Mclane 101 Gas Powered Lawn Edger Review

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In Brief: Mclane 101 4 75gt Lawn Edger Review

The simple design of this McLane lawn edger is part of what makes it so successful. It gets the job done- nothing more, nothing less. It is a worthwhile investment that will help you keep your lawn looking trimmed and manicured for over ten years if you take good care of it.

McLane has been supplying gardening equipment to dedicated families for five generations.

They want to be seen as more than just a gardening equipment manufacturer – some of their workers have been perfecting their craft at McLane for more than forty years, while some of their most dedicated customers have been shopping at McLane for even longer.

The McLane 101 4 75gt 7 9 inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger is the culmination of all the years of hard work behind McLane. It is one of their best sellers, and for a good reason – it is one of the most powerful lawn edgers out there.

Key Specifications of Mclane 101 4 75gt Lawn Edger

McLane 9 Inch Gas Powered Walk Behind Lawn Edger with 4 Rubber Wheels, 5.50 Gross Torque Engine and Spring Steel Blade, Powder Coat Finish, Red/Yellow

As the name suggests, the McLane 101 is powered by gas. It weighs a reasonable 66lbs, and you are able to choose between plastic or steel wheels when purchasing this lawn edger.

It is capable of riding extremely close to curbs while trimming the edges of your lawn, providing a seamless, pristine look that simply can’t be achieved with a regular lawn mower alone.

You are also able to choose between either a Honda or Briggs & Stranton engine to power this lawn edger.

It uses a heavy-duty, all-steel chassis, as well as a tubular handle, all coated with a powder-bakes polyester paint that is capable of resisting corrosion and chipping, making this a very durable machine.

The wide rubber tires and ball bearing wheels allow this lawn edger to trim both horizontally and vertically, giving it an aspect of versatility that is virtually unmatched.

Key Specification Table 

Power Type
Front Wheels (in)7”
Rear Wheels (in)
2-Year Limited

Unique Features

Being an edge trimmer makes the McLane 101 4 75gt 7 9 inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger unique in and of itself, but there are a couple of other features that are worth highlighting as well.

Edger and Trimmer

As a lawn edger, this machine from McLane is specifically designed for use on the perimeter of your lawn. It is meant to cut the grass that regular, larger lawnmowers have a more difficult time reaching.

It cuts extremely fine and does not spray clippings everywhere like most other lawn edgers do, which is already a huge bonus.

The single blade clutch and depth control allow you to customize the kind of cut you want at the edge of your lawn to a T. you can choose to have the cut be ultra-fine and close, or slightly further away for a maintained-yet-natural finish to your lawn, which has become more popular as of late.

Angular Variety

McLane lawn edgers are capable of trimming both horizontally and vertically, which makes them incredibly versatile, especially in comparison to other lawn edgers.

This is also done very smoothly since the tires are made from rubber and are extremely agile.

The blade can be tilted quickly and to pretty much any angle you want, and will flatten itself out at any cutting height you choose.


Power, Design, and Durability


The cutter head on the McLane 101 4 75gt 7 9 inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger is precision machined and makes use of precision ball bearings situated on a 9” x2” spring steel blade.

The blade can be easily and quickly tilted to nearly any angle and will trim flat at any height you choose.

It weighs a hefty 66 pounds and is fitted with a powerful Honda or Briggs & Stranton engine. It provides a precise cut with each and every use, so long as you take care of it.


The McLane 101 4 75gt 7 9 inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger is not your average lawnmower. In fact, it isn’t a lawnmower at all – it’s a lawn edger, hence the name.

Even though it is as heavy as most average to smaller lawnmowers, it has a much smaller chassis and doesn’t have a cutting deck, since its blade is quite small.

This small size is what allows it to cut so close to curbs without damaging the curb or the machine itself.

And since it’s so small, it allows you to easily trim both horizontally and vertically without struggling to make the necessary adjustments.


While the body of the McLane 101 4 75gt 7 9 inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger is resistant to corrosion and chipping, it can still be quite easily damaged, especially if you are not careful.

It can cut very close to the curbs at the edge of your lawn, but you should be careful not to tilt it too far and topple it, or you could have some serious damage on your hands.

Getting it too close to the curb could also cause some damage to the blade, which can be a hassle to replace since there are not many McLane outlets in the country.

Cut Quality and Available Options

This lawn edger from McLane is designed to provide as precise a cut as possible since it is meant mainly for use on the edges of your lawn.

You are able to adjust its height with ease, which lets you get the exact cut that you want each and every time.

It does not really have a ‘neutral’ option and is meant to sow along at the highest RPM possible, constantly.

If you need it to idle so that you can move something out of the way before continuing, like a tree branch, then you will need to set it to its lowest setting.

Depending on where you have left the machine, the blade might still move slightly, even at its lowest ‘idle’ setting, which can be a major safety hazard if you are not careful.

If, for any reason, you need to step away from the machine, make sure there is a good distance between you, the edger, and whatever it is you are moving.

Performance and Ease of Usage

If you have used a trimmer or edger in the past, then you have probably had a few colorful words to say about the line tangles that are often associated with them.

The McLane 101 4 75gt 7 9 inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger removes this problem entirely, thanks to its 9” x2” steel spring blade.

Unfortunately, the oil gauge on this machine can be difficult to read at times, making it a guessing game trying to figure out if you have enough oil in it or not.

To make up for it, the pull-start system is delightfully easy to use, and should only take about one or two pulls to get the machine growling to life.

Although it weighs a hefty 66 pounds, it comes standard with four wheels, which saves you a lot of elbow grease that would otherwise be used if it were a three-wheeled lawn edger.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

For the most part, maintaining your McLane 101 4 75gt 7 9 inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger is fairly simple, though you will need to keep a keen eye on its oil level since it tends to burn through oil from time to time.

If you notice that it is low on oil, you can simply top it up and start the engine. Give it some time to level out before adding any more.

Visit for more information on this machine’s warranty and repair policy.

Price of Mclane 101 4 75gt Lawn Edger

The McLane lawn edger is definitely on the more affordable side when it comes to lawn edgers in general, but if you’re on a tight budget, then you may want to consider a three-wheeled counterpart.

But, if you are willing to fork out the cash, you will be making an investment that you’ll feel the benefits of ten years from now.


Who Should Buy It?

There is no one type of person that could find this lawn edger useful. It is perfect for maintaining just about any yard and can add an excellent finishing touch regardless of whether your lawn is large or small.

Since you are able to adjust the cutting height quite liberally, you can also get a more customized finish to your lawn edges.

Why We Like It

The McLane 101 4 75gt 7 9 inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger provides a finish to your lawn like no other.

If you are looking for a lawn edger that offers superior precision and versatility, then look no further than this machine from McLane.


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