Lincoln Power MIG 180C K2473-2 Welder Review

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In Brief: Lincoln Power MIG 180C K2473-2 Welder Review

As one of the more popular products from the Lincoln Electric company, the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2 portable welder offers a variety of MIG welding settings for hobbyists and professionals. Its dual flux core use ensures it can handle almost any job, big or small.

The Lincoln Electric company began in 1895 with the development of a direct current electric motor. In 1911, that motor found its way into a variable voltage arc welder that became the first of its kind.

The company continues to pave the way for improvements in the welding world.

As one of the many high-quality welders from the Lincoln Electric company, the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder remains a popular choice for home welders and shop owners alike.

Its portable design keeps it among the most convenient MIG welders.

Key Specifications of the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2

MIG Welder, Handheld, 208/230VAC

The Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder features Diamond Core Technology. This specific design style comes only from the Lincoln Electric company and creates a wide range of voltage for any project.

Check out the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2 in action here –


Take a look at the long list of specs for the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2 here:

MIG, flux core
Input Power
Rated Output
Input Current20A
Output Range30-180A DC
Wire Feed Speed Range50-500ipm
Dimensions14 in. h x 10.2 in. w x 18.6 in. d
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesDiamond Core Technology
Tool-less Design
Spool Gun Optional
PC Board Protection
AccessoriesMagnum Pro 100L gun & 10ft. cable
Contact tips
Gas and gasless nozzles
Work cable
Instructional DVD
Sample spools of mild steel and flux core

Unique Features

The Lincoln Power MIG 180c MIG Welder comes with many useful features built in. These features include a unique tool-less design that makes this welder stand out from the rest in its class.

Diamond Core Technology

With Lincoln Electric’s Diamond Core Technology, this welder features an arc that is always forgiving and plenty of voltage range to make welding easier for beginners.

It also creates less splatter and better arc action overall.

Tool-less Design

This welder features no need to use tools when changing the polarity, maintaining the wire drive, mounting the spool, or performing other routine work on the device.

Aluminum Drive

The welder incorporates an aluminum drive and a unique dual drive roll design to create an easy-to-use, accessible setup.

This design reduces the risk of problems such as tangling and knotting while working.

Durable PC Board Protection

The PC board inside this welder nestles beneath a durable plastic tray to resist impact and shock from regular use.

With this design, the welder features a longer lifespan with fewer chances for the inner workings to become damaged.

Flux Core Capabilities

Although this welder features MIG specifications, it also includes flux core capabilities. Simply change the included gun for an aluminum spool gun instead.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

With a powerful performance output and a durable, portable design, the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2 pleases beginners and professionals both.


Customers who need a welder for home or garage use enjoy working on DIY and art projects with the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder.

This welder offers plenty of capabilities to keep a beginner or intermediate hobbyist happy.

Experienced welders enjoy the benefits of working with such a small, portable welder. Professionals use it in their shops to complete precise jobs that are too small for traditional welders.

The durable casing and PC board protection help to create an even longer-lasting machine.

Ease of Transportation

The small size of this welder ensures hobbyists can move it around as needed to complete projects in different locations.

Despite being small, it packs a punch and continually puts out quality results with a lot of power behind each weld.

In comparison to other portable welders, however, the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder comes in slightly heavier. It remains a good choice for transportation, but not the lightest option on the market.


Weld Quality and Available Options

The Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder provides quality weld results regardless of skill level.

Beginners learn to create beautiful welds in a short time with this product, and experienced hobbyists enjoy challenging the boundaries of their skills.

Customers change and adjust the settings easily with this product.

Thanks to its wide range, it features easy alterations perfect for almost any project. As hobbyists improve, they learn to adjust more precise settings with this welder.

The Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2743-2 comes in just one option. However, it includes the following upgrades and potential add-ons:

  • Magnum Pro 100 SG Spool Gun: This spool gun comes as an add-on at an additional cost. It allows customers to use aluminum wire and flux core welding with the same machine.
  • Spot Timer Kit: This add-on allows the customer to set a short weld time and complete it with one pull of the welding trigger. It helps improve thin, small welding jobs.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Lincoln Electric company makes it easy for existing customers to locate parts for repairs and replacements. The company web site offers a search via serial number, and the company also takes calls daily to help with this service.

The Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder requires regular maintenance, like any welding machine. It does not include interior serviceable parts, however.

If something malfunctions inside the machine, it must be serviced by a professional.

Once a month or more if needed, use compressed air to blow dirt and dust from the vents in the welder. Check the guide tube to see if it needs to be replaced, cleaned, or repaired.

Every 300 pounds of solid wire or 50 pounds of flux core wire, clean the gun cable. Take the contact tip off the gun and remove the gun cable from the machine. Use compressed air to flush out the cable.

The motor, fan, and wire spindle do not need routine maintenance.

This welder features a standard limited warranty. The warranty covers 7 years of parts and labor for the power rectifiers and 3 years of parts and labor for the machine itself.

It also covers 1 year for wire feeds, welding accessories, and wire. The warranty covers 90 days for the gun and cable and 30 days for any consumable items.

Contact Lincoln Electric at 1-888-935-3877 for more information about this warranty.


Do you have to have a spool gun to use aluminum wire on the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2?

Yes, you need to use a spool gun to use aluminum wire with this welder. The spool gun comes at an additional cost and not with the welding kit.

Does the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2 work both with and without gas?

Yes, this welder can be used with or without gas. It comes with nozzles for both options. For gasless welding, the welder uses flux core wire.

Can the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2 work as a plasma cutter?

No. This welder is a welder only and cannot cut.

What is the duty cycle for the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2?

The duty cycle for this welder is 30%.

Price of the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2

This welder features a price that is notably higher than many other, similar portable welders on the market.

Other MIG-style welders with flux core capabilities offer lower prices but may not include as many high-quality settings.

Customers generally feel the price reflects the value of this welder due to its professional-grade adjustment options and quality outputs.


Who Should Buy the Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2?

The Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2 works best for hobbyists who have some experience welding.

However, beginners may enjoy learning on this device due to its easy adjustments and wide ranges.

Professionals sometimes utilize this welder in shop work due to its smaller size and ability to handle thin aluminum.

However, those looking to complete large projects or use the welder every day might require a heavier-duty solution.

Residential customers particularly find value in this high-quality home and garage welder.

Our Recommendation

The Lincoln Power MIG 180C MIG Welder K2473-2 offers a high-quality performance with excellent project output. It performs smoothly and starts up easily with little to no splatter, even for beginners.

This welder handles metal and wire of varying thicknesses easily and is not limited by thinner wire thanks to its flux core abilities.

We recommend this welder particularly for intermediate home hobbyists who enjoy DIY welding work.


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