Jet JJP-12 Jointer Planer Review

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In Brief: Jet JJP-12 Jointer Planer Review

The Jet JJP-12 12 inch Jointer/planer is an amazing machine. This combination tool gives you the ease of finishing your woodwork without stress. Coming with a bed size of 12” x55”, a 3Hp engine and a 1/8” cutting depth, the tool helps produce fine finishing for your woodworks. The price of this jointer makes it ideal for woodworkers on a tight budget.

Having started out as a small business in the 70s, Jet has consistently proved itself, and the entire Jet tools franchise ensures that all tools produced are high quality.

It has made different tools, including forklifts, snowmobiles, and metal and woodworking tools.

The Jet JJP-12 12 Inch Jointer/Planer is one of the woodworking tools produced by Jet. The jointer/planer comes fully equipped to give you a perfect finish every single time.

It also saves you time and ensures that you are not stressed out trying to get the perfect finish to your piece.

Key Specifications of the Jet JJP-12

JET 12-Inch Planer/Jointer, HSS Knives, 3 HP, 1Ph 230V (JJP-12)

An effective and efficient tool, this jointer/planer combo ensures that you get a good quality job done every time.

This combination of jointer and planer saves you the stress of choosing which one to buy first. It also allows you to easily and conveniently carry out your planing and joint works with just one device.

It has a bed space of 12” x 55”, which allows it to accommodate reasonable lengths and wood sizes while saving you some time.

With a cutting depth of 1/8”, this combination set provides you with very precise cuts all the time. In addition, you always get a smooth and clean finish.

At 600 pounds weight, the jointer planer combination is a little on the heavy side and may require some storage space.

There is a limited five-year warranty for this device that covers factory defects. The warranty is offered for two years if used commercially.

Read the long list of the Jet JJP-12 specs here :

Model No / name708475/JJP-12
Power (hp)3
Bed size (in)12x55
Table Size (in)12x55
Knife adjustments (no)3
Cutting depth (in)1/8''
Dust collection (y/n)Y
Weight (lbs)600
Warranty5 years consumer, 2 year commercial
Other FeaturesSelf-engaging locks
Parallelogram design

Unique Features

Let’s see what makes this jointer/planer different from other jointers.

Quick Change Over

With this tool, you do not need to worry about changing from jointer to planer or vice versa.

This is large because there is an easy changeover system, which allows changes between the two systems.

It also means there is no need to remove the fence before making a change.

3 Knife cutterhead

This Jointer-Planer combo makes use of a large 2 ¾”-diameter cutterhead that fits perfectly with three superior knives that aid jointing and planing. It operates at 5500RPM.

The knives also come with wedging bars and have jacking screws, making height setting precise and easy.

Large Capacity

Due to its wide bed size, this jointer/planer combination set is very versatile.

It can easily accommodate large sizes of the wood. In addition, there is no need for a ripping process as the jointer and planer share equal widths and so can easily be switched.

Check out this video for more about this jointer :



Power and Performance

The tool operates a 3HP, 230V, 12.5A, 1Ph, totally enclosed fan cooled motor which supplies stable power to it.

As long as the power needs are met with the right cords and sockets provided, this device would work constantly without any issues until turned off.

When it comes to performance, this device is quite excellent. It gives you perfect cuts and finishing all the time.

With the cutting depth and bed size, the combination set gives you no stress as it accommodates great lengths of wood and cuts through them perfectly.

Ease of Usage

JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer

As long as all power needs are met, this device would work smoothly and give you the desired result in very little time.

It has a good cutting depth and a large bed size, which makes it easy and convenient for you to get your work done with ease.

This set comes with 3 cutting knives that ease the cutting process and also aids in planing.

The Jet JJP-12 jointer and planer combine to give you a uniquely smooth and cleanly finished piece.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, & Warranty

All the device needs to keep it in good shape is the regularly scheduled maintenance that every other tool requires.

The parts, if needed, can also be sourced from Jet tools and other authorized marketers.

All Jet tool products come covered with a 5-year warranty for residential use tools and 2 years for commercial use tools.

This warranty covers factory defects and faults only. If you need warranty services, please call: 1-800-274-6846 between 8 am and 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays.

Price of the Jet JJP-12

This jointer/planer combination, though not cheap, is still a fair buy when we consider all that it offers. It saves you time and energy, ensures your safety, and generally helps you get the best quality of work at any time, so it is a good buy.


Pros and cons of the Jet JJP-12

What are the pros and cons of this jointer/planer ?


  • Quick and easy change over.
  • Beautiful auto-lock system
  • Smooth and perfect finishes
  • High power output


  • A bit heavy
  • Alignment issues


Who Should Buy the Jet JJP-12 ?

This set is suitable for woodworkers who have a tight purchase and need to choose between a planer and a jointer.

This choice is completely eliminated, and they can get both in one single buy and save cost in the process.

The device is also an excellent buy for those who have limited workspace but have extensive woodwork to carry out.

This is because the need to buy both devices separately and taking up more storage space is completely eliminated.

Our Recommendation

Great bed size, excellent cutting depth, high power supply, in addition to it being a combination set of jointer and planer, are some of the reasons why we highly recommend Jet JJP-12.


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