Oregon 410-120 vs 520-120 Saw Chain Grinders – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Oregon 410-120 vs 520-120

Oregon 520-120 and 410-120 are impressive models of Bench Grinders. They function in similar capacities except for slight variation in some of their specifications. Oregon 520-120 has a motor setup of 300W, 120V, 4.3amps, 0.4HP, and 60Hz capacity compared to the 412-120 model that features 120V, 2.1amp, 220W, 0.29HP, and 60Hz motor.

Oregon Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation specializes in the manufacturing of power chain saws. Since their breakthrough into the industry in 1947, Oregon has maintained a standing reputation for manufacturing high-quality and reliable power tools.

Oregon 410-120 and 520-120 are two bench grinders from this manufacturer.

In this comparative review, we would evaluate the similarities, unique features, and specific application of these power tools. 

Oregon 410-120 and 520-120 at a Glance

The table below shows an overview of the individual specifications, unique features, and the differences between Oregon 410-120 and 520-120. 

Parameters 410-120520-120  
Ideal For Homeowners/ professionals / DIY Enthusiasts Jobsite contractors/ professionals/ DIY Enthusiasts
Weight 17.585lbs19.395lbs
Grinder Voltage 120V120V
Grinder Current2.1A4.3A
Grinder Speed3150RPM3400RPM
Grinder Wheel Size5-3/4”5-3/4”
Grinder Height16”19-1/2”
Grinder Max. pitch size.404”.404”
Grinder phase SingleSingle
Grinder Horsepower0.29HP0.4HP
Grinder Watts220W300W
PriceAffordableCost Intensive
Warranty 30-Days return policy 30-Days return policy
Unique Features• Better nose life
• One-way motor rotation
• Easy to use adjustments
• Built-in light
• Motor Head release button
• Self-centering chain vise

Oregon 410-120 vs 520-120 : Weight

Oregon Professional Compact 120-Volt Bench Grinder, Universal Saw Chain Sharpener, for All Chainsaw Chains (410-120)

The portability of a bench grinder is largely determined by its weight. Oregon 410-120 is a bench grinder with a weight that is slightly less than Oregon 520-120.

However, both bench grinders are considered to be lightweight.

Weight of Oregon 410-120

Oregon 410-120 is a lightweight bench grinder which makes it an ideal model for most homeowners and multiple jobsite contractors.

This product weighs 17.585lbs, making it one of the lightest models in this category.

Weight of Oregon 520-120

The weight of OREGON 520-120 is slightly higher than Oregon 410-120. Nevertheless, this difference doesn’t discredit the fact that this model is lightweight and easy to carry.

This model weighs 19.395lbs with packing.

Oregon 410-120 vs 520-120 : Grinder Speed

Grinder speed is the number of revolutions the blade can complete within a minute. This speed determines how effective the blade will cut through various materials.

Both Oregon 410-120 and 520-120 have impressive grinder speed, but the 520-120 model is faster than the 410-120 model.

Grinder Speed of Oregon 410-120

Oregon 410-120 has one of the most impressive grinder speeds for a bench grinder. This model can make 3150RPM which facilitates its effectiveness in cutting through varieties of materials.

Grinder Speed of Oregon 520-120

Oregon 520-120 has a more impressive grinder speed compared to the 410-120 model. This model can complete 3400RPM. This feature improves its overall efficiency of cuts and allows it to cut through several types of materials.

Oregon 410-120 vs 520-120 : Motor Setup

The motor setup of any power tool is an essential influencer for its operation. Oregon 410-120 and 520-120 have impressive motor setups, although with obvious differences.

Oregon 410-120 has lower watts, amps, and HP compared to 520-120 even though they operate on similar voltage. This motor setup accounts for their difference in grinder speed.

Motor Setup of Oregon 410-120

Oregon 410-120 features a 120V, 2.1amps, 220W, 0.29HP, and 60Hz motor to deliver a speed of 3150RPM.

This motor is single phased and works in a one-way direct drive for improved safety and optimal performance.

Motor Setup of Oregon 520-120

Oregon 520-120 features a single-phase, one-way, direct-drive 300W, 120V, 4.3amps, 0.4HP, and 60Hz motor that delivers a speed of 3400RPM.

This powerful motor facilitates its smooth operation on varieties of materials.

Oregon 410-120 and 520-120 : Price

Cost is an essential consideration while purchasing any power tool. On average, Oregon 410-120 and 520-120 are moderately priced, and they offer a high value for money.

However, the price of 410-120 is almost half of 520-120. 

Price of Oregon 410-120

Oregon 410-120 is affordable for medium to low budget buyers. This model offers a high value for money, considering its impressive specification and functionality.


Price of Oregon 520-120

This model is cost intensive but its cost to value ratio makes it a good buy. This model is suitable for mid-budget buyers that intend to make a valuable addition to their tool cabinet.


Oregon 410-120 vs 520-120 : Warranty

Oregon 520-120 120V Bench Mounted Saw Chain Grinder, Professional Sharpener for Chainsaw Chains, Sharpens Oregon, Stihl, Husqvarna Chains and More, Large, Silver

Oregon is one of the manufacturers that certify their products for assured quality before letting it out of the factory.

Oregon 410-120 and 520-120 are power tools from the same manufacturer which make them have similar warranty offers.

Warranty of Oregon 410-120

Oregon 410-120 features a 30-days return warranty on this model. This warranty covers any defect in craft and materials.

However, the purchaser must have obtained a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number from the manufacturer’s customer service.

Warranty of Oregon 520-120

Oregon 520-120 features a warranty that allows unsatisfied customers to get a full refund on the product within 30-days after delivery.

However, the purchaser must have obtained a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number from the manufacturer’s customer service before return.

Standout Features

Unique Features of Oregon 410-120

Better nose life: This model features a nose life that guarantees its durability and reliability. This feature highlights one of the reasons why this model is ideal for long term users.

One-way motor rotation: Oregon 410-120 has a one-way motor rotation that optimizes its performance and aids operational safety.

 Easy to use adjustments: This model has easy adjustment features, making it easy to maneuver and ideal for beginners.


Unique Features of Oregon 520-120

Built-in light: The built-in light of Oregon 520-120 is one of the features that makes it easy to use. This light allows you to have a clear vision of your operations even in dim light.

Motorhead release button: This model features a motorhead release button that makes it easy to use and enhances smooth operation.

Self –centering chain vise: Oregon 520-120 features a self-centering chain vise and customizable vise handle positioning for easy maneuverability.


Which Bench Grinder is Better ? Oregon 520-120 or 410-120

Use Oregon 520-120 if :

You should use Oregon 520-120 if you need a well-priced, high-quality, and easy to use bench grinder.

This model is useful for almost all categories of users, including professionals, jobsite contractors DIY enthusiasts, and beginners.


Use Oregon 410-120 if :

If you desire an affordable, efficient and high-quality bench grinder, then Oregon 410-120 will offer an ideal solution.

It is ideal for medium-scale applications for professionals, homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and beginners.


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  1. I have been using my 420-1220 for years. i shapren more than 50 chains a year. i am completely happy with the 420-120. i cant see how spending twice as much money will make it twice as good. I have found if you try to take too much material at once it just burns the chain. 350 more rpm and, .1 more horse power is not going to get them done any faster.


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