Makita RF1101KIT2 Router Kit Review

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In Brief: Makita RF1101KIT2 Router Review

Makita RF1101KIT2 is a router kit with a double base and low noise features. This 7.2lbs router has an 11amp, 2-1/4HP motor that delivers a variable speed between 8000 to 24000RPM. The tool is useful for diverse woodwork routing applications. This model is ideal for a wide range of users, specifically professional woodworkers and jobsite contractors.

Makita is a first-class manufacturer of different power and hand tools. The manufacturing company is reputable with the production of top-notch and top-quality tools.

Makita RF1101KIT2 is a router kit model with several features optimized for improved performance. This corded router combines easy to use features and a powerful motor to ensure high productivity.

Key Specifications of Makita RF1101KIT2

Makita RF1101KIT2 2-1/4 HP* Router Kit, with Plunge Base

Makita RF1101KIT2  router has a powerful 11amps motor with a 2-1/4 peak horsepower that delivers high performance routing outputs.

This router’s motor delivers a variable speed of 8,000 to 24,000RPM that routes through woods with variable thickness. The router has a motor housing with a 3-1/4” diameter to enable easy handling.

The router weights 7.2lbs, which makes it easier to control and carry. Its plunge base delivers a plunge depth of 2-19/32″. Makita RF1101KIT2 includes a 2-1/2” clear sub-base, ¼” and ½” collets, multiple wrenches, and a tool case.

The video below shows Makita RF1101KIT2 in use:


Read the long list of Makita RF1101KIT2 specification below :


Model NoRF1101KIT2
Powered ByCorded
Speed (RPM)8,000 to 24,000
Brushless MotorNo
Power (HP)2-1/4
Weight (lbs)7.2
Base TypeFixed & Plunge
Plunge Strokes (inches)2-19/32”
Unique FeaturesDouble base feature
Low noise and vibration feature
Easy accessibility

Top Features to Look For

Source: Makita

Makita RF1101KIT2 is a highly efficient router with amazing unique features.

Double Base Feature

Makita RF1101KIT2 comes with two different router bases for extensive operational usage. This model has a fixed base and plunge base for diverse trimming and wood cutting applications.

Low Noise and Vibration Feature

One of the unique features of Makita RF1101KIT2 is its low noise and vibration production. The router runs smoothly and produces reduced vibrations of about 81dB to ensure user comfortability and convenience.

Easy Accessibility

The router is very accessible with easy-to-access features. It has an easily accessible external brush that enhances serviceability. It has an accessible plunge lock lever to ensure user convivence.


Power and Performance

The power and performance of Makita RF1101KIT2 is an exhibition of its top-notch features. The router has a soft start that ensures and enhances smooth start-up. It has an all-ball bearing construction for extensive usage.

The router is powered by an 11amp motor that ensures high efficiency. The motor delivers a variable speed of 8,000 to 24,000RPM that enables routing through different hardwoods. It has a 2-19/32″ plunge capacity that delivers an adequate plunge depth.

Its dual bases enable it to be useful for different routing applications. It has 2-1/4 peak horsepower that provides powerful plunging and routing actions.

The router features a variable dial speed that helps the user match the router’s speed to its application. It also features an electronic speed control that helps control and maintains the speed of the motor.

Ease of Usage


Source: Makita

Makita RF1101KIT2 router has a lot of features and components that make it easy to use. The router has a durable flat top design that enables stability when the user is changing the bits. The router produces low noise (81dB) and vibrations that ensure user comfort and convenience.

It has rugged aluminum housing with a slender diameter for easy handling and control. It features an easily accessed external brush that ensures greater serviceability. The router has depth adjustment features.

Its fixed base has a cam-lock feature for quick and a well-calibrated depth control ring for easy depth control. This model has a double all wooden handle. Its plunge base has a fine depth adjustment feature with 3 depth stops to ensure repeated plunge cutting. Its lock lever is well-positioned to ensure user convenience.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Ease of Maintenance

Some of the maintenance procedures for Makita RF1101KIT2 include;

  • Make sure you clean the router regularly.
  • Use the tool for the ideal application.
  • Disconnect the router from the electrical source when not in use.
  • Ensure proper storage of your router when not in use.


Repairing your router should not be a problem because Makita has made provision for the repair and maintenance services of their products. This comes at little or no repair cost. All you need to do is located the authorized service center closest to you.


The warranty offers for RF1101KIT2;

  • 30-day return guarantee.
  • One-year limited warranty.

This warranty applies to all products except products that have been mis-repaired by the user, abused or misused by users, and products with alterations not from the manufacturer. You can get more warranty information here.

Price of Makita RF1101KIT2

Makita RF1101KIT2 is a highly efficient router kit model that comes at a high-cost. This model is a viable option for buyers with a high budget who needs a standard router combo kit. Buyers with a medium budget can consider other combo kit router models that are available at a price lower than that of Makita RF1101KIT2.


Pros and Cons of Makita RF1101KIT2


Source: Makita


  • Highly versatile and flexible to use.
  • Well packaged with routing accessories.
  • Has wooden handles
  • Extensive adjustable features to suit different applications.
  • Dual base feature.


  • It needs two wrenches to change the bit.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • Lacks LED light.



Who Should Buy Makita RF1101KIT2?

Makita RF1101KIT2 is a very versatile router model that can serve a wide range of users effectively. The router features a dual router base and other routing accessories. It is suitable for all scales of routing operations.

The router is a considerable option for Jobsite contractors and professional woodworkers. Also, DIY enthusiast and homeowners in need of an efficient combo kit router model can go for this model.

Our Recommendation

Makita RF1101KIT2 is a highly recommendable combo kit router model with a number of impressive features making it a good buy for all router users. The major determinant factor to secure the service of this router is having a high budget. Makita RF1101KIT2 is the router kit to go for if you need a perfect combo kit that delivers top-quality performance.


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