Lincoln Square Wave 200 TIG Welder Review

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In Brief: Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine allows users to weld aluminum, steel, or chrome-moly using TIG or stick processes. This machine includes dual voltage and easy adjustments with a beginner-friendly design. With reliable internal components and durable materials, this welder remains built to last.

The Lincoln Electric company remains at the forefront of welding industry innovations. This company began over a century ago and brings its long-term commitment to service and satisfaction to each of its customers.

With all the power and durability of the Lincoln Electric company behind it, the Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine creates beautiful welds using both TIG and stick processes.

This machine features easy adjustments and the ability to weld aluminum.

Key Specifications of the Lincoln Square Wave 200

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder K5126-1

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine combines dual voltage design with simple, efficient inputs. The result makes welding easy for beginners using either TIG or stick functions.

Check out the Lincoln Square Wave 200 in action here –


Read the long list of Lincoln Square Wave 200 specs below:

TIG, stick
Rated Output TIG
Rated Output TIG
Rated Output Stick
Rated Output Stick
Input Current TIG
25% 21A
50% 17A
60% 14A
Input Current TIG 120V:25% 22A
40% 17A
60% 13A
Input Current Stick
20% 19A
60% 16A
Output Range
TIG 10-125A
Stick 10-90A
Output Range 230V:TIG 10-200A
Stick 10-170A
Dimensions14 in. x 10.75 in. x 19.25 in.
FeaturesAluminum welding capability
Dual voltage
Easy adjustments
AccessoriesTIG torch and cable
Stick electrode holder and cable
Gas regulator and flow meter
Ground clamp and cable
Power cord and dual voltage plugs
Foot pedal

Unique Features

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine includes dual voltage and easy adjustments to keep it convenient for beginners and efficient for more experienced users as well.

Aluminum Welding Capability

This machine tackles aluminum with no trouble. Thanks to its convenient settings and adjustment functions, it handles thin or thick materials as needed.

Dual Voltage

Use this welder on either 120V or 240V input current with no trouble. 120V current allows convenient use on the go from any outlet, while 240V improves the overall outputs of this machine.

Easy Adjustments

With a user-friendly interface, this machine allows simple control of frequency and balance to optimize penetration, cleaning, and more.

TIG Pulse

This welding machine features TIG Pulse which can improve the overall appearance of welds on most types of metals.

Multiple Metals

Aside from just aluminum, this machine also works well on stainless steel, mild steel, and chrome-moly with different input settings.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

A lightweight design and several portability features make this powerful little machine an excellent choice for most TIG and stick functions.


This welder provides impressive performance in a small package. It tackles a variety of light to moderate jobs and processes several types and thicknesses of metal easily.

Its included parts and components hold up well to long-term use around the house.

Some customers feel the TIG Pulse function lacks power compared to the same function on other products. It offers only 20 pulses per second, which cannot work as smoothly on thin metal as on thick.

Despite this minor flaw, most users enjoy working with this simple but effective machine.

Ease of Transportation

At almost 47 pounds, this welding machine remains slightly heavier than some of its competitors. Other dual-process TIG/stick welders may weigh less but exclude the high-quality components found in this product.

The product includes a sturdy metal carrying handle on top and a dual voltage function. With these two features, it remains portable and easy to use from almost anywhere.


Weld Quality and Available Options

This welding machine lays smooth beads and stays hot from start to finish. It offers clean starts with minimal spatter and offers smooth, solid welds on aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and chrome-moly.

Customers have no trouble getting the results they want with this machine. Even beginners enjoy impressive weld quality and lasting results when using this machine for both TIG and stick processes.

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine comes in just one option. Customers may purchase the following along with it:

  • Upgraded TIG torch: Customers may prefer to upgrade the TIG torch to something with a longer cable or more functionality.
  • Utility cart: Although this machine remains easy to transport, some customers prefer to use it with a utility cart.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers in need of replacement parts for this welding machine may find them on the Lincoln Electric company’s web site. This site offers a convenient lookup function for parts based on the serial number of each machine.

The web site offers replacement accessories, consumables, and cables, but excludes internal components. These parts should only be repaired or replaced by a licensed professional.

To perform routine maintenance, begin by unplugging the welder for 30 minutes before cleaning and servicing.

Every month remove the cover of the machine and use compressed air to clean debris and dust from the inner components. Clean the vents at this time as well.

Each time the machine operates check it for signs of damage. Repair or replace any damaged items immediately and refrain from operating the machine with damaged parts.

The Lincoln Electric company provides a limited warranty on this welder that covers three years of parts and labor on the machine itself.

This warranty also covers one year of parts and labor on accessories such as torches, guns, and foot pedals.

The warranty includes a 30-day money-back guarantee on consumables and expendable parts.

For more warranty information, contact the Lincoln Electric company at 1-888-935-3877.


Does the Lincoln Square Wave 200 welder run on AC or DC input?

This welding machine includes both current input options in one.

Can the Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine work without the foot pedal?

No. This machine requires the included foot pedal to operate.

What type of cooling does the Lincoln Square Wave 200 welder use?

This welding machine uses air cooling for the TIG torch as well as the machine itself.

Can you use a spool gun with the Lincoln Square Wave 200 welder?

No. This machine provides TIG and stick welding capabilities but does not offer MIG or flux core options.

Price of the Lincoln Square Wave 200

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine comes in at a higher price than many competitor products. As a dual-process TIG/stick welder, it remains in a higher pricing bracket than other portable machines like it.

The price increase comes from the Lincoln Electric brand name and the impressive, reliable parts and manufacturing it includes. The price also comes from the many accessories and parts that come with the machine.

Overall, the price of this product matches its value.


Who Should Buy the Lincoln Square Wave 200?

Built to handle many metals and tackle light to moderate jobs, the Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine remains ideal for household use.

It works well for residential repair and DIY tasks as well as light garage work.

This machine also provides plenty of power to tackle moderate auto bodywork. Some professional auto repair and restoration workers use this welder as part of their regular setup thanks to its portable design.

The machine offers convenient TIG and stick welding designed to make it easy to learn to weld and improve skills.

Our Recommendation

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 welding machine includes plenty of features to get new welders started and encourage experienced users to try new things.

Its easy adjustments and ability to weld aluminum smoothly make it ideal for many applications.

We recommend this welder for beginners in need of a TIG/stick welder for household repairs. We also recommend it for home hobbyists, DIYers, and metal artists who want to work with steel and aluminum both.


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