Lincoln AC 225 Stick Welder Review

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In Brief: Lincoln AC 225 Welder Review

The Lincoln Electric company manufactures the Lincoln AC 225 Welder and backs it up with their commitment to quality. This product provides stick welding capabilities and comes with an electrode holder and work cable with a clamp to get you started. This welding machine features a smooth arc and wide amperage range to help users of all skill levels create solid welds.

The Lincoln Electric company began in 1895 when its co-founders worked to create a commercially available direct current electric motor to power their machinery.

With such innovative roots in the history of technological equipment and advancements, the Lincoln Electric company stands at the forefront of the welding industry today.

This company holds its products and services to a high standard and ensures customers remain satisfied.

As one of the Lincoln Electric company’s most popular products, the Lincoln AC 225 welder provides the longevity and power of the Lincoln Electric company line in a convenient, easy-to-use package.

This machine includes simple operations and a smooth, stable arc perfect for beginners. Its unique aesthetic appeal makes it an excellent addition to shops, garages, and home hobby setups.

Key Specifications of the Lincoln AC 225 Welder

LINCOLN ELECTRIC K1170 AC225, 60Hz Arc Welder

The Lincoln AC 225 welder includes a powerful AC industrial output and a durable, unique appearance. It features a smooth arc and simple, quick setup for convenient stick welding in both residential and commercial settings.

Check out the Lincoln AC 225 Welder in action here –


Read the long list of Lincoln AC 225 Welder specs below:

Input Power
Rated Output
Input Current
Minimum Output
40A (AC)
Maximum Output
225A (AC)
24 in. x 17.25 in. x 12 in.
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesWide amperage range
Smooth arc
Powerful industrial output
AccessoriesInsulated electrode holder
Electrode cable
Heavy-duty work clamp
Work cable
Input cable with 220V plug attached

Unique Features

The Lincoln AC 225 welder provides a wide amperage range and powerful industrial output to create a product that fits in well in professional settings.

With convenient, user-friendly controls, it remains a good stick welder for all skill levels.

Wide Amperage Range

This welding machine features a wide amperage range with simple dial control. This setup keeps arcs uniform throughout every pass.

Smooth Arc

The welder features a smooth arc that works with electrodes including hardfacing, stainless steel, mild steel, and low hydrogen options.

Multiple Metal Functions

With plenty of power to keep it going strong, this stick welder tackles low alloy, stainless steel, carbon, mild steel, and cast iron materials with no trouble.

Unique Style

The unique appearance of this welding machine makes it stand out among other shop equipment for those who enjoy a little change.

Powerful Industrial Output

This welding machine offers a 225amp AC output. It offers enough power to handle some industrial-strength jobs.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

As one of the best-selling products from the Lincoln Electric company, the Lincoln AC 225 welder provides peak performance and some transportation functionality as well.

It incorporates beginner controls with sophisticated, advanced settings.


This machine outperforms newer models and competitors with ease. Although it includes only stick welding capabilities, it nevertheless tackles light to moderate jobs with ease and handles some heavy-duty jobs as well.

This stick welder provides enough amperage range to allow advanced users to dial in precision settings for careful, accurate welds. The machine holds up to long-term use and remains a powerful little addition to any setup.

With its stick functionality, this welder handles low alloy, carbon, cast iron, and stainless steel of thicknesses up to 3/8-inch or more.

Ease of Transportation

The Lincoln AC 225 welding machine does not provide as much transportation or portability as some of its competitors or its newer models.

This machine includes features that make it work best as a stationary device, and at 96 pounds, it needs wheels to move.

The welder does not include a carrying handle, so lifting and moving it remains challenging without assistance. It also only runs on 220V input power, so it cannot hook up to household outlets for on-the-go use.


Weld Quality and Available Options

This welding machine only provides stick welding capabilities. With that said, it handles stick welds beautifully and regularly lays down clean, smooth beads.

It runs hot enough to manage thicker metals with no trouble and makes stick welding easy even for beginners.

With a smooth arc and easy start, this machine welds smooth and steady from start to finish. Users of all skill levels create excellent results when working with this durable, long-lasting product.

The Lincoln AC 225 welder comes in just one option with no other variations available.

However, many customers add on items to enhance their welding experiences. Some of these items include:

  • Longer leads: Although the included leads provide enough length for most customers, others prefer to upgrade to longer ones. Some customers may also want to change the included electrode holder.
  • Generator: You do not need a generator to run this welder if you have the right input current and voltage available. Even so, many customers prefer operating it on a generator for convenience.
  • Utility cart: This welder weighs quite a lot more than many of its competitors. As such, it will require a utility cart if you want to move it around. Set it up on a cart and wheel it easily around the garage or workshop with you.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Lincoln Electric company web site makes it easy to order replacement parts for many of its welding machines.

Through the web site, you can plug in the serial number for your product and look up which parts the site provides.
Most replacement parts for welding machines include consumables, cables, accessories, cords, and plugs.

You cannot purchase most internal component replacement parts from the Lincoln Electric company. Customers should contact a licensed repair technician to handle this task.

This machine requires routine maintenance to stay functional. To perform this maintenance, begin by unplugging the power supply and leaving it unplugged for 30 minutes.

Then, remove the front panel of the machine without removing any fixed panels.

Use compressed air to clean the inside of the machine and the vents. This removes dust and debris buildup and helps the welder run smoothly without overheating.

Perform this task every 1 to 3 months, depending on how often you use the machine.

Check all connectors, terminals, cables, plugs, and cords. If you notice signs of damage or wear, repair or replace these parts before you continue to operate the machine. Perform this task every 1 to 3 months as well.

Check consumables every month. If a consumable shows signs of wear or becomes worn out completely, replace it before you operate the machine again. Do not operate this machine with missing or damaged parts.

The Lincoln Electric company provides a limited warranty to cover problems with this machine.

The warranty includes damage or malfunctioning caused by manufacturer error but excludes problems caused by user error or incorrect installation.

The warranty provides three years of parts and labor on the welder itself. It also covers one year of parts and labor for the stick electrode holder and its cable.

The warranty covers 30 days of replacement parts for consumables, hoses, and adapters as well as any other expendable items.

Customers can reach out to the Lincoln Electric company for more warranty information at 1-888-935-3877.


What size generator does the Lincoln AC 225 welder require?

This welding machine needs a generator that provides 230V and 50amp power. It should offer at least 11,500 watts of continuous, clean power. Do not operate this welding machine on a generator that does not provide enough current or wattage to handle it.

Are there any adapters that will allow the Lincoln AC 225 welder to run on 120V current?

No. This welding machine comes with a 220V plug and cannot run on 120V. Trying to operate this welder on low voltage will result in a malfunctioning welding machine and may also void your warranty.

What is the problem if the Lincoln AC 225 welder causes the metal to warp and melt?

If your metal workpiece warps and melts during the welding process, the welder needs to run cooler. Dial back your settings so it doesn’t run so hot and perform some welding spot tests to ensure your next metal piece remains intact.

What is the maximum steel thickness the Lincoln AC 225 welder can handle?

The manufacturer rates this welder at 3/8-inch maximum thickness. However, many customers report welding ½-inch steel without trouble. The ability of the user and the quality of consumables used make a difference.

Does the Lincoln AC 225 welder work for aluminum?

No. This machine only works for steel applications. It does not provide enough power to handle aluminum, although some customers may be able to use specific advanced settings and consumables to handle quick aluminum passes.

Price of the Lincoln AC 225 Welder

The Lincoln AC 225 welder provides a convenient low-cost entry-level way for welding hobbyists to start stick welding.

It includes enough features and durability to live up to the Lincoln Electric name but remains affordable for beginners to enjoy.

This machine comes with several accessories and provides convenient, simple welding right out of the box.

It features a stylish shape and aesthetic appeal that makes it look great in any shop. Additionally, it features a user-friendly interface.

All of this machine’s features combine to make it a valuable stick welder.

Many customers feel the value of this machine far outweighs its price. In comparison to other single-process welders on the market, the price remains competitive.


Who Should Buy the Lincoln AC 225 Welder?

The Lincoln AC 225 welder works best for commercial purposes or more advanced home hobbyist setups.

It features industrial-strength input voltage power and high AC outputs that keep it in the running with other, larger machinery.

This welder provides quality performance and control for any customer interested in a solely stick welding machine. It cannot upgrade to TIG or work with spool guns, flux core, or MIG welding functions.

This machine handles a variety of materials and thicknesses with ease. It provides solid welding solutions for serious welders and auto repair hobbyists.

However, it also features simple controls and user-friendly design for easy beginner operation.

Our Recommendation

The Lincoln AC 225 welding machine makes stick welding accessible for beginners while allowing experienced users to dial in precise settings.

It features industrial-strength power with a unique appearance that helps it fit into a variety of shops and homes.

We recommend this welding machine for professional welders looking for a high-quality stick welder for shop use.

We also recommend it for home hobbyists who want a stick welder with a unique aesthetic appeal backed by the quality assurance of the Lincoln Electric company.


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