Jet – JWP-208HH Helical Head Planer Review

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In Brief: Jet – JWP-208HH Review

The Jet – JWP – 208HH: 20-inch Helical Head Planer, 5 HP 1 Phase machine brings professional-quality results to residential customers and home hobbyists. This machine features a 5HP motor and a 20-inch bed size as well as a combination of cast-iron and steel construction. It weighs just over 750 pounds and provides long-lasting capabilities.

The Jet Tools company began over 50 years and continues to provide customers with high-quality machinery for a variety of purposes.

This company pays attention to changes in tools and equipment and remains at the forefront of the industry with innovative ideas.

The Jet JWP 208HH planer remains one of the most popular planers from the Jet Tools company. This product features a powerful, extra-sturdy machine and base combination that holds up well to daily use as needed.

Key Specifications of the Jet JWP 208HH

JET 20-Inch Planer, Helical Head, 5 HP, 230V 1Ph (Model JWP-208HH)

The Jet JWP 208HH planer features a floorstanding design and an impressive 5HP motor.

The machine packs enough power for commercial projects but remains simple enough for home hobbyists to use with a minimal learning curve as well.

Check out the Jet JWP 208HH in action here –


Read the long list of Jet JWP 208HH specs below:

Model No/Name
Power (HP)
Bed Size (in.)
Table Size (l x b)
25.75 x 20
Knife Adjustments
Cutting Depth (in.)
Dust Collection
Weight (lbs.)
5 years
Other FeaturesHelical cutterhead
Indexable carbide inserts
Cast iron and steel construction
Cast iron ground table
Induction motor
Large, simple handwheel

Unique Features

Combining a two-speed gear box with the convenience and durability of a steel base and large handwheel design, the Jet JWP 208HH planer provides plenty of power to tackle commercial-grade projects with professional results.

Two-Speed Gear Box

This machine features a two-speed gear box that makes it easy to change the speed as needed.

The gear box includes an automatic chain tensioner designed to help users make speed and setting adjustments more accurately.

Steel Base

The machine comes with a high-quality steel base built into the device.

The complete structure works together to provide stable and secure cutting with minimal wobbling, which in turn helps users create more precise results.

Large Handwheel

This machine includes a large handwheel that makes it easy to change the settings while you work.

The handwheel remains simple enough for new users to operate with no trouble but allows fine-tuning perfect for the more advanced user.


Power and Performance

This machine provides plenty of power thanks to its 5HP motor.

The motor includes a three V-belt transmission that keeps it running smoothly and provides efficient results backed by precision controls and reliable components.

The planer performs beautifully and creates impressive results with every pass. The gear drive keeps the table moving as fast as you need it to while cuts remain accurate.

This machine offers enough power and performance both to earn its place in many professional, commercial shops.

Ease of Usage

Despite its professional-grade capabilities, this machine remains simple enough for beginners to learn in no time.

It provides convenient, user-friendly controls and a basic interface perfect for those with little to no prior experience.

Despite its simplicity, however, the machine gives more advanced users the chance to fine-tune their skills and create even more surprising and impressive results.

Thanks to the multiple settings adjustment options built into this machine, it offers many possibilities.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Jet Tools company web site offers a separate parts catalog for customers to browse.

Customers in need of replacement parts should check these listings or call customer service for more assistance and information.

Frequently check the machine for loose or damaged parts or components. Tighten, replace, or repair these parts as needed.

Clean with a dry rag when possible or use a non-flammable solvent if necessary. Lubricate the gearbox every 2,500 hours.

The Jet Tools company provides a five-year limited warranty on this product. The warranty covers both repair and replacement by a licensed repair technician.

It does not cover damage or malfunctioning due to user error or incorrect installation.

The company also provides a 90-day guarantee on all replacement parts and consumable items.

Commercial customers receive a two-year warranty on this machine with the same specifications outlined for residential customers otherwise.

For more warranty information, contact the Jet Tools company’s customer service line at 1-800-274-6846.

Price of the Jet JWP 208HH

The Jet JWP 208HH planer works well as a professional-grade machine. This large, powerful product includes a 5HP motor and handles multiple types of wood in a variety of qualities.

The machine often finds its place in commercial shops.

Because of the industrial nature of this machine, it comes in at a very high price point when compared to planers designed solely for residential use.

Despite this, however, serious woodworking hobbyists and professionals alike feel it offers a lot of value.


Pros and Cons of the Jet JWP 208HH


  • Included directions remain simple despite the size and power of this machine
  • Handles multiple types and thicknesses of wood with no trouble
  • Finishes perfectly after just a few passes
  • Operates quietly in comparison to many other similar products


  • Some customers have difficulty smoothing damaged wood with this machine
  • Remains too heavy for some customers to work with


Who Should Buy the Jet JWP 208HH?

The Jet JWP 208HH works best when used as part of a commercial setup.

Its extensive power and ability to handle almost any project efficiently make it an excellent addition to industrial and professional settings where woodworking takes place almost daily.

This machine also works well for home hobbyists who spend time almost every day cutting and working on projects.

Since it comes in at such as large size and weight, the machine does not work well for customers who do not plan to use it very often.

Our Recommendation

The Jet JWP 208HH combines the convenience of residential planers with the precision and performance of commercial machinery.

The result keeps users of all skill levels satisfied and capable of getting the results they want, often in a single pass.

We recommend this machine for professionals who want a powerful piece of equipment to supplement other, larger-scale woodworking tools.

We also recommend it for home hobbyists with plenty of space and the intention to practice woodworking frequently.


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