Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder Review

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In Brief: Miller Diversion 180 Review

The Miller Diversion 180 welding machine features TIG welding and includes a high-frequency start function for convenience and safety. This dual-voltage welding machine features a beginner-friendly interface and auto-postflow to keep welds smooth, safe, and easier for newcomers.

As one of the leading names in the welding industry, the Miller company consistently provides high-quality welding machinery, equipment, and accessories to its loyal customers.

This company strives to create products that last.

Backed by the power and reliability of the Miller company, the Miller Diversion 180 provides TIG welding at an entry-level price.

It encourages beginners to try welding and includes enough processes to satisfy users of all skill levels.

Key Specifications of the Miller Diversion 180

TIG Welder, Diversion 180, 120-240VAC

With a beginner-friendly design and simple but effective TIG starting functions, the Miller Diversion 180 welding machine makes TIG welding easy and accessible.

Its precision controls allow more experienced users to enjoy working with it as well.

Check out the Miller Diversion 180 in action here –


Read the long list of Miller Diversion 180 specs below:

Input Voltage
Input Phase1-Phase
Input Hz
Max Open Circuit Voltage80VDC
Amperage Range
9.875 in. w x 17 in. h x 23.875 in. l
WarrantyCheck Manual
FeaturesHigh-frequency start
Beginner-friendly interface
Dual voltage
Accessories8ft. power cord with dual voltage plugs
12.5ft. TIG torch
Regulator, flow gauge, and gas hose
12ft. work cable with clamp

Unique Features

Combining a beginner-friendly interface with dual voltage inputs, the Miller Diversion 180 remains an excellent choice for those learning how to perform TIG welding.

Beginner-Friendly Interface

The Miller Diversion 180 provides convenient setup and simple usage perfect for beginners.

Dual Voltage

This machine runs on both 120V and 240V input power. Because of this, it works on household currents as well as stronger inputs.


Thanks to the built-in Fan-On-Demand function, this machine runs its fan only when needed. This feature keeps the machine from wearing out too quickly and cuts down on energy usage at the same time.

High-Frequency Start

The High-Frequency Start feature on this welding machine allows contactless TIG starting to cut down on the waste and damage of consumables.


This welding machine includes an Auto-Postflow feature designed to cut down on shielding gas usage and improve both safety and weld quality.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

Customers enjoy the impressive performance and portable design of the Miller Diversion 180 welding machine.


The Miller Diversion 180 welding machine remains easy to operate from the moment it comes out of its box. This machine features convenient setup functions designed to make it easy for beginners to start welding right away.

The included accessories offer high-quality welding functionality and improve the experience considerably.

The machine also features reliable inner components and durable working parts that proudly display the quality craftsmanship of the Miller name.

Customers often recommend this machine because of its superb performance. It runs smoothly and functions well long-term, and some professional shops even utilize it as a portable on-site welder for TIG jobs.

Ease of Transportation

This welding machine remains within the realm of portable welders but weighs more than many of its competitors.

The weight of this machine comes from its powerful inner workings and the durable materials used in its design.

The machine weighs 50 pounds and includes two handles for lifting and moving. It plugs into 120V and 240V outlets to provide welding almost anywhere.

With or without a utility cart, it makes on-the-go welding simple.


Weld Quality and Available Options

Customers report smooth, solid welds every time with this powerful little machine.

The welder works for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and creates impressive results for all these materials.

The welder runs hot enough to complete tasks quickly and efficiently while maintaining the overall quality of the weld.

The Miller Diversion 180 welding machine comes in just one option. Customers may add the following:

  • Running gear: Although this machine does not weigh very much, it remains slightly heavier than some competitors. As such, some customers prefer to mount it on running gear or a utility cart.
  • Gas: Customers will need gas to operate this machine. For aluminum welding, choose pure argon; for steel, pick a mixed gas instead.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Miller company web site offers some replacement parts available for purchase. Customer service may provide additional replacement parts in some instances.

These parts include consumables, accessories, cables, and exterior components, such as drive rolls.

The company recommends contacting a licensed professional to handle the repair of internal components.

To perform routine maintenance on this welding machine, unplug the machine and leave it off for 30 minutes before

working. Remove the cover and use compressed air to clean inside the machine every six months or more often as needed. Clean the vents this way as well.

Every three months check the cables, cords, hoses, and consumables. Replace any damaged items and perform repairs as needed to ensure the machine remains operational without broken or missing pieces.

The Miller company provides a True Blue warranty for this machine.

The warranty covers five years of parts and three years of labor on the power rectifiers as well as one year of parts on the included TIG torch.

This warranty also includes six months of replacement parts for the battery as well as 90 days of replacement parts for the consumables and expendable items.

For more warranty information, contact the Miller company’s customer service at 1-800-4-A-MILLER.


Can the Miller Diversion 180 welding machine perform stick welding?

No. Although many TIG welders also include stick functions, this machine focuses solely on TIG welding capabilities.

Is the Miller Diversion 180 welding machine liquid cooled?

No. This machine runs with the Fan-On-Demand feature and does not include liquid cooling as an option. It cannot accept any upgrades for liquid cooling, either.

Does the Miller Diversion 180 welding machine work with a foot pedal?

Yes. This machine works with the metal Miller foot pedal.

Does the Miller Diversion 180 welding machine work well for aluminum?

Yes. This machine tackles aluminum successfully and provides smooth, clean welds on aluminum as well as mild steel and stainless steel.

Price of the Miller Diversion 180

In comparison with many other TIG-only welders from other companies, the Miller Diversion 180 welding machine costs considerably more.

This cost comes from the quality commitment of the Miller company and the excellent construction of this machine.

Many customers feel the product provides a high value for its price. However, some customers feel the single-process function of this welder lowers its value somewhat, despite its high-quality components.


Who Should Buy the Miller Diversion 180?

This welding machine provides excellent beginner-friendly welding for home hobbyists and DIY work.

Anyone in need of a simple TIG machine that handles both steel and aluminum and features a portable design enjoys working with this product.

Customers looking for a first welder and hoping to stick with quality companies such as Miller find what they need in this machine.

This product also works well for farmworkers, metal artists, and auto or boat repair hobbyists. It packs enough power to get the job done without sacrificing accessibility and ease of use.

Our Recommendation

The Miller Diversion 180 welding machine brings accessible entry-level welding to beginners.

Packed with plenty of Miller company power and supported by high-quality accessories, this machine performs TIG welding with professional results.

We recommend this welding machine for customers looking for a beginner welder from a well-known company.

We also recommend it for intermediate to experienced home hobbyists and DIYers who need a small machine to handle household tasks.


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