Klutch 62502 120 Volt Multi-Process MIG Welder Review

In Brief: Klutch Welders Review

Combining MIG, flux core, TIG, and stick welding processes in a lightweight, portable machine, the Klutch Welder with Multi Processes provides accessible welding solutions to home hobbyists. This machine features a user-friendly interface and convenient 120V input current for maximum home use.

The Klutch line of welders comes from the Northern Tool & Equipment company.

This company works to build and supply welding machines and other types of tools and equipment designed for accessible use and functional operations.

The Klutch line includes many types of welders. One of its most popular options remains the Klutch Welder with Multi Processes. This machine includes MIG, TIG, stick, and flux core welding in one convenient, compact size.

Key Specifications of the Klutch Welders

Klutch MIG Welder with Multi Processes - Inverter, MIG, Flux-Cored, Arc and TIG, 120V, 30-90 Amp Output, Model Number MP140Si

This multi-process Klutch welder features powerful inverter technology that keeps it running smoothly and solidly with less input.

It also includes both preset and manual adjustment options so users can make the most of their welding experiences.

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Read the long list of Klutch Welders specs below:

MIG, flux core, TIG, stick
Duty Cycle
30% @ 90A
Output Amperage Range
Wire Feed Speed Control
19.7 in. x 8.7 in. x 15 in.
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesInverter technology
Preset and manual input functions
Accessories10ft. MIG torch
10ft. stick electrode holder and cable
10ft. ground cable and clamp
Gas regulator and valve
Flux core nozzle
Contact tips

Unique Features

The 120V input current and preset or manual control options on this Klutch welder allow beginners to start welding with ease.


With this Klutch welder, you can enjoy MIG, flux core, TIG, and stick welding all in one convenient package.

Inverter Technology

This welder includes inverter technology that cuts down significantly on the amount of energy needed to operate it.

Preset and Manual Input Functions

Choose between preset functions for stick and MIG welding or go with manual input for all welding processes included with this machine.

Presets make it easy to complete welds without much experience while manual input allows for more precise control.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface built into this machine ensures users of all skill levels have no trouble completing projects.

120V Input Current

This welding machine features 120V input current which makes it easy to operate on household outlets.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

With plenty of performance power to please beginners and enough durability to last, this portable Klutch welder delights customers of all skill levels.


Beginning welders enjoy working with this machine because of its simple interface and solid welds. It performs beautifully when compared against its competitors and provides accessible welding to all skill levels.

As a lightweight welder, it packs a punch. This machine includes durable inner components built to last and holds up well to long-term use. Some users work with this welder weekly with no trouble.

Although the machine cannot handle large-scale fabrication jobs or heavy-duty welds, it does its job well. It offers consistently high-quality results and comes with sturdy accessories that meet expectations.

Ease of Transportation

Coming in at just 28 pounds, this Klutch welder remains lighter than many of its competitors. Against other multi-process welders that offer four total options in one, it weighs much less and offers more portability.

Since this machine plugs into 120V outlets, it works well with regular household plugs. Because of this, it travels easily and functions perfectly from almost anywhere within reach of an outlet.


Weld Quality and Available Options

This Klutch welder provides high-quality welds and surprising outputs. It welds solidly and packs enough power and heat to complete light to moderate welding jobs in a single pass.

Customers of any skill level find it easy to get the results they want with this machine.

The machine works well for mild steel and stainless steel welding and creates smooth welds. For aluminum, it requires a spool gun attachment.

It also handles cast iron welding out of the box with similarly impressive results.

This Klutch welder comes in just one option. However, customers may add the following:

  • TIG torch: This machine performs TIG operations when used with a TIG torch, sold separately.
  • Spool gun: For aluminum welding, use a spool gun attachment made by the Klutch line.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers in need of replacement parts for this Klutch welder may find consumables, cables, and accessories available for purchase on the Northern Tool & Equipment company web site. Customer service may also provide some replacement parts for order.

Customers cannot purchase replacement internal components for this machine and should contact a licensed repair technician to handle this type of issue.

Unplug this welding machine for 30 minutes before servicing it. To perform routine maintenance, remove the front cover, and use compressed air to clean inside the machine every six months.

Check all connectors, terminals, cables, consumables, and labels every three months. Replace any damaged items as needed. Check the drive roll and clean it as needed at this time as well.

The Northern Tool & Equipment company provides a limited warranty for this welding machine. The warranty covers parts and labor for three years on the machine itself and its inner components.

This warranty excludes consumables, cables, and accessories. Customers may purchase an extended warranty that includes a one-year replacement plan for these parts.

Contact the Northern Tool & Equipment company for more warranty information by calling 1-800-222-5381.


Which type of TIG torch works with this Klutch Welder?

This welding machine requires a Klutch brand TIG torch. The Klutch line only sells one TIG torch, so it remains the best choice for use with this machine.

Can this Klutch Welder work with a 240V outlet?

No. This machine only runs on 120V input power.

Can this Klutch Welder run on a generator?

No. This machine works best when plugged into a 120V outlet instead of a generator.

Do you need gas to operate this Klutch Welder?

This welding machine operates without gas using flux core welding, but customers should purchase flux core wire for this purpose. For stick, TIG, and MIG welding, the machine requires gas.

Price of the Klutch Welder

This Klutch Welder with Multi Processes includes the ability to perform TIG, stick, MIG, and flux core welding all in one.

It comes with the accessories needed for stick and MIG welding and features all the power of the Klutch line of products.

With many included processes, this welding machine costs somewhat more than other portable welders in its weight range.

However, its value remains well worth its slight price increase, and it still offers a competitive overall cost.


Who Should Buy the Klutch Welder?

This Klutch Welder with Multi Processes includes several ways to weld. Its user-friendly design and preset or manual input options encourage beginning welders to learn and intermediate welders to grow their skills.

This welding machine handles mild steel, stainless steel, and cast iron out of the box. With a spool gun upgrade, it also tackles aluminum with no trouble.

It provides enough power to manage light to moderate household jobs using these types of metals.

Overall, this welding machine’s portable design lends itself well to home hobby and DIY work. It also fits in nicely as part of a garage hobbyist setup.

Our Recommendation

This Klutch Welder with Multi Processes includes user-friendly features and simple controls designed to work well for beginners and advanced users alike. Its portable size and 120V input power make it perfect for use on the go.

We recommend this welding machine for beginners who want to try their hand at all four main welding processes. We also recommend it for home hobbyists, DIYers, and household repair for light jobs.


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