Makita XML02Z LXT 36V 17″ Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Makita XML02Z LXT Lawn Mower Review

As demand for more alternatives to gas-powered alfresco equipment increases, manufacturing corporations such as the Makita Brand diligently seek to meet these demands. This cordless lawn mower is run by a lithium-ion battery and produces no emissions. It provides a long operation time and requires minimal maintenance.

Say goodbye to the old days of the hassle of buying engine oil, refiling your mower with gas, changing spark plugs, and so forth.

The Makita XML02Z LXT 36V 17″ Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is equipped with twin 18V batteries, delivering a total of 36 volts. This propels the mower for a continuous 45-minute runtime on a full charge.

With this mower, you can easily take charge of your jungle-lawn and its overgrown, tough, or tall grass, and you can give it an amazing carpet finish.

This Makita model is made so that the operator can easily monitor the batteries’ condition via the LED indicator lights.

For dirt and water resistance, you will appreciate the integrated Extreme Protection Technology. Also, there is no air pollution and very little noise from this mower.

Key Features of Makita XML02Z LXT Lawn Mower

Makita XML02Z 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 17' Lawn Mower, Tool Only

The Makita XML02Z LXT 36V 17″ Cordless Electric Lawn Mower features a cutting deck with blades that cover a 17″ path. Plus, it’s adjustable to 13 different cutting heights for more cutting versatility.

The two 18V Batteries are designed to last for over 30 minutes of constant mowing, with the peak being 45 minutes before the battery dies and needs to be recharged.

This electric lawnmower has zero emissions and extremely quiet operation. This will help you use it during the night without disturbing neighbors or even your own family.

Also included in the package is a 13-gallon detachable bag that has a level indicator.

The handles are designed with a comfortable grip, giving you the ultimate level of luxury while mowing. It comes with an electric brake that instantaneously brings the mower to a stop when you want it to.

Besides that, Makita ensured this lawn mower didn’t surpass the 50-pound weight mark, which is a big win for the user.

Click the following link for the demonstration video and additional details on this model:


Key Specification table –

Lawn Mower Type
Cutting Width
17 Inches
Power Type
Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Power
Two 18V (36V) 5Ah
Front Wheel Size (in.)
Rear Wheel Size (in.)
Cutting Style
Rotor Blade
40.8 Pounds
Cutting Height Options
13 Positions
Deck type
Battery Charger
Tool Only
Battery Runtime
30 Min

Unique Features

Some of the unique features of this Makita electric cordless lawn mower include:

Soft Start

This lawn mower gives many models out there a run for their money. Some outdoor types of equipment have a suppressed startup reaction, especially after a period of usage, but not with this Makita electric model.

It features a soft-touch start that immediately powers the motor to life with no hassle. Even during a cold start, no chokes need to be engaged, and there is no cranking the motor. Just press and go!

Outstanding Power Management

Since it’s an electric model, this lawn mower needs a unique power management system for more extended operation.

It includes Star Protection Computer Controls, constituting an Overload Protection and over-discharge protection that elongates battery life. This feature shuts off the tool when the battery power is low.

It also comes with an overheat protection that monitors the battery and cuts off power when the temperature is too high in order to prevent damage.

Faster Charging

The battery goes from zero to full charge quickly with this model. When you acquire one, you won’t help but notice how sophisticated the charging system of the Makita XML02Z LXT is.

The tool comes with a Rapid Optimum Charger that effectively communicates to a built-in chip in the motor. This optimizes battery life and delivers faster charging, so you don’t have to wait for hours before you use your mower.


Power, Design, and Durability


The Makita XML02Z LXT 36V cordless lawn mower has quite a powerful motor compared to other electric models in its class.

Powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, the motor delivers 3,600RPM for powerful and precise cuts that will impress you every time you use it.

The 18V LXT 5.0Ah delivers up to 30 minutes of runtime with zero alterations or power lags. What’s more interesting is how protected the batteries are against power faults, such as overheating and overloading.


It features a brushless motor that efficiently eliminates carbon and other brush residue for cooler running. The cordless design ensures faster startups, zero maintenance, lower noise, and no emissions.


The wheels come with built-in ball bearings for softer pushes using the soft grip handles.

Makita has a knack for durability, as they fashioned this power tool with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) for the batteries and motor against various external elements.

Cut Quality and Available Options

When it comes to the cutting options, this cordless mower lives up to every homeowner’s expectations. The Makita XML02Z LXT 36V electric lawn mower features a steel cutting deck with 17 inches of cutting width.

This helps you cover more ground and complete your tasks faster and more efficiently.

The deck is adjustable in height for different lengths of grass between 0.8125″ and 2.3125″, offering a customized carpet-grass cut.

Also, while offering emission-free operation, this mower’s motor is powered by powerful twin batteries that keep it running for no less than 30 minutes.

Makita also provides a 13-gallon grass collector bag if you want to collect your clippings for manure use or mulching.

Performance and Ease Of Use

The integrated XPT protection system is a protective seal that enhances the tool’s operation even in harsh weather conditions. It works by guiding water and dust out of the vital internal components of the machine.

At 3,600RPM, its powerful motor is more than efficient for a wide scope of grass and thick turfs, and it is enhanced by the wide 17-inch cutting deck and blades.

Pushing this mower during operation is a stress-free task.

This is due to the aerodynamic cover, multiple ball bearings in the wheels, and the soft-grip rubberized handle for better maneuverability over and around obstacles, especially for rugged yards.

It offers an instant start that eliminates the hassle of cord pulling or choking the engine as with most gas-powered mowers. The batteries deliver longer runtime and constant motor power even during extreme temperatures.


Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

This is a maintenance-free lawn mower. My experience with this machine was a stress-free one, as nothing much was required to keep the motor running, wheels rolling, or blades cutting.

I could say that the only care needed is to clean the machine after every use and before storage, which is pretty much what’s required for every lawn mower.

Since this is an electric lawn mower, it’s required that you always keep it dry to prevent battery and motor damage. This includes not cleaning it using running water and not using it during rainy weather.

The Makita XML02Z LXT 36V comes with a three-year limited warranty that covers its batteries and charger.

If you qualify and want to claim the warranty, call (1-800-462-5482) to contact your nearest Makita Service Office. Their office hours are 8 am – 6 pm (EST) Monday through Friday.

Check Out the Warranty at :

Price Of Makita XML02Z LXT Lawn Mower

This lawn mower is more than worth its value, considering its zero maintenance culture. You don’t need to spend anything on refilling your engine oil or changing your spark plugs!

With its low energy consumption, your electricity bills will stay on the lower end, as well.


Who Should Buy It?

Based on my experience using it on my one-acre lawn, it proves to be an efficient tool for small and mid-sized lawns.

This is not to say that the mower gets overwhelmed, but that’s about how long the battery will last. Otherwise, you can cut all day long if you have the battery capacity.

This mower is more than capable on smooth, not-so-rugged yards and terrains. If you do not want to waste your clippings, it comes with a 13-gallon glass collector bag that you could use.

Hilly and sloped yards are also a stronghold for this model.

Why We Like It

This is a powerful motor that lives up to many homeowners’ expectations. It comes with dual 18-volt batteries that give it a longer operation time.

Control is easy, and maneuverability is superior. Its motor is brushless, and this is a zero-emissions mower that requires minimal to no maintenance.


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