part of your shop setup.

Ease of Usage

Customers of any skill level find it easy to work with this machine. Thanks to its top-mounted hand crank, it provides simple and efficient control throughout every pass.

The machine also makes it easy to change and adjust the settings while you work.

This machine also makes maintenance easy and keeps its entire operation simple enough for home hobbyists to enjoy.

With a classic design and not too many extra functions, the planer/molder provides entry-level functionality with professional-grade results.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers may find some replacement parts by checking the Jet Tools online catalog. Customer service may also be able to supply customers with some replacement parts as needed, depending on the part and its availability.

To perform maintenance, unplug the machine from its power supply. Lubricate the table with paste wax frequently and check feed rollers and cutter knives at least once a month.

Replace these parts when they become damaged or worn from use.

The Jet Tools company provides a five-year warranty on this machine. When used as a commercial woodworking machine, however, it receives only a two-year warranty.

Either way, the warranty includes problems related to manufacturing errors.

The warranty also covers parts and consumable items for 90 days after the initial date of purchase. To qualify for the warranty, customers should register their products with the Jet Tools company using the company web site.

For more warranty information, contact the Jet Tools company at 1-800-274-6848.

Price of the JET 708524 JPM-13CS

Compared to residential planers, the Jet 708524 JPM-13CS planer/molder comes in at a higher price point.

However, when considering the machine also works as a molder and offers commercial-grade power, the price becomes more average.

In comparison with competitors that feature similar functions, this machine offers a mid-range price that comes in below top name brands but above lesser-known companies. Customers feel it provides plenty of value for the cost.


Pros and Cons of the JET 708524 JPM-13CS


  • Works well for users with limited space
  • Works with blades from many companies and suppliers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Operates quietly in comparison to other models


  • Requires additional hardware for dust collection
  • Some customers find the knives do not last long


Who Should Buy the JET 708524 JPM-13CS ?

The Jet 708524 JPM-13CS planer/molder works well for customers who need a machine to bridge the gap between residential use and professional operation.

This machine provides excellent intermediate options for both home hobbyists and commercial woodcutters.

This machine also works nicely for any customer in need of a product to handle both planing and molding.

With the help of this machine, you can easily tackle both steps of your next woodworking project without having to change between machines to do so.

Our Recommendation

The Jet 708524 JPM 13-CS planer/molder combines commercial and residential properties to create the perfect intermediate machine.

This product comes with everything you need to set it up and start using it right away, with or without prior experience.

We recommend this machine for intermediate home hobbyist woodcutters looking for a way to improve their skills and branch out to other steps in the woodworking process.

We also recommend it for professionals who need a smaller machine to handle more detailed work.



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