Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Benchtop Drill Press Review

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In Brief: Jet 716000 Drill Press Review

Jet 716000 is a bench top drill press with retraceable roller extension and clear linear scale. It features a 115V, 5amp,1/2HP motor that delivers a variable speed between 530-3100RPM. This 85lbs drill press has 12″ swing and 3-1/8″ spindle travel. It offers smooth drilling operations on different materials. It is useful for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

JET is a manufacturer that is committed to providing quality and innovative power tools. Since their breakthrough in the manufacturing industry a few decades ago, JET have proven to be a trusted brand name.

Jet 716000 is one of the power tools from this manufacturer. This drill press offers impressive performance and valuable solutions in various drilling operations.

Key Specifications of Jet 716000

JET 12-Inch Variable-Speed Benchtop Drill Press, 1/2 HP, 1Ph 115V (Model JWDP-12)

Jet 716000 has one motor phase and a 1/2HP, 115V, 5amp induction motor that delivers variable speed with ample torque. This drill press model weighs 85lbs and has a column diameter of 2-1/2”.

Jet 716000 features a variable speed between 530-3100RPM, making it very flexible and versatile. It allows table tilt between -450 to 450 for angled drilling.

It has a 5/8″ chuck size, 12″ swing, and allows 3-1/8″ spindle travel (stroke) for optimum performance.

It features a 9-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ table that is extendable to 9-1/2″ x 16-1/2″ to create an extensive worktable. This drill press model also has a 10″ x 16-1/8″ base dimension to ensure stability.

The video below shows how to use Jet 716000:



Model No / name
Jet 716000
Motor Details
115V & 5amps
Power (hp)
Speed (range) rpm
Chuck capacity (in)
Drilling capacity (in)
Work Table Dimension (in)
9-1/2” x 9-1/2”
Table Tilt
-450 to 450
Swing and Stroke (in)
12” & 3-1/8”
Height (in)
Weight (lbs)85
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
5 years
Other FeaturesLarge paddle switch
Retractable roller extension
Clear linear scale

Top Features

Jet 716000 has impressive features that you might not easily come across in other drill press brands. These features contribute to its impressive performance and overall output.

Large Paddle Switch

Jet 716000 has an obvious, large paddle switch that provides an easy shutoff and lockout protection.

This feature ensures your safety during operation and mitigate the possibility of an accidental startup.

Retractable Roller Extension

The retractable roller extension feature of this model provides quick workpiece adjustment and support for the power tool.

This feature improves the versatility and overall performance of this drill press model.

Clear Linear Scale

Jet 716000 includes a clear linear scale with depth stops for consistent drilling depths. This feature permits repeated operational accuracy and precision.


Power and Performance

Jet 716000 has an impressive power build-up that contributes significantly to its efficient performance.

It has a 115V, 1/2HP, 5.0amp, 60Hz, and 1 phase motor setup that delivers enough power to easily drill through different types of materials, including metals and woods.

This drill press model delivers a variable speed range of 530-3100RPM on the product.

The variable speed has a mechanical drive system that allows you to optimize the tool and use specific speed for suitable applications.

This model also features 12″ swing diameter, 3-1/8” spindle travel, and 5/8″ drilling capacity; thus, making it suitable for various industrial and professional applications.

Ease of Usage

You don’t need any special technical skills before you effectively operate this model because it is all-inclusive and easy to use.

Jet 716000 has an oversized ergonomic knob that increases its ease of use by offering you maximum control during operation.

The large paddle switch feature of this model allows for its easy shutout to prevent accidental startup. Jet 716000 features a digital readout that displays spindle speed during operation; thus, increasing precision and application specificity.

It also includes a LED work light that improves visibility and clarity during operation, even in dim light.

The X-shaped XACTA LaserTM of Jet 716000 ensures drilling accuracy. This drill press model also features a stable base design that allows easy repositioning on the workbench.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures of Jet 716000 include;

  • Periodically lubricate the gear and rack.
  • Frequently blow out the dust in the power tool during and after use.
  • Keep the power tool away from moisture.
  • Repair

JET has technical service centers that ensure the safe and reliable repair of their products, including Jet 716000.

It is best to let these centers handle your repairs to ensure professionalism. Some of these repair services are covered in the warranty offers.


The warranty offers for this model include;

  • 5-year limited warranty on materials and craft
  • Service and repair offer.

It is essential to note that this warranty only covers the product’s initial purchaser from the date of delivery.

You can find more information on the warranty offers on this product at  You can contact their technical service center via 1-800-274-6846, 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday through Friday.

Price of Jet 716000

Price is an essential consideration while deciding on the best drill press to meet your needs. Jet 716000 is one of the cost intensive drill press models available.

It is not an ideal option for individuals with a meager or moderate budget. Nevertheless, this model offers high value for money with its exclusive features and impressive performance.


Pros and Cons of Jet 716000


  • Easy to use and control
  • LED work light for improved visibility
  • Unique laser feature
  • Stable base and compact bench top design
  • Digital readout display for increased accuracy


  • Relatively expensive
  • Heavyweight


Who Should Buy Jet 716000?

Jet 716000 has several impressive features that make it suitable for various professional and industrial applications.

You can go for Jet 716000 if you are a professional woodworker that needs a powerful drill press for long term applications because of its sturdy build-up and impressive performance.

It is also ideal for multiple Jobsite contractors because of its compact benchtop design that permits easy transport.

Jet 716000 also offers a good bargain for DIY enthusiasts because of its versatility, flexibility, and easy-to-use features.

Our Recommendation

Jet 716000 offers impressive performance with a high level of versatility and flexibility, even though it is cost intensive.

Thus, this drill press model is recommended for professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and Jobsite contractors that need a power tool for long term usage.



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