Lincoln 180 HD MIG Flux Core Welder Review

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In Brief: Lincoln 180 HD Review

The Lincoln 180 HD welder includes the power and longevity of the Lincoln Electric company and the convenience of a beginner-friendly welding machine. The result features a simple design with precision adjustments and the ability to shift between MIG and flux core welding with just a few quick changes.

With a focus on producing quality equipment that fills a need in the welding world, the Lincoln Electric company remains at the forefront of the industry.

This company started in 1895 and spent over a century developing its innovative and long-lasting product line.

The Lincoln 180 HD welder combines the forward-thinking concepts of the Lincoln Electric company with the needs of the welding industry.

The result offers welders of any skill level the ability to work with MIG and flux core techniques for light to moderate projects.

Key Specifications of the Lincoln 180 HD

Weld Pak 180 Hd

With easy-to-use controls and a simple setting adjustment method, the Lincoln 180 HD welder provides convenient and accessible welding options for beginners through advanced users.

This machine keeps projects running smoothly thanks to its forgiving arc and smooth start.

Check out the Lincoln 180 HD in action here –


Read the long list of Lincoln 180 HD specs below:

MIG, flux core
Input Power
Input Current
Rated Output
208: 130A/17V/30%
230: 130A/20V/30%
Output Range
Wire Feed Speed Range
14in. h x 10.15in. w x 18.5in. d
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesDual flux-core and MIG welding
Easy-turn tension
Wide amp welding range
Forgiving arc
AccessoriesMagnum 100L MIG gun with 10ft. cable
Gas and gasless nozzles
Contact tips
Spindle adapter
Gas regulator and hose

Unique Features

The Lincoln 180 HD welder provides valuable features to provide high-quality welds and useful results. Its dual flux core and MIG welding options make this welder particularly beneficial.

Dual Flux Core and MIG Welding Capabilities

Choose between either flux core or MIG welding techniques with the Lincoln 180 HD. This welding machine can handle both and provides welding solutions for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum between the two.

Easy-Turn Tension Drive

The included easy-turn tension drive allows you to plug in the wire diameter and let the machine make suggestions regarding the proper adjustments for your needs.

Brass-to-Brass Connection

With brass-to-brass connection for the MIG gun, conductivity improves, and your project runs more smoothly.

Cast Aluminum Gear Box

The built-in gear box made of cast aluminum ensures the machine runs as quietly as possible and lasts longer, too.

Forgiving Arc and Smooth Start

The welder provides a wide, forgiving arc to allow a variety of settings for your project needs. It also features a smooth arc start that reduces spatter and keeps your work cleaner and safer.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

Beginners and more experienced users find the performance and transportation of the Lincoln 180 HD welder impressive and useful for home, garage, and shop settings.


The Lincoln 180 HD welder performs beautifully, especially when used on thicker metals.

However, it can easily handle thinner metals too with the right settings dialed in. More advanced users enjoy the range available from this easy-to-use machine.

Right out of the box, the welder provides MIG welding capabilities. Its MIG welding regularly exceeds customer expectations and runs smoothly from project to project.

With an additional drive roll option (not included), the machine also performs excellent flux core welding.

Its simple design makes switching between the two techniques easy and encourages users to try both styles to find which one works best for their jobs.

Ease of Transportation

At 66 pounds, the Lincoln 180 HD welder offers a portable solution ideal for most homes and garages.

It includes a built-in handle for easy carrying but becomes somewhat heavier when used with the MIG gun attachment required for welding.

Customers who prefer to wheel their welders rather than carry them may use a utility cart for even easier transportation.

With or without a cart, this machine provides an easy way to weld on the go and travel to job sites to complete tasks, too.


Weld Quality and Available Options

With its easy controls and accessible design, the Lincoln 180 HD welder offers an impressive weld quality for both thin and thick material.

The machine works well for light to moderate welding jobs and creates smooth results for home and auto repair needs.

Many customers also find this welder works well for farm and agricultural welding purposes. Thanks to its quick adjustable settings, the machine handles jobs that incorporate multiple metal types with no trouble.

The results of both beginner and experienced welds showcase the quality and potential of this impressive little machine.

The Lincoln 180 HD welder comes in just one option. However, customers may add on the following items to custom tailor their welding experiences:

  • Utility cart: Use this cart to transport the welder more easily around your garage, home, or workshop.
  • Flux core drive roll: This roll allows you to perform flux core welding with this machine. The machine does not include it automatically.
  • Spool gun: Flux core welding also requires a spool gun, particularly for use on aluminum. Add this item to enjoy flux core as well as MIG capabilities from this welder.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

For replacement parts, check the Lincoln Electric company’s web site. The site includes the option to look up parts based on the welder you own and includes several options for the Lincoln 180 HD welder.

Do not try to repair the interior of the welder yourself. Contact a trained and licensed professional to handle this type of repair, as it carries a high risk of electric shock.

When performing routine maintenance, unplug the machine for 30 minutes before working on it.

Use compressed air to clean the vents and inner areas of the welding machine every three months or more often if required. Clean the inside of the wire feed compartment using a gentle vacuum.

Use compressed air to clean the inside of the gun cable. Change the liners, contact tips, and other consumables as soon as they wear out. Check for signs of wear and damage every three months or more often if needed.

All Lincoln Electric company products carry a limited warranty. This warranty covers consumables for 30 days and guns, torches, spool guns, gas flow regulators, and stick electrodes for 1 year.

The warranty also includes 3 years of parts and labor for the welding machine itself plus 7 years of parts and labor for the power rectifiers.

For more information about the Lincoln Electric company’s product warranty, contact customer service at 888-935-3877.


What size generator does the Lincoln 180 HD welder require?

This welder needs at least 7500 watts and at least a 30-amp 240-volt breaker to operate safely on a generator.

Do you have to change the contact tips to switch between welding styles on the Lincoln 180 HD welder?

No. You do not need to change tips when going between flux core (gasless) and MIG (gas) welding styles. You should change tips depending on wire size, however.

Can you use the Lincoln 180 HD welder on a regular household outlet?

No. This welder requires at least 230V power, while a household outlet offers just 110V of power.

Which type of gas does the Lincoln 180 HD welder require?

This welder works with both straight argon and mixed gas. Use 100% argon for aluminum welding and mixed gas for other types of metals.

Price of the Lincoln 180 HD

The Lincoln 180 HD welder costs about the same as other MIG/flux core portable welders with comparative features.

Since it comes with everything needed for MIG welding out of the box, the machine offers a good value for the money.

Its price increases slightly due to the Lincoln Electric company brand name.

This company ensures that all of its welders provide top-of-the-line performance and durability, so most customers feel this machine offers a good investment.


Who Should Buy the Lincoln 180 HD?

This welder incorporates easy-to-use controls with both MIG and flux core functions.

With its portable design, the welder offers a variety of benefits perfect for several welding settings.

Beginners enjoy working with this machine because of its accessible settings and adjustments.

Switching between both types of welding remains easy and results offer high-quality welds for inexperienced welders.

However, although the machine focuses more on beginners, intermediate and experienced welders enjoy working with it too.

Its easy controls make projects run more smoothly and quickly and its portable design allows users to bring it along to jobs around the home or garage.

Our Recommendation

The Lincoln 180 HD welder offers several important features and the durability of the Lincoln Electric company name in one portable package.

It provides an affordable and accessible way for newcomers to learn welding and professionals to expand to on-the-go jobs.

We recommend this welder for beginners who want to learn MIG and flux core welding. We also recommend it for intermediate welders who know how to perform stick and TIG welding and want to branch out.


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