Klutch ST80i Welder Review

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In Brief: Klutch ST80i Review

Manufactured by the Northern Tool & Equipment company, the Klutch ST80i welder combines solid stick and TIG welding capabilities with a surprisingly lightweight design. This creates a welding machine that fits in just as well with professional welding contractors as with home hobbyists and DIYers.

The Klutch line of tools and equipment comes from the Northern Tool & Equipment company. The company itself began in 1980, but only expanded to include a variety of tools in 1991.

Today, Northern Tool & Equipment offers gear ranging from hydraulics to agriculture.

Like all of the equipment manufactured by Northern Tool & Equipment, the Klutch line focuses on high-quality materials, functional and efficient products, and designs that benefit the customer first.

The Klutch ST80i welder meets all the standards of the Klutch line. This product provides welding customers with a budget-friendly, convenient way to weld.

Key Specifications of the Klutch ST80i

Klutch ST80i Plus DC Arc Welder with TIG function - Inverter, 120 Volt, 20-75 Amp Output

The Klutch ST80i offers basic functionality in a portable package. It incorporates the durable design of the Klutch line with the user-friendly and accessible benefits of a stick welder to create a powerful little portable machine.

Check out the Klutch ST80i welder in action here –


Take a look at the Klutch ST80i long list of specs here:

Stick, TIG
Amperage Range
20-75 DC
20-75 DC; 90 DC Peak
Duty Cycle
20% @ 75A
Range Selection
20-75A DC
15 in. l x 4.75 in. w x 10.25 in. h
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesStick/TIG capabilities
Status indicator light
Built-in carrying handle
Accessories10ft. cable
6.5ft. ground cable and clamp
Shoulder strap

Unique Features

Although small, the Klutch ST80i welder offers a handful of beneficial features to welding hobbyists of any skill level. Its ability to switch between stick and TIG functions sets it apart from other low-budget welders.

TIG Upgrade Capabilities

This welder offers TIG capabilities as an upgrade. Simply purchase and attach the Klutch 10ft. TIG welding torch to use this product as a TIG welder right away.

Process Selector Switch

When changing between TIG and stick functions, just flip the process selector switch. This switch makes it easy to change functions without stopping to add or remove bulky equipment.

Infinite Amperage Control

When you need to control the output and manage the arc of the welder more precisely, use the infinite amperage control dial. It offers easy access and quick, simple adjustments when needed.

Easy Arc Starting

The Klutch ST80i includes built-in functions to improve arc starting and restarting. Anti-stick, arc force and hot start functions ensure starting never becomes too messy or complicated with this welder.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The little Klutch ST80i welder goes above and beyond expectations and offers optimal performance in a compact size.


The Klutch ST80i welder handles small and medium jobs beautifully. Its size limits its abilities to work with thicker metal or complete larger projects, but when used with the right material sizes, it performs just as well as larger machines.

As a stick welder, the machine functions right out of the box. Beginners pick up the basic controls quickly, and experienced hobbyists enjoy working with this lightweight machine.

For TIG capabilities, the machine requires an upgrade. The welder needs a more precise hand with TIG welding than with stick welding, but it still offers a powerful and surprisingly high-quality performance.

Ease of Transportation

At just under 13 pounds, this welder comes in well under the weight of most other portable welding machines. It includes a carrying strap and a built-in handle to improve transportation even more.

Customers who need a lightweight welder for travel and on-site jobs enjoy working with this product.

Despite its compact design, its casing and inner workings hold up well to regular use and do not become damaged easily during transit.


Weld Quality and Available Options

This welder provides a surprisingly high weld quality for a variety of metals. It functions nicely when used with mild steel or stainless steel as well as cast iron. It cannot be used for aluminum.

Regardless of which metal is used, the welder creates smooth, precise results. Even novice hobbyists have no trouble getting the results they want when using this efficient welding machine.

The Klutch ST80i welder only comes in one option. However, it can be upgraded with the following add-ons:

  • TIG torch: This add-on allows the welder to use its built-in TIG functions. TIG welding requires no other additional purchases with this welder.
  • Flow gauge regulator: This add-on makes it easy to keep an eye on gas levels while welding with either MIG or TIG methods.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Because the Klutch line is made by the Northern Tool & Equipment company, customers must reach out to this company to order replacement parts and consumables for the Klutch ST80i welder.

Customers should not perform any services require access to the interior of the welder. However, users should perform routine maintenance on the machine.

Use compressed air to clean dust and dirt from the vents in the welder. Check it regularly for signs of wear and tear. Check cables often and replace them as needed.

Replace consumables when they wear out and don’t continue using damaged or worn ones.

The Klutch ST80i welder features a 3-year warranty for the power rectifier, PC board, switches, controls, and drive motor. It includes a 1-year warranty for parts and labor on the regular and cables.

Klutch and the Northern Tool & Equipment company provide no warranty on the ground clamps, electrode holder, or any consumables.


Does the Klutch ST80i welder work on a regular household current?

Yes. The welder can operate on a 120V current from a household circuit.

Can the Klutch ST80i welder handle aluminum?

No. This welder cannot process aluminum, even with an attachment. Customers in need of aluminum welding should consider a flux core welder or a welder with a spool gun attachment.

Is it possible to run the Klutch ST80i welder with a generator?

Yes. You would need the right wattage and amps. The welder requires at least 2400 continuous watts and at least a 20-amp circuit.

Do you need to preheat metal before welding it with the Klutch ST80i?

Not usually. However, if you want to weld thicker metal, preheating may make the process go much more smoothly with this small welder.

Price of the Klutch ST80i

The Klutch ST80i comes in well under budget for many customers. Because of its lighter size and its basic controls, the welder provides an affordable solution for quick and easy TIG or stick welding on the go.

In comparison to other dual-use portable welders on the market, the Klutch ST80i costs considerably less.


Who Should Buy the Klutch ST80i?

Beginners who are interested in learning how to stick weld and then expand into TIG welding enjoy working with the Klutch ST80i. The simple controls and easy adjustments ensure novice welders get the settings right with ease.

Professional welders regularly purchase this machine and add it to their shops because of its portable design. It adds a convenient element to any workshop that regularly handles smaller jobs.

When completing light jobs on the go, this welder provides plenty of power and excellent performance.

Our Recommendation

The Klutch ST80i offers beautiful, quality welds for stainless steel, mild steel, and cast iron.

Its functions limit its performance with other metals and prevent it from working on heavy-duty projects, but its size and power combine to create a durable solution for light jobs.

Though not intended to replace a full-service welder, we recommend this product for travel welding and light household jobs.

Artists and DIYers also benefit from using this sturdy little machine in their homes, garages, and workshops.


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