C.S. Unitec MABasic 200 Magnetic Drill Press Review

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In Brief: MABasic 200 Drill Press Review

MABasic 200 is a portable magnetic drill press with an emergency off function and an internal lubrication system. It has a 110V, 8.2A motor setup that delivers enough torque, power, and speed (450RPM) for an efficient drilling output. It is suitable for professionals and jobsite contractors for drilling ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

CS Unitec have been around in the tool manufacturing industry for three decades and since then they have developed a line of high-quality and professional power and hand tools.

MABasic 200 is a portable single-speed magnetic drill press with outstanding features. These features make it suitable for personal, professional, and industrial applications.

Key Specifications of MABasic 200

CS Unitec | MABasic 200 Portable Magnetic Drill Press | 900W 2-Speed Benchtop Power Drill Machine w/up to 1-3/8' Diameter & 6-1/3' Depth of Cut | Oil Bottle Included

MABasic 200 has an 8.2A, 110V motor that delivers a power rating of 900 watts for optimum performance. Its motor capacity delivers a speed rating of 450RPM.

It has a powerful 3080lbs magnetic force that ensures an efficient adhesion power. MABasic 200 weighs 27lbs which makes it lightweight and easy to handle.

This magnetic drill press model has a remarkable 6-1/3″ (3-1/3” with geared chuck) depth of cut and a hole capacity of 1-3/8” on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

It has a magnetic base of 6-5/8″ L x 2-1/3″ W that confers stability on the tool.

The video below shows MABasic 200 in use:



Model No
MABasic 200
Motor Details
110V & 8.2A
Power (Watts)
Speed (RPM)
Cutter Shank (inches)
Twist Drill Capacity (inches)
Hole Capacity (Inches)
Stroke (inches)
6-1/3” (3-1/3” with geared chuck)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Digital Speed Reading
Work Light
1 year
Other FeaturesInternal lubrication system
Emergency off Function
Convenient cooling

Top Features

MABasic 200 is considered a top model because it has some notable features integrated into its buildup.

Internal Lubrication System

MABasic 200 has an internal lubrication system that enhances smooth and easy drill while also improving the tool’s durability.

The included lubricants are ideal for cutting steel, hard metals, and stainless steel.

Emergency off Function

One of the essential considerations for a power tool is the inclusion of safety features.

The emergency off system of MABasic 200 includes an electronic safety sensor that helps you shut down the drill motor if the magnet loses contact with the material.

This safety system will protect both the operator and the tool.

Convenient Cooling

MABasic 200 includes a gravity-feed integrated cooling system that includes a removable reservoir for easy refill.


Power and Performance

CS Unitec MABasic 200 Portable Magnetic Drill Press: Drills up to 1-3/8" Diameter, up to 6-1/3" Depth of Cut, 900W, Best Power to Weight Ratio, Electronic Safety Shutoff

The power setup of an ideal power tool is one of the biggest influencers of its overall performance.

MABasic 200 includes a 110V, 8.2A motor that delivers enough torque and 900W power on the tool to drill through different types of materials, specifically metals.

This powerful motor delivers a speed of 450RPM, which is quite impressive for a portable magnetic drill press.

MABasic 200 has a stroke capacity of 6-1/3″ (3-1/3″ with geared chuck) and a hole capacity diameter of 1-3/8”, making it suitable for various professional applications.

The inclusion of ½” twist drill capacity further enhances its capacity as a professional tool.

MABasic 200 has a magnetic force of 3080lbs that ensures that it has enough adhesion power for various applications.

It also includes an arbor bore of ¾” Weldon shank that allows flexibility and versatility.

Ease of Usage

First off, it is helpful to note that MABasic 200 is a portable and compact tool; hence, it is easy to handle and maneuver.

It also includes an easy, ergonomic arrangement of controls that permits one-handed operation.

The 27lbs magnetic drill press model has a magnetic base size of 6-5/8″ L x 3-1/3″ W to ensure the tool’s stability during various drilling operations.

MABasic 200 includes an internal lubrication system that carries out automatic lubrication.

The lubricant eases the process of cutting stainless steel, steel, and hard metals. The integration of a gravity-fed cooling system permits extensive use.

MABasic 200 includes removable compact handles that allow you to use the product in tight spaces.

These features and other complementing specifications of this drill press model are why it is easy to handle for all categories of users.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

CS Unitec MABasic 200 Portable Magnetic Drill Press: Drills up to 1-3/8" Diameter, up to 6-1/3" Depth of Cut, 900W, Best Power to Weight Ratio, Electronic Safety Shutoff

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance procedures for MABasic 200 include;

  • Never immerse the tool in water or other liquids.
  • Remove swarf and coolant residues immediately after use.
  • Ensure the proper storage after use.
  • Repair

Unprofessional repairs on your power tool can lead to serious damages, and it can also compromise the safety of the tool.

It is best to leave the repair of your tool to the customer service provider of the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can seek the service of technicians authorized by the manufacturer.


The warranty offers for MABasic 200 include;

  • 1-year limited warranty on craft and materials
  • Repair and maintenance services.

This offer doesn’t cover defects caused by user misuse, mishandling, or attempted repair by a non-authorized technician.

It is best to register your products within the stipulated time to ensure uncompromised access to these warranty offers.

You can visit website or call for more information about the warranty offers.

Price of MABasic 200

The cost of securing the service of MABasic 200 is high for users in need of a low-cost magnetic drill press model.

Buyers in the mid to high budget range can secure the services of this drill press model without hassle.

Most importantly, MABasic 200 has many impressive features that make it offers a high value for money.


Pros and Cons of MABasic 200


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable design
  • Includes internal lubrication system
  • Emergency off function
  • Powerful magnetic adhesion
  • Removable feed handles for compact spaces


  • It does not include work light
  • It has a single no-load speed compared to other models with dual speeds from the same manufacturer


Who Should Buy MABasic 200?

MABasic 200 is an effective magnetic drill press with a compact and portable design.

It is a good bargain for professionals in various crafts and DIY enthusiasts due to its effective drilling output on varieties of metals.

Multiple Jobsite contractors can also buy this magnetic drill press model because it is lightweight, easy to use, and flexible for various drilling operations.

Our Recommendation

MABasic 200 is recommended for professionals, Jobsite contractors, and other DIY enthusiasts that need a portable, lightweight, and efficient magnetic drill press model for personal and commercial drilling operations.

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