Lincoln TIG 200 K5126-1 Welder Review

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In Brief: Lincoln TIG 200 Review

The Lincoln TIG 200 welder packs all the quality assurance and durability of the Lincoln Electric company name into one small, easy-to-use package. This welder includes everything you need to practice TIG and stick welding out of the box and offers a convenient, accessible way to work on any projects.

The Lincoln Electric company made its debut with a variable voltage arc welder in 1911. The company still creates innovative new ideas that lead to the welding equipment industry even today.

The products created by the Lincoln Electric company hold up to their standard of excellence.

The Lincoln TIG 200 welder showcases the attention to detail and commitment to quality products of the Lincoln Electric company.

This welder incorporates TIG and Stick welding functions with a portable design to create a high-quality on-the-go welding machine.

Key Specifications of the Lincoln TIG 200

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder K5126-1

When you want to weld aluminum with a TIG welder, the Lincoln TIG 200 welder provides everything you need and more.

This welding machine handles a wide range of material thicknesses and offers extra features for convenient use.

Check out the Lincoln TIG 200 welder in action here – 



Read through the long list of specs for the Lincoln TIG 200 welder below:

TIG, stick
Input Power120/230/1/50/60
Rated Output (TIG)
TIG: 125A/25% (AC TIG 110A/25%)
TIG: 100A/40%
TIG: 85A/60%
Rated Output (TIG)
TIG: 200A/25%
TIG: 160A/40%
TIG: 130A/60%
Rated Output (Stick)
Stick: 75A/20%
Stick: 65A/60%
Rated Output (Stick)
Stick: 170A/20%
Stick: 100A/60%
Input Current
TIG: 25% Duty Cycle 21A
TIG: 40% Duty Cycle 17A
TIG: 60% Duty Cycle 14A
Stick: 20% Duty Cycle 19A
Stick: 60% Duty Cycle 16A
Input Current
TIG: 25% Duty Cycle 22A
TIG: 40% Duty Cycle 17A
TIG: 60% Duty Cycle 13A
Output Range
TIG: 10-125A
Stick: 10-90A
Output Range
TIG: 10-200A
Stick: 10-170A
Dimensions14in. h x 10.75in. w x 19.25in. d
FeaturesAC Frequency Control
TIG and Stick Capabilities
Standard Output Power
AccessoriesTIG torch and cable
Foot pedal
Stick electrode holder
Gas regulator and hose
Ground clamp and cable
120V and 230V cords

Unique Features

The Lincoln TIG 200 welding machine comes with a few advanced features that make it easier to use for beginners. These features include AC frequency and balance control, which help adjust the results of the weld.

AC Frequency Control

Change the AC frequency control with the simple dial adjustment settings to alter the welding bead between wide and tight.

AC Balance Control

Use the AC balance control function to improve the ability to weld through thicker metals. This function also makes it easier to clean dirty aluminum.

Standard Output Power

Use the standard 120V output power option when you need to operate this machine from your regular household power source. Switch back to the 230V option with a grounded, appropriate power source.

TIG and Stick Capabilities

With one convenient welding machine, TIG and stick welding techniques both become easy to learn, use, and switch between quickly.

Digital Display

The control panel features a built-in digital display to take the guesswork out of your settings and adjustments.


Performance & Ease of Transportation


According to customers who own professional welding companies, this welder keeps up with the bigger, more expensive competitors on the market in a phenomenal way.

For TIG and stick welding needs, this product goes above and beyond expectations.

The machine holds up well to regular use over time and functions nicely as an everyday welder. All included accessories and peripheral items remain as durable and long-lasting as the welder itself.

For light to moderate welding jobs, this machine performs beautifully.

Ease of Transportation

The Lincoln TIG 200 welder includes several features that make it ideal for transportation. It weighs only 46.5 pounds and offers one of the lightest portable welder options.

It also comes standard with a built-in handle to make it easier to pick up and carry with you. Of course, it fits well onto a welding cart for even more portability, too.

Finally, the welder works with a household current using its 120V output option. Home hobbyists and garage welders find plenty of projects to work on while taking this welder around the house thanks to this portable feature.


Weld Quality and Available Options

The Lincoln TIG 200 welder regularly puts out high-quality welds for both TIG and stick functions. Compared to its competitors, its welds are somewhat smoother and easier to achieve for beginners than some others.

The welder starts nicely and rarely false starts. Additionally, it offers arc control settings that allow the user to change the arc while welding for a more precise outcome.

These features make the weld quality even better on this product.

The Lincoln TIG 200 welder comes in only one option. However, some customers choose to add certain items with this welder:

  • Utility cart: This cart makes it easier to bring along the welder to jobs around the house or away from home.
  • Hand Amptrol: This product from the Lincoln Electric company allows the benefits of a foot pedal but with hand controls.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

To find replacement parts for the Lincoln TIG 200 welder or any other Lincoln Electric products, search the company’s web site.

This search makes it easy to locate the right part for the job. However, only a licensed repair technician should service the interior of your welding machine.

Before performing work or maintenance on this device, shut off the power and leave it off for at least 30 minutes to prevent electric shock.

The Lincoln Electric company recommends checking that switches, knobs, and controls function every day. They also recommend a daily check of the LED display, the fan, and the power cord.

Finally, check the output terminals every day to ensure the unit refrains from overheating.

Every month clean the inside of the machine and the vents using compressed air. Make sure to clean dust from as much of the machine as you can access without removing more than the outer cover.

The Lincoln Electric company’s warranty provides 3 years of parts and labor for the welding machine itself. It also covers 1 year of the stick electrode, gas flow regulators, the TIG torch, and welding accessories.

It includes 30 days for consumable items like hoses.

For more warranty information, contact the Lincoln Electric company at 888-935-3877.


Can the Lincoln TIG 200 welder handle stainless steel as well as aluminum?

Yes. It can also weld titanium and cast iron successfully.

Can you use the Lincoln TIG 200 welder without the foot pedal?

Not out of the box. Some customers switch to the hand-operated arc start switch sold by the Lincoln Electric company instead.

Can the Lincoln TIG 200 welder work for any MIG or flux core functions?

No. This welder features TIG and stick capabilities only. MIG and flux core welding require different components.

What kind of gas is required to weld aluminum with the Lincoln TIG 200 welder?

This welder requires argon gas to weld aluminum of any thickness.

Price of the Lincoln TIG 200

This welder costs considerably more than many other dual-use welders on the market. Part of this price comes from the Lincoln Electric brand name, which leads the industry and provides exceptional welding equipment.

The Lincoln TIG 200 includes several beginner-friendly features and all the quality assurance and customer service of the Lincoln Electric company.

Added to its lightweight, convenient design, these features give the welder a high value for the cost.


Who Should Buy the Lincoln TIG 200?

The Lincoln TIG 200 welder includes features designed to be useful to beginning welders. However, it also comes packed with enough power to complete professional-grade jobs with no trouble.

This welder works beautifully for home welding hobbyists and DIYers of any skill level. It even finds its way into some professional welding shops thanks to its quality design.

Our Recommendation

With easy-to-use features and highly portable design, the Lincoln TIG 200 welder remains one of the more popular TIG/stick dual welders on the market.

Since it comes from the Lincoln Electric company, its durability and quality truly shine.

We recommend this welder for beginners who want a high-quality product to learn on. We also recommend it for anyone who performs a lot of welding work around the home or garage, as well as metal artists.

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