Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Welder Review

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In Brief: Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Welder Review

The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder comes from the well-known Lincoln Electric company. This company provides long-lasting machines that include just the right amount of modern technology to help users of any skill level to create the perfect outcomes every time. With this machine, welders enjoy outstanding TIG and stick aluminum welding results.

The Lincoln Electric company cares about its products and its customers. This company began in 1895 when it focused on electric motors and persists today as one of the leading welding equipment companies worldwide.

The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder offers a strong, sturdy, and long-lasting machine with all the functionality and detail of the Lincoln Electric company.

Designed with real hobbyists and professional welders in mind, this machine includes accessible features and quality results.

Key Specifications of the Lincoln Precision TIG 225

TIG Welder, Precision TIG 225, 208/230VAC

With a combination of easy, accessible controls and professional outputs, the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 creates quality welds for any skill level.

This machine includes a wide range that allows welders to find the precise settings required for any type of aluminum welding.

Check out the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 in action here –


Read the long list of Lincoln Precision TIG 225 specs below:

TIG, stick
Input Power
Input Current @ 40% Duty Cycle28/22
Input Current @ 60% Duty Cycle23/19
Rated Output130A/40%
Output Range5-230A AC
5-230A DC
Max OCV: 75V
Dimensions20.7in. h x 14.5in. w x 25.6in. d
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesWide range
AC Auto-Balance
Manual control bypass
Stick and TIG functions
Accessories10ft. work cable and clamp
Torch hanger and storage compartment
Removable lift eye
NEMA 6-50R receptacle
9ft. input power cord

Unique Features

With both AC Auto-Balance and a manual bypass function, the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder offers a little something for any hobbyist or professional.

AC Auto-Balance

AC Auto-Balance allows the machine to choose the right settings for aluminum welding. This ensures the project receives enough penetration and cleaning both.

Manual Control Bypass

More advanced users often choose to turn off the AC Auto-Balance feature and work with the manual control bypass instead. This allows users to dial in even more precise settings for aluminum welds.

Simple and Accessible Controls

The controls on the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder offers simple adjustments as needed. The machine only requires user input for polarity and mode before welding begins.

Micro-Start II

With the Lincoln Electric company’s Micro-Start II function, the welder offers better arc stability, improved starting, and more thorough crater fills throughout your projects.

TIG Pulser

The TIG pulser function reduces the amount of distortion caused in your metals from exposure to high heats. This features toggles on and off through user input.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder provides professional performance with controls that make it easy for welders of any skill level to achieve incredible results.


This welder features an impressive construction with durable, long-lasting life. Designed to hold up to years of shop use, this machine ensures home hobbyists and professional welders alike can continue TIG and stick welding for a long time to come.

The welder includes several easy-to-use functions that hold to the Lincoln Electric company’s standards and commitment to quality. These functions work well and make it easier for users to achieve their project goals.

The included pulse weld function offers a wide range for ease of use but allows customers to tailor their experience with fine-tuning and precision controls.

Overall, this machine performs well and creates outstanding results.

Ease of Transportation

What the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder offers in terms of performance, it lacks somewhat when it comes to transportation.

This machine weighs 192 pounds and requires a heavy-duty cart for any movement. It does not offer a portable or lightweight design like some competitors.

Its much larger size and weight come from its powerful transformer-based design. This welder offers strong internal components and shop-grade functionality that contribute to the weight of the machine.


Weld Quality and Available Options

The machine provides extremely high-quality welds achievable by even the most inexperienced of users. Its smooth arc start function and stable control create smooth welds with a professional, finished look.

The machine focuses specifically on welding aluminum, but customers sometimes use it for other types of metal, depending on skills and needs. For aluminum, the weld quality remains high in both AC and DC settings.

The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder comes in only one option. However, some customers choose to purchase the following items along with it to create a more complete pack:

  • Stick electrode holder and cable: This accessory makes it possible to perform stick welding with the machine.
  • TIG torch with cable: This accessory allows TIG welding capabilities with this welding machine.
  • Wireless pedal: With this accessory, customers can enjoy more precise TIG welding adjustments.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers in need of replacement parts for the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder often order these parts through the Lincoln Electric company web site.

This site offers an easy parts lookup function and includes several options for each welder.

Customers should not, however, try to repair the inner components of the welder. This task requires completion by a trained technician.

To perform routine maintenance, unplug the power cord, and leave the machine off for 30 minutes.

Clean the inside of the welder using compressed air at least every three months. The machine may require more frequent air cleaning if you use it often.

Every month, check for damaged cables, worn consumables, or connections that need tightening. Repair as needed.

The Lincoln Electric company provides a limited warranty for its welders and other products. This warranty covers the welder’s main power rectifier for 7 years and the welder itself for 3 years.

The warranty includes gas flow regulators, stick electrodes, welding wire, flux core wire, TIG torches, and MIG guns for 1 year. It also covers consumables for 30 days.

Find out more about the Lincoln Electric company’s warranty by contacting customer service at 888-935-3877.


What size generator does the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder require?

This machine requires at least an 11500-watt rated generator for safe use.

Can you plug the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder into a household outlet?

No. This machine needs a 230-volt, 50-amp outlet for safe operation.

Does the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder come with everything needed to start welding?

No. The welder includes basic cables and connectors but does not include a TIG torch, stick electrode holder, or materials.

Is there a high-frequency start function on the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder?

No, but the welder includes a pulse micro-start frequency that allows the user to adjust as needed.

Price of the Lincoln Precision TIG 225

Because of its powerful, professional design, the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder costs considerably more than many other TIG/stick dual-style welders on the market.

Its price reflects its reliable internal components and the size and power of this transformer-based welder.

This welder features a build that lasts much longer than smaller, more portable TIG/stick welders. Its durability makes the value of the machine worth the cost to professionals and any user looking for a welder designed to last.

However, since the welder excludes some required accessories to start welding out of the box, the cost may not reflect the value for beginners looking to break into welding with an affordable solution.


Who Should Buy the Lincoln Precision TIG 225?

The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder offers impressive welding results and a high-quality build designed with professionals in mind.

Although it offers no portability, its features encourage welders of any skill level to add this machine to their garages, shops, or homes.

This machine offers the most benefits for professional shop welders in need of a powerful TIG and stick solution. It works best when left in one place and used for welding projects of almost any size, with a focus on aluminum.

Beginners may enjoy working with this welder if they need a reliable machine to help them learn and grow for years to come.

Our Recommendation

The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 welder makes a valuable addition to any setup. Its impressive results and accessible functions ensure this welder remains an ideal choice for a variety of situations and beginners to advanced users.

We recommend this welder for professionals in need of a stationary TIG/stick dual welder for shop use.

We also recommend it for beginners with a very serious commitment to learning welding and the ability to spend funds on a high-end welding machine.


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