Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB Cut off Saws Review – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB

Makita presents an effective woodworking solution with the production of Makita 2414NB and 2414DB cut off saws. Both products are closely related, but they have a few diverse features and come with cost difference. Makita 2414NB has a weight that is slightly lesser than Makita 2414DB . Likewise, the overall dimension of Makita 2414NB is slightly larger than Makita 2414DB.

Makita is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories.

This manufacturer maintains a leading position in the manufacturing industry because of its high-technology, compact, and energy efficient tools.

Makita 2414DB and 2414NB are two closely related portable cut-off saws from the same manufacturer.

Comparatively, both products are slightly varied. In this review, we will evaluate the differences, unique features, and specific applications of these products. 

Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB at a Glance

The brief overview of Makita 2414DB and 2414NB can improve the opinion of potential buyers and users about the best cut-off saw to meet their needs.

Ideal ForProfessional woodworkers/ homeowners/ DIY Enthusiasts
Professional woodworkers/ homeowners/ Jobsite contractors
Net Weight 37.1lbs36.2lbs
No load speed 3800RPM3800RPM
Max. cutting capacity at 90 degrees 4-1/2”4-1/2”
Max. cutting capacity at 45 degrees 4-1/2”4-1/2”
Motor Current
Power SourceAlternating CurrentElectric Powered
Blade Diameter
Arbor Size1''1''
Overall dimension19.75” x 12.2” x 18.5”19-3/4” x 11” x 23-5/8”
PriceModerately affordable Average budget
Warranty1-year limited warranty
1-year limited warranty
Unique features• AC/DC alternative switch
• Spark diversion guard
• Adjustable depth Stop
• Shaft Lock
• D-shaped handle
• Quick release Vise
• Lock off button

Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB : Weight

Makita 2414DB 14'' Cut-Off Saw, with AC/DC Switch

Weight is an essential consideration, particularly for contractors with multiple jobsites. Both are Makita 2414DB and 2414NB are lightweight, portable, and compact.

Comparatively, the weight of Makita 2414DB is slightly higher than Makita 2414NB.

Weight of Makita 2414DB

Makita 2414DB is lightweight and compact. This product weighs 37.1lbs. Although this weight is slightly higher than Makita 2414NB, it is still one of the most portable products you would find in this category.

Weight of Makita 2414NB

Makita 2414NB weighs 36.2lbs which is slightly lower than Makita 2414DB. This size eases the challenge of mobility in this power tool.

Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB : Overall Dimension

The dimension of any cut-off saw is one of the biggest influencers of the portability and compactness. Makita 2414DB and 2414NB are portable and compact cut-off saws.

The dimension of both products would suit the minimal workplace. However, the dimension of Makita 2414NB makes it a little more extensive than Makita 2414DB. 

The dimension of Makita 2414DB

The dimension of Makita 2414DB makes it a suitable choice for jobsite contractors. The product has an overall dimension of 19.75” x 12.2” x 18.5” which can perfectly suit limited workspace.

Dimension Makita 2414NB

Makita 2414NB has an impressive dimension of 19-3/4” x 11” x 23-5/8” which is considered portable enough for a limited workplace. The dimension is enough to accommodate all essential features.

Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB : Blade Speed

Blade speed influences the cutting efficiency of a power tool. Makita 2414DB and 2414NB have a similar cutting speed which allows them to quickly cut through different types of materials.

Blade Speed of Makita 2414DB

The 14” blade of Makita 2414DB completes 3800 RPM. At this speed, it can cut through different types of materials, including hardwoods.

Blade Speed of Makita 2414NB

Like Makita 2414DB, Makita 2414nNB also has a 14” that can make 3800RPM. It is also capable of cutting through varieties of materials with ease.

Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB: Cutting Capacity

From this power tool category, it is easy to the point that the cutting capacity of the products here is essential. Makita 2414DB and 2414NB have impressive cutting capacities.

Their specifications validate that both cut-off saws have a similar cutting capacity with only a slight variation.

Cutting capacity of Makita 2414DB

Makita 2414DB can make a 4-1/2” round sock cut at both 45⁰ and 90⁰. The fence can also adjust 45⁰ right and left, and in 3 locations to ensure its smooth operation on materials of various sizes.

Cutting capacity of Makita 2414NB

Makita 2414NB has an impressive cutting capacity. This model is capable of making a 4-1/2” round stock cut at 45⁰ and 90⁰. It also has an adjustable fence to aid the easy cuts on materials of different sizes.

Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB : Warranty

Makita 2414NB 14' Cut-Off Saw

Makita gives impressive warranties on their power tools. Makita 2414DB and 2414NB have the same warranty offers because they come from the same manufacturer and belong to the same product category.

Warranty on Makita 2414DB

A 1-year limited warranty backs up Makita 2414DB on any factory defect in materials and craft. The manufacturer also offers a 30-days satisfaction guarantee on the product.

Warranty of Makita 2414NB

Makita 2414NB has a 1-year limited warranty on any factory defect in craft and materials.

The manufacturer also leaves the opportunity to return the product within 30-days of purchase if the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the product.

Standout Features

Unique Features of Makita 2414DB

AC/DC alternative switch: Makita 2414DB has an AC/DC alternative switch that allows you to utilize alternative power sources to suit your application.

 Spark diversion guard: The spark diversion guard feature ensures the operational safety of Makita 2414DB. It mitigates the possibility of an accident resulting from sparks.

Adjustable depth Stop: Makita 2414DB features an adjustable depth stop that ensures repeatable cutting depths and precision of cuts.


Unique features of Makita 2414NB

D-shaped handles: The D-shaped handle of Makita 2414NB allows its easy-grip to enhance the process of operation.

Quick-release Vise: The quick-release vise feature of Makita 2414NB improves the stock retention ability of this cut-off saw.

Lock-off button: The lock-off button is one of the safety features of Makita 2414NB. This feature prevents the accidental startup of the product when not in use.


Which Cut-Off Saw Is Better ? Makita 2414DB or 2414NB ?

Use Makita 2414DB if :

Suppose you are a professional woodworker, hobbyist, or any category of DIY enthusiast that seeks a mid-budget range cut-off saw for various woodworking processes.

In that case, Makita 2414DB is a product to look out for. This cut-off saw is efficient, effective, and reliable for professionals and beginners alike.


Use Makita 2414NB if :

If you need a portable cut-off saw at an average cost, then Makita 2414NB should be on your priority list. This lightweight cut off-saw is suitable for use in a limited workplace.

It is easy to use and offers effective woodworking solutions for professionals, jobsite contractors and DIY enthusiasts.


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