Makita 2705X1 Contractor Table Saw Review

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In Brief: Makita 2705X1 Review

Makita 2705X1 contractor Table Saw is a portable power tool with adjustable features that allow great flexibility. It offers a 15-amp power rating. Makita 2705X1 provides a large cutting capacity of 3-5/8″ at 90° and 2-1/2″ at 45°. It is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts and for cutting through woods of various thicknesses.

Since the inception of Makita, the company has evolved to become one of the best manufacturers in the tool industry.

The quality and durability of their products make them outstanding in the tool manufacturing industry.

Makita 2705X1 is one of the company’s best products. This tool is useful in various medium to large scale sawing processes. It is also a perfect product for professional applications.

Key Specifications of Makita 2705X1

Makita 2705X1 10' Table Saw with Stand

Makita 2705X1 is commonly referred to as a contractor table saw because of its amazing specifications. These specifications contribute to its utility, precision and efficiency.

Makita 2705X1 can cut through a 4X material in one pass because of its large cutting capacity. The table saw is capable of cutting 3-5/8″ at 90° and 2-1/2″ at 45°.

Makita 2705X1 is a high-power tool because of the inclusion of a 15-amp motor that delivers 4800 RPM. The 24-5/8″ x 22-1/4″ table size boosts convenience by offering enough workspace. Makita 2705X1 offers additional safety with its electric brake that stops the blade rotation within seconds.

Here is a video on the complete setup of Makita 2705


Take a look at Makita 2705X1 Table Saw long list of specs here :

Speed/Power rating (RPM)4800
Motor rating (amp) 15
Arbor size (inches)5/8''
Blade (inches)10''
Electric brake
Bevel range (degrees)0-45
Working table Size (inches)24-5/8" x 22-1/4"
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90° (inches)
Max. Cutting Capacity at 45° (inches)
Weight (Ib)114.7
Blade teeth

Unique Features

Some features of the Makita 2705X1 sets it apart from other products. The features boost the efficiency, ease of operation, and the general performance of the product.


Makita 2705X1 is a portable table saw. The entire dimension of the product is 24.6” x 22.4”x28.6”; a suitable size for a standard working space.

Its working table size of 24-5/8″ x 22-1/4″ permits onboard storage despite its size. Makita 2705X1 has a spring-loaded hydraulic system allowing the natural mobility of the tool.


The design of Makita 2705X1 is not rigid. It allows several adjustments to suit your needs and comfort. It enables fast changes with its swift action rip fence that slides smoothly across the table.

You can also adjust the two side guards to enhance performance. The riving knife and spreader of the product are also adjustable. Makita 2705X1 has 5-height position adjustments to boost comfort.


Design, Cutting, and Safety

The overall design of Makita 2705X1 enhances precise cuts and safe use. The best measure for the performance of a table saw is by evaluating the design, cutting ability, and safety features.


The design of Makita 2705X1 aims at complementing the functionality of the tool.

The transparent design of the blade guard allows you to see the blade as it contacts the wood. The overall 24.6” x 22.4” x 28.6” dimension design of the product is portable.

Its non-flat rubber wheels, large rubberized handles, and other adjustable designs increase mobility.


The cutting capacity of a table saw can define its efficiency. Makita 2705X1 has a large cutting capacity that makes it capable of ripping 4x material in one pass. It can make precise cuts of 3-5/8″ at 90° and 2-1/2″ at 45°.

Makita 2705×1 has a 10″ 32 tooth blade that complements its high power 15-amp torque to deliver neat, efficient, and precise cuts. The cutting system also supports non-through and dado cuts.


Working with a tool or device that does not guarantee your safety is never a good idea. Makita 2705×1 features an electric brake that halts the rotation of the blade in a few seconds.

It also has a large switch for easy accessibility and operation.

The product is also easy to operate and adjust. The blade guard also protects you from making accidental contact with the blade.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

Carrying out proper maintenance on the product will improve its durability and enhance its performance. The maintenance procedures of Makita 2705X1 include :

  • Ensure that the device is switched off when not in use
  • Get rid of all dust and chips regularly.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.


Makita 2705X1 manufacturer takes responsibility for the replacement of the device all through the warranty period. This policy is to ensure a safe and secure fix.


The warranty offers for Makita 2705X1 are :

  • One-year defect warranty from date of original purchase.
  • 30-days replacement and a money-back guarantee on the product.

Note: To get more information on the warranty offers of this product, you can visit the company’s official website at or call (714) 522-8088.

Price of Makita 2705X1

Makita 2705X1 has a great feature that matches its cost. However, the cost value of the product is relatively expensive compared to other similar products.

Nevertheless, the efficiency, quality, and performance of the product make the price worth it.


Who Should Buy Makita 2705X1 ?

Makita 2705X1 is a product with a high level of utility. The product is perfect for residential use, Jobsite, industrial, and personal use.

You should consider buying a Makita 2705X1 if you are a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast, or a professional woodworker. It is suitable for a variety of purposes, and it is capable of ripping through woods of various thickness.

Why We Like It

Makita 2705X1 might be what you need if you are a woodworker that needs a product that makes large precise cuts.

You should add Makita 2705X1 to your list of top choices because of its flexibility, portability, and utility.


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