Lawn Boy 10736 Push Gas Powered Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Lawn Boy 10736 Lawn Mower Review

If you are in the market and looking for a gas-powered lawn mower, be sure to check the new Lawn-Boy 10736 21-Inch High Wheel Push Gas Powered Mower. This 21-inch machine comes with a Honda engine that provides one of the quietest operations. It may be the right mower for you! Read on to find out more.

Handling this Lawn-Boy mower is smooth. It is an excellent option for a low budget machine that still has the most functions needed in a push lawn mower.

About its cutting capabilities, the Lawn-Boy 10736 presents a steel cutting deck with a 21” cutting path. It gets your job done faster, produces superior cuts, and has remarkable mulching capabilities!

If you want to bag your clippings, this lawn mower comes with an extra-large bag with more capacity compared to earlier models. Its rear wheels are high, higher than the front, for better maneuverability in undefined landscapes.

Key Features of Lawn Boy 10736 Lawn Mower

This lawn mower is 3-in-1 ready, coming with mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities. With a 21” cutting deck, the Lawn-Boy 10736 uses a tri-cutting blade that gives your lawn a desirable carpet finish every time.

It comes in a lightweight design plus pilotable high wheels for easier use in uneven and rugged terrains. The cutting deck is customizable to 6 height positions, which are appropriate for working in a residential yard.

The Honda GCV 160cc OHC engine is quite resourceful. Like all Honda engines, this engine is hushed, powerful, lightweight, and compact.

More imposing is that the manufacturer provides a Tru-Start commitment on the engine, where they automatically repair your engine if you pull more than twice to start it.

Be sure to check the link provided for a demonstration video for the Lawn Boy 10736 21-Inch push lawn mower:

Key Specifications –

Cutting Width
21 Inches
Transmission Type
Power Type
Engine Displacement
Front Wheels Size (in.)
Rear Wheels Size(in.)
Cutting Style
Tri-Cut System
62 lbs.
Cutting Height Options
Start Type
Pull Cord
Deck Material
Fuel Tank
0.245 gal
Recommended Terrain
Flat, Uneven

Unique Features

The Lawn-Boy 10736 comes with several outstanding features that differentiate it from the rest of the models in the market. They include the following:

Large Grass Collector

The Lawn-Boy 10736 is a master when it comes to grass collection. The manufacturer crafted a two-bushel collector bag for this lawn mower.

You can collect a lot of clippings in a single attachment. It saves you the hassle of regularly removing and reattaching the bag again when it is full.

11-Inch High Rear Wheels

Even with the Lawn Boy 10736 being a compact and lightweight lawn mower, control and handling are further enhanced by its 11-inch high wheels.

With this design, you can easily maneuver tight spaces and uneven yards with your lawn mower. This highly sophisticated design also facilitates the motor over more substantial obstacles such as tree roots and shallow ditches.

Reliable Engine

Lawn Boy truly invested in this Honda engine. The GCV 160cc motor provides dependable power long enough so you can complete your job faster.

Besides, the engine is not as heavy and bulky compared to other conventional makes. It is also quiet while in operation. This is a big win for people with noise issues, and those operating from quiet neighborhoods.


Power, Design, and Durability

Lawn Boy 10736 21-Inch High Wheel Push Lawn Mower speaks for itself when it comes to power.

It might lack sufficient muscle to handle thick extensive turfs of rising savanna, but the 6.25 gross torque produced by the 160cc Honda engine is adequate to cleave and shred your lawn with the most exceptional finishes in no time.

The ergonomic rolling design includes 11-inch high wheels and 7” front. You will feel the benefit of this when you get to use the mower yourself.

This design gives the Lawn Boy 10736 outstanding capabilities in uneven terrains. As long as you are there to direct it, no obstacle is too big for this superior-cutting lawn equipment.

It is made with a 21-inch stamped steel deck plus a steel tri-cutting system. I observed how much steel is used throughout the entire build of this lawn mower.

This speaks purely of durability and longevity from the day you purchase this machine.

Cut Quality and Available Options

Lawn Boy 10736 21-Inch features a single blade Tri-Cut cutting system for trimming and leveling your yard. The 21” cutting deck is steel made and with a deep dome, which is highly durable, lightweight, and reliable by all means.

Don’t underestimate the fact that this push lawn mower uses a single blade for cutting grass. Its source of power is a potent Honda 160cc GCV engine delivering high RPMs for superior, velvety finishes.

It makes sure the machine provides exceptional capabilities in mulching, bagging, and side discharge for the clippings. This is contrary to many walk behind push lawn mowers that don’t have the 3-in-1 cutting design.

Its bagging option is singularly the most positive aspect for this model, where the 2-bushel Lawn-Boy bag makes sure you have minimal loose clippings.

For amplified convenience, Lawn-Boy placed two positions from which you can adjust the height of your lawn mower.

Quickly access the two side points to set the cutting deck height based on the type of grass you are mowing. Don’t forget that the deck is adjustable to 6-cutting positions.

Performance and Ease of Use

Lawn Boy 10736 21-Inch Push Gas-Powered Lawn Mower performs best on fairly even landscapes, measuring a little more than a quarter an acre.

Don’t consider this a heavyweight, all-powerful machine, but the durable solid steel build is to die for.

However, I will warn that pushing this machine over the half-acre limit will choke it, and the engine will be less efficient.

This lawn mower might not come out as the perfect fit for a landscape filled with stubborn overgrowths and hills, but it sure can handle an odd bumpy ride in a rugged yard without showing any trouble signs.

The machine barely weighs 75pounds, making it lightweight enough for use by youngsters in the yard grooming sector and adults with less body ability.

Lawn Boy 10736 lawn mower comes with a fast start electric starter and a customary pull-cord mechanism to back it up in case the battery fails.

There are conveniently placed twin levers for deck height adjustment at the back and front of the cutting deck. Regulating the deck height allows the mower to handle taller grass and bumpy terrains more easily.


Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

Maintenance is similar to other gas-powered lawn mowers. Regularly check on the spark plug, grease the moving parts and joints, and ensure the engine oil level doesn’t go low.

Check the manual for more maintenance information.

Lawn-Boy’s standards of service will always leave you impressed. Their 3-year Tru-Start commitment will have the manufacturer repair your engine when you take more than two cord-pulls to start.

Additionally, there is a 2-year comprehensive warranty, sure for all repairs and replacements necessary, within the warranty period. Damages covered must not be accidental or due to wear and tear.

Website: Lawn Boy

Price of Lawn Boy 10736 Lawn Mower

With performance and durability being the driving force, Honda and Lawn-Boy couldn’t make a more economical outdoor equipment.

The engine is super quiet, compact, and lightweight, a plus if you stick to the recommended mowing land size, fuel consumption is manageable.

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s maintenance practices, and this machine will give back the value for your money.


Who Should Buy It?

This machine is for you if you are grooming a residential yard. Smaller yards with relatively rugged terrains are also a stronghold for this machine.

I will correspondingly recommend it to people who dislike noise from an outdoor power tool.

Why We Like It

Listed are reasons I highly recommend the Lawn Boy 10736 for a purchase:

  • Pull cord and an easy-to-start electric ignition
  • Even Grass cutting
  • Large capacity grass collector
  • Has a rear-wheel-drive
  • Excellent performance in uneven terrains
  • Decent fuel consumption
  • Lightweight
  • Super quiet operation.

The downsides to this lawn mower are quite minimal. Some people may find its engine underpowered, but if you stick to small-sized lawns, it will be enough to handle the task.


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