Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Review

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In Brief: Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Review

The Lincoln Electric company makes exceptional welding equipment and accessories, including helmets like the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C. This auto-darkening welding helmet features 1/1/1/1 optical clarity and an extra-wide viewing window to make welding more efficient, safer, and easier for all skill levels.

The Lincoln Electric company cares about its customers and strives to provide quality products built to last.

This company began 125 years ago and remains one of the leaders of the welding industry with impressive innovations year after year.

As one of the Lincoln Electric company’s many high-quality items, the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C helmet offers exceptional durability, impressive results, and optimal safety coverage.

This sturdy helmet lives up to the company’s standards for product excellence.

Key Specifications of the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C

Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology, Matte Black, extra large

The Lincoln Viking 3350 4C auto-darkening welding helmet features the option to install a cheater lens for added benefits.

It also comes with a replaceable battery and built-in headgear that works for most adult head sizes comfortably.

Check out the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C in action here –


Read the long list of Lincoln Viking 3350 4C specs below:

Auto-Darkening Helmet
Lens Switching Speed
Variable Shade/Control
5-13 Internal
Grind Mode Shade/Control
3.5 External & Internal
Delay Control Dark to Light
0.1 – 1.0sec Fully Adjustable
TIG Amp Rating
DC > 2amp
AC > 2amp
4.5 in. x 5.25in cartridge
3.74in. x 3.34 in. viewer
Temperature Range
Operating: 14F-131F
Storage: -4F-158F
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesCheater lens capable
Four arc sensors
X6 Headgear
AccessoriesHelmet bag
5 outside lenses
2 inside lenses

Unique Features

With durable X6 headgear and an impress four arc sensors, this welding helmet includes features built for safety as well as convenience.

X6 Headgear

The built-in X6 headgear provides plenty of comfort and adjustability for many head sizes. It cuts down on the amount of pressure on the wearer’s head and improves visibility and balance both.

Four Arc Sensors

With four arc sensors built into the front of the viewer, this helmet always auto-darkens as soon as the arc lights.

Cheater Lens Capable

If necessary, you can set up this welding helmet to work with a cheater lens for easier and more convenient welding.

1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity

As one of the highest quality auto-darkening helmets on the market, this industry leader provides 1/1/1/1 optical clarity.

Replaceable Battery

This welding helmet includes a replaceable battery. Unlike other welding helmets on the market, this battery offers easy access and quick change when the time comes.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

With a convenient, light design and plenty of portability, this sturdy auto-darkening helmet offers superb visibility.


The Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet includes a powerful auto-darkening feature that runs on four arc sensors.

These sensors work well to recognize arcs right away and prevent damage to the wearer’s eyes.

The built-in grind function works well too and provides easy controls for users who need to turn off the auto-darkening feature temporarily.

Ease of Transportation

This helmet sits comfortably on the head and prevents neck and shoulder strain even after long stretches of use. It remains lightweight enough to wear for work yet sturdy enough to provide plenty of protection.


Quality and Available Options

With the help of this auto-darkening helmet, users create high-quality welds and improve their overall welding performance and capabilities.

This helmet features improved visibility and safety features that make it easier to see while working on welds.

The helmet itself also features a high-quality design that lasts a long time.

Its included functions and four arc sensors make it an exceptional choice for welders of any skill level.

The Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet comes in several different aesthetic styles.

Although these helmets all include the same physical features, they offer different appearances to meet many style needs:

  • Black: This standard helmet looks professional and fits in well in workshops.
  • Red: This bright red helmet features a black racing stripe.
  • Steampunk: This version includes painted-on gears and goggles for a unique style.
  • All American: Call to mind visions of superheroes with this red, white, and blue helmet.
  • Born to Weld: This helmet features a camo print and reads “Born to Weld” on the side.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Lincoln Electric company makes it easy to purchase replacement parts for auto-darkening welding helmets.

Simply plug in the serial number on the company’s web site and search for replacement parts available.

Customers may also contact customer service for more information about replacement parts. This helmet features many replaceable parts.

Perform regular maintenance on this helmet to keep it working as long as possible. To clean the helmet, wipe the outside with a dry, soft cloth to remove dust and debris.

Use a mixture of water and mild detergent or mild soap to clean the arc sensors and solar cells. Wipe with a lint-free dry, clean cloth.

Never submerge this helmet in water.

Always store the helmet in a clean, dry place away from light when not in use.

The Lincoln Electric company provides a limited warranty for this welding helmet. The warranty covers three years of parts and labor for the helmet as well as two years of parts and labor for the lens portion.

Customers should use the form enclosed with the product to register for the warranty. Without registration, the warranty cannot go into effect.

Contact the Lincoln Electric company with warranty questions at 888-935-3877.


Is the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C a digital helmet?

This helmet includes some internal features, such as a light that flashes when the grinding mode is activated, but it does not include a fully digital display.

Does the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C helmet work well in the sun?

Yes. This helmet adjusts accordingly when used in the sun and works well for this type of welding.

Is it easy to reach the grinding button on the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C helmet?

Yes. However, since the button requires pressing for a couple of seconds, it cannot accidentally turn on without user input.

Does the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet include only a solar power source?

No. This helmet also features a battery, although the battery works only as a backup when solar power fails or runs out.

Price of the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C

In comparison to other auto-darkening welding helmets, the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet costs somewhat more than competitors.

This price increase comes from the high-quality materials and long-lasting design provided by the Lincoln Electric company.

Although this helmet may remain over-budget for some beginning welders, it provides a safe and comfortable way to weld precisely without worrying about injury. As such, its price strongly reflects its value.


Who Should Buy the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C?

Welders of all skill levels enjoy using the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet.

This auto-darkening helmet provides enough safety and personal protection for professional welders who weld for a living and offers enough comfort for all-day use.

Although it remains a heavy-duty option, this helmet also works well for beginners. Even beginners need protection during welding, and this helmet provides everything needed for household welding jobs and more.

Anyone with trouble seeing out of smaller viewing windows can benefit from using the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet as well.

With its wide viewer, this helmet increases visibility considerably.

Our Recommendation

The Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet combines the durability of the Lincoln brand name with the convenience and safety features of an auto-darkening welding helmet.

This product includes four arc sensors for extra safety and a comfortable internal headgear setup.

We recommend this welding helmet for professionals looking for a way to stay safe at work.

We also recommend it for any home hobbyists or DIYers looking for a durable, long-lasting welding helmet for safety purposes.


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