Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Gas Push Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Lawn Mower Review

The Poulan Pro PR500N21SH, like everything, has its pluses and minuses, but when it comes right down to it, the pluses definitely exceed the minuses by quite a bit. The motor is reliable and performs well. For as much power as you have, you would think the noise levels would be ridiculous, but they aren’t. When it comes to cut consistency, the blades and design bring superior performance.

Poulan has been around for decades, and with that experience stands behind its mission statement of delivering superior performance, durability, and quality along with using the latest innovations to elevate their product to new heights.

With the PR500 lawnmower, they do this by including unique features like the mulching setting and staying true to their traditional features like the stamped steel cutting deck.

Key Specifications of Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Lawn Mower

The PR500N21SH is a medium-sized (20.75” x 25.25” x 40.25”) gas-powered push mower. The unit is crafted with a Briggs Stratton 140cc 500E series engine that is very durable and reliable.

Designed with a 21” cutting deck, the unit also gives the user a wide cut.

The unit is started with a traditional pull start system. The cutting deck gives the lawnmower more functionality and allows it to sweep the grass and mulch. The move between the two settings is easy and requires absolutely no tools.

The Poulan Pro also gives the versatility of use with its quick-adjust height system. The unit rolls easy. With its bigger wheels and lighter weight also lends ease of maneuverability that will maximize the performance.

If you want to see the mower in use, check out Poulan video on this model:

Key Specification Table –
Cutting Height
1.25” – 3.38”
Cutting Width
Height Adjustment
Blade Type
Deck Type
Deck Material
Front & Rear Wheels
8” / 11”
Max. Speed
3 mph
2 year
Briggs & Stratton W-16E
63.3 lbs.
Cylinder displacement
Gross torque
5 lb./ft.

Unique Features

The team at Poulan pride themselves on mixing traditional and innovative features, so it is no surprise that there are a few unique features.

These features help elevate the performance of the lawnmower. Here are three of the biggest ones:

Safety Shutoff

The unit is compliant with the safety regulations for the carburetor, and so it comes with a safety shut off bar. Where this one is unique is that it lifts upward and not downward, which elevates the lawnmower’s safety performance.


The 21” cutting deck sits on top of two larger diameter wheels in the rear of the unit. That, combined with the lightweight metal used in the construction, makes this unit easy to navigate with minimal effort.

Mulching Function

Not every lawnmower has a mulching function, and this is one of those features that set this unit apart. If you live in a heavily treed area, then having these capabilities is a nice touch.

Get your lawn in order and produce some food for your garden. How eco-friendly is that?!


Power, Design, and Durability

There is a lot to say about this lawnmower from Poulan, but most of it can be summed up into three categories. Here is a look at the power, design, and durability of the PR500N21SH 21:


Poulan knew that they needed reliability and power; that is why they went with the Briggs & Stratton 140cc engine.

The pull start motor brings power and speed, which will help you get the job done quicker and save you some money too.


The mower is crafted using high-quality materials and components. The 21” cutting deck gives the unit a wide cutting path.

This, too, helps reduce the time needed to complete any project. The side discharge unit is a nice option, but so is the mulching capability.


The unit is manufactured using heavy-duty steel for the body, and when that is coupled with the premium grade interior parts, this mower is set for longevity. The biggest of them all is the motor.

Crafted with care, as long as proper maintenance and upkeep are done, this motor will last for ages. This makes it a great investment to add to your lawn care kit.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The inclusion of a four-point height adjustment for cutting helps the mower maintain a consistent cut when moving over your lawn.

This system allows each wheel to be adjusted either up or down, depending on the level of the ground. With a simple pull of a handle, you can set it quickly.

The blade is also powered well and can handle great speeds. That, combined with the wheels’ quality traction, eliminates the worry of obstacles getting in the way of your mowing.

The unit is also designed with either a side discharge or mulch option, using the easy-to-attach deflector pieces.

So with all of these features, the consistency of cut quality and efficiency is heightened. This helps give the user options and makes it easier to mow multiple lawns with ease.

Performance and Ease of Usage

The Poulan PR500N21SH 21 needs a little muscle to move, as unlike other options on the market, it is not self-propelled.

That is why the lightweight, durable metal used is so important. The mower works well with many different landscapes, including inclines.

This is partially due to the large rear wheel design. The wheel’s height adjustment capability will ensure that the unit does not do a hack job on your lawn, no matter if it is flat or inclined.

As for ease of usage, starting from the box, this unit is so simple to set up and use that you will be able to get to your lawn in no time.

All you have to do is set the handle, fasten it with a few bolts, then fill it up, prime the oil, and be ready to go. Once it is all set up, the special design features make it easy to push and maintain after use.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

Maintenance is easy if you take your time. For instance, if you need to store the mower for a long time, make sure to drain the oil while the mower is still warm and replace it with clean oil. You will want to drain the fuel as well.

If you want to tune it up, you will just need to clean or replace the spark plugs. You will want to keep the mower clean of any cutting build up as well.

As long as you follow the manual’s maintenance guidelines, you can keep your mower ready whenever the time comes that you need to get your lawn in order.


This lawnmower comes with a 2-year warranty. This warranty covers defects in the product that have occurred from regular use and maintenance.

The company will either repair or replace the parts as long as it meets the warranty guidelines.

To register and set up your warranty, you will need to take the product to an authorized center or dealer. You can go to the website or call 1-800-487-5951 (Operating hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.p. EST).

Price of Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Lawn Mower

The Poulan has versatile cut heights that allow for consistent cuts, which is the best value you can get when looking at lawnmowers.

Typically a mower with this price tag would only give you four options or below, but this mower gives you five.

This is a good mid-priced option that brings with it a reputation for high quality and performing products. This is a great investment that will last you years to come.


Who Should Buy Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Lawn Mower

Almost anyone would benefit from investing in this lawnmower, but those with medium-sized yards will get the most out of it.

Those individuals that have tons of trees that leave debris throughout the season will love the mulcher option, especially if they have a garden to use it in.

The mower itself is great for flat or hilly lawns and works exceptionally well on tough weedy grass. The ability to adjust the wheels is the primary force beyond this capability.

It is also great if you have back problems or difficulty moving as it is very lightweight and powerful. Once you get it started, it takes very little effort to push the mower.

Why We Like It

When looking at this lawnmower form Poulan Pro, there are a few issues like it not being self-propelled and only having one speed. Still, those are outshined but all the fantastic features and the overall performance of the mower.

It runs quietly, and yet the motor gives the unit enough power to handle inclines and cut consistently. The lawnmower is fuel-efficient, helping to alleviate a little of the users financial stress.


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