Millermatic 141 MIG Flux Core Welder Review

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In Brief: Millermatic 141 Review

The Miller company creates stunning welding machines built to last. Keeping beginners in mind, this company offers the Millermatic 141. This welder features an accessible design and settings that make it easy to learn how to weld both steel and aluminum. This product includes both MIG and flux core functions.

The Miller company remains steadily at the forefront of the welding equipment industry.

It creates products that set the standards for welding machines and attachments, and it takes pride in its loyal customer base.

As one of the Miller company’s most popular portable welders, the Millermatic 141 welder offers accessible features and simple but powerful design.

It regularly supplies beginners with the tools they need to learn how to weld with the best equipment to back them up.

Key Specifications of the Millermatic 141

Welder, MIG/Flux Core, 120V, 90A @ 18.5VDC

Bult for both MIG and flux core capabilities, the Millermatic 141 welder offers user-friendly features and a simple interface.

It incorporates the power of the Miller company’s products with the ease of use of a product built for beginners.

Check out the Millermatic 141 in action here –


Read the long list of Millermatic 141 specs below:

MIG, flux core
Input Voltage
Input Hz
Input Amperage
Rated Output90amp @ 18.5 VDC
20% duty cycle
Wire Feed Speed
11.25in. w x 12.5in. h x 20.5in. l
WarrantyCheck Manual
Manual Mode
Quick Select Drive Roll
AccessoriesPower cord with plug
MIG gun with 10ft. cord
Work cable with clamp
Gas hose and gauge regulator
Quick select drive rolls
Contact tips
Thickness gauge
Hobart sample spools of wire

Unique Features

Incorporating both an Auto-Set feature and a Manual Mode among many other benefits, the Millermatic 141 welder has something to please almost any hobbyist.


The Auto-Set feature offers Miller company innovation in a simple and easy-to-use setting.

This function allows users to input the thickness of the material and the diameter of the wire and let the machine handle the calculations and settings from there.

Manual Mode

More experienced welders enjoy turning off Auto-Set and switching the machine to Manual Mode. This mode allows manual input settings for more precise control and makes aluminum welding easier.

Smooth Start

Enjoy a smooth start with this technology. The machine significantly reduces the risk of spatter and makes the finished weld smoother, too.

120V Input Power

With 120V input power, the Millermatic 141 welder works on household current. It does not require any big power sources or confusing adapters to function on a regular home or garage outlet.

Quick Select Drive Roll

The welder features a Quick Select Drive Roll, which includes two grooves for solid wire sizes and one for flux core wire.

This feature makes setup quicker and allows simple, efficient changes between wire types and sizes.


Performance & Ease of Transportation

The Millermatic 141 welder offers both performance and convenience backed by the Miller company name.


This welder performs beautifully, even when pitted against more heavy-duty machines.

It handles mild steel and stainless steel perfectly right out of the box with MIG functions and allows users to improve their aluminum welding skills with flux core capabilities, too.

The Millermatic 141 welder runs smoothly and holds up to years of regular use.

Despite its beginner-friendly design and smaller size, it regularly finds a place in professional welding shops due to its impressive performance output.

Ease of Transportation

The Millermatic 141 MIG welder weighs just 51 pounds and comes in on the lower end of the scale for most portable dual-process welding machines.

Its design includes a lightweight but sturdy frame that resists damage related to bumping, jostling and other transportation issues.

With two built-in handles on the back and front of the machine and a third on the top, the welder incorporates many ways to carry it from place to place.

Bring it along for jobs anywhere around your home or garage or use it for farm or auto repair purposes.


Weld Quality and Available Options

With impressive specs and plenty of power behind every feature, the Millermatic 141 welder provides quality outputs and beautiful, smooth welds.

It starts and finishes nicely and allows beginners the ability to create solid results from day one.

This welder includes several features to make MIG and flux core welding easier for inexperienced users. With time and practice, customers create even more precise and elegant weld results with stunning quality.

The Millermatic 141 welder comes in two different options to meet all your welding needs and features add-ons for more usage:

  • Machine Only: This option includes the welding machine as well as all its peripherals. It comes with almost everything necessary for MIG and flux core welding out of the box.
  • Machine with Running Gear: This option includes everything in the Machine Only kit plus a small utility cart from the Miller company.
  • Shielding gas: The machine requires this add-on to perform MIG welding.
  • Spool gun: Spool guns allow this machine to weld aluminum more precisely and efficiently.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Miller company web site offers replacement parts for purchase through the site’s catalog or customer service.

However, only a licensed technician should handle the internal repairs of this machine. The company excludes internal components from its replacement parts list.

The machine requires routine maintenance performed by the customer. Before working on any parts of this machine, unplug the power. Leave it unplugged for 30 minutes to reduce the risk of shock.

Check and change damaged labels, cables, and consumables every three months or more frequently if the machine sees regular daily use. Clean and tighten weld terminals at the same time as you perform these checks.

Use compressed air or a vacuum to clean the vents and internal components of the machine every six months. The machine may require more frequent air cleaning depending on how often it sees use.

The Miller company offers a True Blue warranty for all of its products. This warranty covers 5 years of parts and 3 years of labor for power rectifiers, as well as 3 years of parts and labor for the machine itself and the wire feeder.

The warranty includes 1 year of parts and labor for MIG guns, running gear, wire drive assemblies, and foot controls. It also covers 90 days of parts for accessories, replacement parts, and spool guns.

Contact the Miller company’s customer service at 1-800-4-A-Miller for more information regarding the warranty.


Can you weld aluminum with the Millermatic 141 welder?

Yes. The machine requires a spool gun and flux core wire for aluminum welding.

Can the Millermatic 141 welder run on a generator?

Yes. This welder requires at least 4000 continuous watts for safe and effective welding.

Does the internal fan shut off periodically on the Millermatic 141 welder?

No. The internal fan runs continually as long as the machine is turned on, so it never risks overheating.

Does the Millermatic 141 welder offer infinite adjustment settings?

Yes. In Manual Mode (not Auto-Set), the welder offers wire speed and voltage infinite adjustment settings.

Price of the Millermatic 141

With a combination of beginner-friendly controls and a convenient, lightweight design, this welder includes several high-end features that raise the price higher than many other dual-purpose MIG/flux core portable welders on the market.

Despite this, customers feel the value is well worth the cost since this product comes from the Miller company and includes so many peripherals.


Who Should Buy the Millermatic 141?

The Millermatic 141 welder provides convenient, on-the-go welding for both beginners and experienced users.

It includes mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding capabilities designed to handle a variety of household and garage jobs.

It also offers plenty of functionality for beginners or intermediate users just learning how to MIG and flux core weld.

The welder features forgiving settings and a smooth arc start that help create impressive results even without much experience.

Our Recommendation

With top-of-the-line functions and the quality assurance of the Miller company name, the Millermatic 141 remains a popular choice for many types of welders.

We recommend this welder for beginners who want to learn how to MIG or flux core weld on a high-quality piece of equipment. We also recommend it for household and DIY use and light to moderate projects.


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