Jonsered L2821 Walk Behind Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

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Jonsered L2821 21 Gcv160 Lawn Mower Review

Jonsered L2821 is a top-quality lawn mower that delivers one of the best performances in terms of bagging, mulching, and discharge. With its engine’s power, a 160cc Honda GCV160, this mower is capable of 6.9 ft lbs torque. Some of its other highlights include a fast height adjustment for convenience and speed, numerous controls for speed, a dual trigger, and even high rear wheels. This makes the lawnmower score high on its ease of use, maneuverability, and power, getting the work done in no time.

Jonsered is a brand synonymous with effective, reliable tools and equipment. They offer a wide range of products for both professional and semi-professional use.

Their expertise in lightweight, ergonomic, and efficient engines is masterfully correlated with their fully-featured models.

Jonsered L2821 is a quality, yet affordable lawnmower. It is extremely durable, efficient, and reliable, being the perfect example that sustains Jonsered’s promise for quality. It is suitable for large lawns and professional needs.

Furthermore, this lawn mower comes with plenty of extra features that make it one of the best choices on the market.

Key Specifications Of Jonsered L2821 21 Gcv160

The Jonsered L2821 features a Honda engine of 160cc, designed to provide enough torque to suit large lawn needs. The deck can be adjusted to nine height settings, ensuring versatility.

This means that the lawn can be cut as low as 1 inch when the rainy weather makes the grass grow quicker than ever, but also a maximum of 4 inches if the conditions are dry.

Furthermore, the built-in hose connection means that you can simply attach a garden hose to it and turn on the water, which allows you to clean the lawnmower for easy maintenance.

The drive system is based on the front wheel with a deck made of steel for durability.

We suggest you check out this demonstration video to find out more about how to use it.

Key Specification table –

Motor/engine manufacturer
Briggs & Stratton
Cylinder displacement
163 см³
Drive system
Front-wheel drive
Cutting deck material
Cutting height adjustment
Cutting height, max (approximate)
102 mm
Cutting height, min (approximate)
25 mm
Cutting height steps

Unique Features

Jonsered L2821 has plenty of features that recommend it for personal and professional use. However, we’d like to highlight the main one that makes this product stand out from the crowd and worth every cent.

3-in-1 Design

The 3-in-1 design of this lawn mower is one of its best qualities. This means that you can use it for mulcher or direct discharger, managing grass clipping with ease.

Alternatively, it can also be used as a bagger, due to the implementation of the high tunnel cutting deck. This makes collection and removal extremely efficient and quick.


Power, Design, And Durability


Everyone is familiar with Honda’s standards for quality. This being said, this 160cc GCV engine that powers the lawnmower provides high value for money and ensures enough gross torque to suit any large lawn needs.

The engine features 6.9-foot pounds of torque, which means that it can easily power the front-wheel-drive system and its mower blades.


The design features slightly larger rear wheels, compared to many other alternatives on the market. This means that it does an exquisite job for rough terrain, but does not bring many benefits in case of flat, smooth yards.

If you have an incline or rugged terrain, this lawnmower has the perfectly balanced design you need.


The deck of the L2821 is made of steel, which provides sturdiness and durability. The outstanding quality of the materials is visible from the first time you open the package.

Furthermore, the design is also suitable for adverse weather conditions, offering a long-lasting, smooth experience.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The Jonsered L2821 offers plenty of options and versatility due to the 3-in-1 design. Thus, you can use it as a mulcher, bagger, or a direct discharge, based on your needs and preferences.

The choice depends on your personal circumstances, such as the type of grass you need to mow and what you wish to do with the grass clippings.

However, the direct discharge might not bring much use in this lawnmower, since you would probably choose the mulching or bagger if you have very long clippings.

When choosing the mulcher, the cutting height can be set to only 1 inch of the top height.

The lawnmower will break down into small pieces that blend in easily in the layers underneath the turf. Over time, these small pieces decompose, serving as a bit of extra fertilizer for your grass.

If you want to cut more of your grass, you might choose to use the bagger.

The lawnmower comes with a high tunnel height built into the deck, which means that the bagger is exceptionally efficient and easy to use, especially when compared to similar products.

One drawback of the bagger is that it is not dustless. In other words, if you want to use it in very dry weather, you have to deal with some dirty shins and dust.

Performance And Ease Of Use

As you would expect, the 160cc Honda engine performs up to anyone’s standard. It helps to cut the grass to perfection, and it is more than enough to power the entire machine, propelling it with confidence.

It is sufficient to mow a large lawn.

Furthermore, the exquisite build and craftsmanship of this product also means that it is straightforward to use.

One main factor contributing to its convenience is the large-wheeled design, making it very easy to handle over rough terrain or uneven turf.

The engine provides all the torque needed to power the mower blades and the drive system.

Another great aspect that affects the ease of use is the dual trigger control system. It allows you to use the mower one-handled if necessary. When it comes to changing the cutting heights, they are also very easy to set and lock.

One small drawback of the model is that it does not have an electric or 1-pull start like you’d expect on this type of product. This means that it might take a few pulls and even a bit elbow grease to get it started.


Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, And Warranty

The Jonsered L2821 is designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. The hose connection port means that you can easily clean the underside of the deck. All you need to do is use a standard garden hose and clean all of the debris.

It also does not require frequent oil changes, and it is easy to check its level. Make sure you check it regularly, though, just like any other product in this category.

All you need to do is check the dipstick; if it needs some oil, add a bit in, wait about 4-5 minutes to settle, and check once again whether it needs more oil or not.


Jonsered performs high in terms of warranty expectations, too. Just like most of the other manufacturers, they offer a 2-year warranty against any defects. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to extend the warranty to 4 total years.

This provides peace of mind, and you know that the quality of Jonsered products is backed up by a solid warranty.

For more information, you can contact them using the following link:

Price Of Jonsered L2821 21 Gcv160

Following up with all of its great features, it is safe to say that Jonsered L2821 provides value for money and is a long-term investment worth every cent.

It was designed with efficiency and durability in mind, and its sturdiness ensures a long life.

When estimating its costs, make sure you consider that it requires fresh gasoline, since it is a gas-powered lawn mower.

You also need to top up the oil from time to time. In terms of the reliability of the Honda motor, I do not think that there is anyone doubting its worth.


Who Should Buy It?

This lawnmower might be a bit too much for small, flat, and smooth lawns since its torque and strong build would be mostly unutilized.

Thus, it is best for rough, inclined terrain. The engine is also more than suitable to handle a large lawn at once. If you are looking for a sturdy, powerful lawnmower, this might be precisely what you’re looking for.

Why We Like It

All in all, apart from a few caveats, such as the lack of a quick start and the dustless bagger, the Jonsered L2821 performs above expectations in all categories. It is reliable, durable, and efficient enough to suit people with a large lawn.



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