Power Smart DB8621P Gas Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower Review

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In Brief: Power Smart DB8621P 21 Lawn Mower Review

Power smart DB8621P 21 is an easy to own lawnmower with efficient torque to cater for a medium-sized lawn. It is used to use and maintain, considering that it comes fully assembled and ready to work. With it, there is no choke adjustment or primer button when starting. Some of its essential features include; grass catcher, washer, and a side discharge chute.

PowerSmart is a well-known company based in Itasca, Illinois. It offers a wide range of outdoor equipment that ranges from yard clean up tools, lawnmowers, snowblowers, and more.

They have a dedicated staff whose primary concern is to provide you with reliable and high-quality tools and equipment.

Power smart DB8621P is a 3-in-1 lawnmower, holding a robust and compact 159cc push engine. It is ideal for small and medium-sized lawn needs. It is easy to operate and use; hence there are fewer efforts required from you.

Key Specifications of Power Smart DB8621P 21 Lawn Mower

This lawnmower is powered by a powerful 159cc engine known to deliver enough power enclosed in a lightweight and compact package.

Its compact nature gives it the capability to operate in tight spaces. Its 21-inch deck is strong and durable, and since it comes with a washer cleaning, it after use is much more comfortable and takes less time.

Power smart DB8621P can be used for bagging, mulching, and side discharge. This 3-in-1 cutting style gives your lawn a perfect and even cut. It helps you to spread your grass clippings returning the critical nutrients to the soil.

This leaves your grass thick and healthy.

Honestly, I highly accredit its large clippings container. Having a medium-sized lawn, I looked forward to something I can count on. I need not carry gas with me in case the one I already have may not walk me through.

Watch this demonstration video to learn more about how it operates:


Key Specifications –

Cutting width
Power type
Engine size
Front wheels (in)
Rear wheels (in)
Cutting style
66 pounds
2 years
Cutting heights

Unique Features

This lawnmower comes with some great features, all of which make this an incredible choice to go for. Some of which include:

Pull Start

There is beauty in smooth operation. Everyone wants something they can quickly start and get to work with no waste of time.

Power smart DB8621P comes with an easy to pull starting mechanism. This means that anyone can easily start and operate it.

Its powerful 4-cycle OHV engine gives you enough power to handle thick, dense, and wet grass. This will help you to save energy and efforts needed more so when you haven’t attended to your lawn for some time.

Hefty 18 Gallon clippings container

The large gallon with ease release holds enough clippings before emptying. Therefore, you get to mower for longer periods before you unload the container.

This feature helps you save the time you would have taken to clean the yard after cutting.


Power, Design, and Durability

These are probably the essentials to look into before you buy any lawnmower. How would you know how efficient the mower is if you don’t know its power? Is it durable? Well, let’s find out.


It is imperative to consider how powerful a lawnmower is before you purchase one. This lawnmower comes with a 159cc powerful engine that brings a high torque and cleans cutting.

The 3-in-1 cutting options ensure you work with your preferred mode.

This lawnmower starts above any mark and maintains its performance rising despite how thick the grass is. The engine is never affected by weather and can work well in all seasons.

It works best under any terrain, considering that the only hindrance to its run time is short of gas.


You’ll fall in love with the excellent design displayed by this lawnmower. It features a self-propelled drive. A simple to control lever helps to reduce the efforts used when cutting through thick and wet grass.

The self-propelling feature is significantly an essential factor. You not only get a large enough deck but also you get to convert this mower from rear bagging to mulching or side discharge with much Ease.

The general weighing of the machine is critical as far as the design is concerned. This lawnmower weighs less than 70 pounds; hence pushing it around may not be that hard and tiring.


I wouldn’t like to invest in a product that will malfunction or fail within no time. The more durable the mower is, the more we consider it reliable for our day to day mowing needs.

Even though maintenance is a thing when it comes to durability, there is very little need for this mower. Just sharpen the blades, clean the deck well after use, and that it.

The mower gives you excellent maneuverability under all terrains. What is more, you get two years to guarantee from PowerSmart products.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The entire product is designed to offer you nothing but a perfect cut. It’s compact and easy to push. The self-propelling feature eases your general efforts. Its powerful engine gives it enough power to handle any type of grass.

You get eight adjustable heights options; hence, you can choose among those that match your conditions and preferences.

Other available options include; side discharge, bagging, and mulching. Self-propel features make it more enjoyable and manageable to attend to your lawn.

The mower handles a cutting width of 20 inches, which reduces the number of trips to cover your entire lawn. The adjustable heights give your yards an interspersed variation just as per your mowing pattern.

Performance and Ease of Use

The performance of a mower is defined by how easy it is to start, the power it gives, and how easy it is to use it. As per this mower, all of these specs are put together in one package.

With it, you achieve a uniform cut despite how dense or thick the grass might be.

This is no exception when it comes to your terrain. Its large 8 inch rear wheels help it to maneuver through bumpy and steep areas easily.

Honestly, Power smart DB8621P has earned an excellent reputation from its durability and general performance. The mower is fast and accommodates an extensive range of accessories.

A single pull to start lawn mower makes it ideal for any individual, and there is nothing like choke adjustment, primer buttons, and so for Power smart DB8621P.


Ease of Maintenance, Repair, and Warranty

For a lawnmower to serve you better and longer, maintenance is one key factor to look into. Generally, for this mower, there is little to no maintenance needed.

You just need to make sure the blades are sharp enough, the deck is cleaned after every use, and the oil is replaced once in a while.

It is a widely used machine. Therefore, you are likely to find the repairs faster and with Ease. Power smart DB8621P has a compact and straightforward design; hence there are fewer efforts required to get it running.


From Power Smart, you get a 2-year warranty for this lawnmower. In case of damages or failure within the stipulated warranty time, the company is liable for all the costs incurred to repair the mower.

For a warranty, you can reach the customer service at 800-791-9458. You can as well send them a mail at:

1141 Bryn Mawr Ave,
Itasca, IL, 60143

For any queries concerning your product visit this page and get answers you might be looking for.

Price of Power Smart DB8621P 21 Gas Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower

In terms of budgeting, PowerSmart DB8621P is easy to own. It might be the right choice for individuals looking for a cost-effective machine with little maintenance needed.

It brings you a great experience in a walk-behind lawnmower. The quality, power, and general performance of this mower are excellent.


Who Should Buy It

In general times this mower is an ideal tool for individuals with a small or medium-sized yard. It is cost-effective as compared to the lots in the market.

As a self-propelled mower, you will need less effort to work with it; furthermore, no prior skill is required.

Why We Like It

There is so much we liked about this incredible mower. It is easy to use, holds a powerful engine that can handle a medium-sized yard.

Its Self-propelling feature, eight cutting options, and a large 18-gallon capacity for clipping collection made it stand out.


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