Lincoln 140 MIG Welder Reviews

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In Brief: Lincoln 140 MIG Welder Reviews

Weighing in at only 50 pounds, the Lincoln 140 MIG welder incorporates dual welding techniques without weighing down the user. This welder comes with plenty of parts and add-ons out of the box and features all the durability and ease of use that the Lincoln Electric company offers its customers.

Since 1895, the Lincoln Electric company has provided customers with exceptional products at the forefront of the welding world. This company continues to build new and exciting equipment and gear while leading the industry.

The customer satisfaction and quality assurance of the Lincoln Electric company shine in the Lincoln 140 MIG welder.

Although this welder offers a much smaller size and fewer capabilities than some other Lincoln products, it exceeds expectations at every turn.

Key Specifications of the Lincoln 140 MIG Welder

K4498-1 - MIG Welder 140MP Power MIG

The Lincoln 140 MIG welder includes plenty of features to make welding accessible to any skill level. Its forgiving arc and ability to work with household currents encourage new welders to hone their skills with this device.

Take a look at the Lincoln 140 MIG welder along with other power MIG welders from Lincoln in action here –


Check out the long list of Lincoln 140 MIG welder specs here:

Flux-core, MIG
Input Power
Rated Output
Input Current
Output Range
Wire Feed Speed Range
13.7in. h x 10.15in. w x 17.0in. d
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesWorks with household power currents
Gasless and gas-shielded options
Heavy-duty wire drive
Forgiving arc
AccessoriesMagnum 100L gun and 10ft. cable
Contact tips
Gas and gasless nozzles
Shielding gas apparatus
Work clamp
Instructional CD

Unique Features

With a handful of user-friendly features to round out its design, the Lincoln 140 MIG welder offers two welding techniques in one convenient machine.

Household Power Current

The Lincoln 140 MIG welder requires only 120V input current, so it works with most traditional household power currents and doesn’t need anything stronger.

Heavy-Duty Wire Drive

With this durable wire drive setup, the wire becomes less likely to tangle or break during the welding process.

Forgiving Arc

The arc features a forgiving range so settings and adjustments function easily, even for hobbyists with less experience than others.

Dialing in numbers and changing settings becomes easier than ever before with this welder.

Smooth Start

Get started quickly and enjoy little to no spatter with the smooth start feature built into the Lincoln 140 MIG welder.

Aluminum Gearbox

The gearbox features a sturdy aluminum construction to strengthen the overall design of the machine and help it run more quietly, too.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

With all the power of a Lincoln Electric company product, the Lincoln 140 MIG welder provides quality welds and portable design.


Beginners and experienced users alike enjoy the excellent welds the Lincoln 140 MIG welder provides. Customers report no trouble setting up and using this welder right out of the box and regularly compliment its accessible design.

This welder comes with enough beginner-friendly features that almost any hobbyist uses it successfully. These features encourage a cleaner, easier start, and a longer-lasting product as well.

The sturdy wire drive ensures this welder functions like new for as long as possible.

Ease of Transportation

Take the Lincoln 140 MIG welder along for on-site jobs or around your home and garage as needed. Coming in at just 50 pounds, this welder provides a lightweight design that encourages travel and transportation.

The welder also includes a handle on the top for easier portability.


Welding Quality and Available Options

When used as a MIG welder, this product creates beautiful, high-quality outputs that customers take pride in.

As a flux-core welder, quality results become somewhat more difficult to obtain. However, flux-core becomes easier with practice too, and the welder’s features and settings make this method simple and effective.

Beginners learn quickly when operating this easy-to-use welder with either included technique. You may want to focus on one and then learn the other as your skills flourish.

The Lincoln 140 MIG welder comes in only one option. However, some customers choose to add on accessories:

  • Spool gun: With the addition of a spool gun, new welding techniques open up. The welder works with aluminum when operated with a spool gun.
  • Cart: This portable welder becomes even easier to move around with the addition of a properly sized utility cart.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Lincoln Electric company makes it easy to find replacement parts if needed. Customers may reach out through the company’s online ordering form or call customer service to get more information about replacement parts.

Customers should hire a professional technician to service the interior of this welder, including the power source.

Otherwise, customers should vacuum the wire feed, gearbox, and vents to remove dirt and dust.

Customers should also keep up with replacing damaged cables and any consumables that have worn out. Guns require regular cleaning as well.

The Lincoln 140 MIG welder comes standard with a limited warranty from the Lincoln Electric Company. This warranty covers consumables for 30 days and guns (including the spool gun add-on) for 90 days.

The warranty also covers flux wire, welding wire, and gas flow regulators for 1 year, as well as the welding machine itself for 3 years. The power rectifiers on the welders receive a 7-year warranty.


What size generator works with the Lincoln 140 MIG welder?

The right generator for this welder should number at least 2400 watts.

Can you use the Lincoln 140 MIG welder with electrode sticks?

No. It functions only with welding wire.

What is the Lincoln 140 MIG welder’s duty cycle?

This welder features a 20% duty cycle.

What kind of metal can the Lincoln 140 MIG welder handle?

As-is, the welder works with carbon steel. With a spool gun attachment, it functions with aluminum as well.

Price of the Lincoln 140 MIG Welder

The Lincoln 140 MIG welder comes in at a lower price than some of the other comparable welders on the market.

This price difference occurs largely because the welder only features two functions without upgrades, where others may offer three.

The price includes several add-ons and covers the cost of a welder that works right out of the box.

The lower price allows beginners to try out MIG welding without spending a fortune. This makes the Lincoln 140 MIG welder even more accessible to new learners.


Who Should Buy the Lincoln 140 MIG Welder?

With easy-to-use features and a forgiving arc, the Lincoln 140 MIG welder provides everything beginners need to learn how to perform MIG welding.

Thanks to its lighter weight and built-in handle, it travels well and works nicely as a shop welder on the go.

Any customer in need of a MIG and flux-core welder for light to moderate jobs benefits from using the Lincoln 140 MIG welder.

Beginners who need a simple welder without a lot of confusing bells and whistles also enjoy working with this product.

Home hobbyists make the most of this welder, but some shops also incorporate it for easy, quick on-site jobs.

Customers can call 1-888-935-3877 for more information.

Our Recommendation

Although the Lincoln 140 MIG welder only works with carbon steel out of the box and only allows two welding techniques, its performance regularly surprises customers.

Its simple design and portable size bring convenience and accessibility to any garage, home, or shop.

We recommend the Lincoln 140 MIG welder for beginners who want to learn MIG welding. We also recommend it for welders who already know other techniques but want to branch out into MIG as well.


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